Thursday, December 4, 2008

Furuta meeting venue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghang County, the site is located in the town of Gutian River village back. Liu was formerly the Ancestral Hall, built in the light 28 years (1848), stationed in Hong Sijun Gutian renamed after the "dawn of primary school." By the Office of the ancestral hall and around rooms before and after, construction area of 826 square meters. In December 1929, presided over by Comrade Mao Zedong's Hong Sijun Nine Congress held here, adopted a historic resolution of the Gutian Conference. At present, the hall has returned to the site when the original meeting. Marx and Lenin's portrait and on behalf of the seats in the General Assembly logo, as well as the platform of the party flag on the walls are kept as is. There are lotus pond to the left of the site, there are on the right side of the Red Army review , Erected behind the "shine forever Gutian Conference" 8 red Chinese characters, is behind the dense woods. Opposite the site of 60 new era of the Gutian Conference Exhibition Hall. Multi-cultural treasures is a revolution in western Fujian, Fujian Province is the richest collection of revolutionary cultural relics, large-scale memorial.

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