Thursday, December 4, 2008

Asked tea tea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fujian is the hometown of tea, Wuyi Yan Cha "Dahongpao," Anxi "Tieguanyin" is one of the best, an international reputation and highly respected. In the mountains of western Fujian, producing a cloud in the wind around the mountains on the high mountain tea, for its good quality products, pollution-free, no pesticide residues, etc. The best in the world. The only domestic Jinya Cha tea Zhangping "Narcissus tea cakes", that is, the mountains of western Fujian tea. Narcissus tea, the name of good, tasty, the tea produced in Southeast Asia. Nanyang, central and western Zhangping Department Jiupeng the lower reaches of the river, which rise amid even show, Pinnacle pastoral, mountain tea, a four-Hong, a well-known as the "birthplace of tea." Hill here, year-round cloud Around, vertical and horizontal streams, dense forests, climate unique to form the development of the high mountain tea superior natural ecological environment. Jiupeng River, Gu Chen Ning Yang Xi, Yan Xi Jia Zhi peaks, lush ancient technique guess g flow twists and turns, surging back to the world, dozens of Yuanyang water, the wonders of the spectacular. Gordon won the bridge, Buyun wooden bridges across the streams of Corridor Bridge , The pleasant scenery. Xu Ming Dynasty Great travel home twice Shun boat down the river described in detail for future generations describe the taste of drifting Ning Yang Xi. Tea on the banks of the hillside, layer upon layer, stretching g green tea in the blue sky, cloud, sucking the pure air, Qinglie of rain. A Taiwan business Only 10 minutes from the sea, this tea in the mountains. Deep in the mountains of white clouds floated melodious folk song, "Mu-Cha, so Hall 18, were polite to busy day and night. Vessels 18 18 Hall, the bow of the ship put up red lanterns. Countryside Murdoch rough Black tea, is sent to the back edge Xiao ", the singing of the tea industry, tea and prosperity of overseas Xiangpiao scene. Q Zhangping tea, fall out of a temple on the former site of the Ming Dynasty unearthed an ancient sand bucket straight pot, the local tea culture pleasant surprise Zhangping a long history of empirical added. Production of flowers, a tea Shengjing $ Narcissus, keep winning. Pro Shengjing tea houses, goods Shengjing the tea, mellow feel perplexed about Liu Hua, Jin-sheng full throat. "Tea industry leaders" Fu spoke highly of the old days Shengjing Narcissus "Tai Ping Tea", Jiang Kun, also a famous comic dialogue masters of the inscription is pleased, "Miles tea."

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