Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yunwo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunwo then shoots at the peak of the West rock wall, surrounded by rock sound, Dan furnace rock, rock Xianji, Tianzhu Feng, Taiwan's changing, peak travel days, Feng Cang screen. Yili huge here, back-Water, the essence is located in the scenic Wuyi Mountain area for the first victory of Wuyi area.

There are more than 10 holes the size of Yunwo Department. Every winter and spring II The sooner or later, often from the cave up a cloud of light continuously, Shi Feng Yang wandering between the light and sometimes a gathering mission, when released into the atmosphere and down freely Shujuan, unpredictable, Yunwo named.

Yunwo have upper and lower division, as the rocks on railways, called on Yunwo; rock, under the name Yunwo. According to the "Wuyi Chi, "it reads: Yunwo has always been seekers can explore the ancient, Hermit Minghuan latent support Habitat heart lies. Wanli next 11 years (Year 1583), Chen Shi Lang Hyobu provinces in the upper and lower Yunwo, the construction of the "David Cao Lu River," including Yun Tang Bin, Xi Yun Court, Yun Lou Chao, Yun-sheng Taiwan, yunting late, and so stop yunting 16 Ting, Taiwan, the floor, Tower, a very magnificent. Unfortunately, the building has already spent Yi, the only left behind some rocks between Cliff Inscription, people can still remember the old downtown.

Yunwo for the resumption of the Wuyi first victory of the historic look of the area in recent years, Wuyi Mountain in the original Commission on Guzhi The reconstruction of the moon in the water pavilions, kiosks de Qinglian, Baiyun Ting, Wang Xian Ting, Yi Xian Ting, such as the size of more than 10 bamboo, wood and cement Antique structure of the building. These kiosks, stand like a wall built on some of the Ren-Feng Yao million on; in some Jiuqu Xi Li River; some in the shade of bamboo leaves, Tingzhong with the old wooden chair, visitors can rest Open.

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