Thursday, December 4, 2008

Man Ting-feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Man Ting Wang Feng Tai Wangfeng interjection in the northern side of the foot of connected, high-Tai Wangfeng less. Flat top, there is a huge rock, like a tripod incense, the feast known as Tan Sian. It is said that year-Wuyi in the banquet Man Ting-based local people, "Man Ting" that is, in the name of the resulting.

According to Song Zhu Mu "Wuyi Mountain in mind" set: two of the First Qin Emperor August 15, basking Huangtai and Wuyi Jun, Wei Qian Prince 13, and other immortal, yet in the wide peak for the mantle Zhang Ting, Cai end housing for hundreds of years, local people feast. The call came more than 2000 men and women, and in single file through Hongqiao, to a peak, Man Ting, Yan Cai house covered with Red Cloud, mattress Zixia, Kim Woo-up flowers, fragrant Yinyun Qiming music, singing loud and clear; During the meeting, the non-human world-wide food for all. The Man Ting Zhao Yan's story spread of the Millennium, has not changed. Man Ting-feng Danyajunba, pines cluster ring, as if a huge Ping, a Southern Song Xin poem: "He Sheng sound of the wind on the mountain, the mountain people Cuiyun Wang Ping. Penglai in vain to find the Jade Pool , The world does not have a Man Ting Road. "Man Ting-feng Dongbi degrade in the" Man Ting ", a senior abbot, as prescribed by WU Xue book.'s Peak have Banyao a boulder, unaware Founder, large small, can take about dozens of people, name "Stone chessboard." Legend has it that when the Han Dynasty sent envoys to Wuyi Mountain, here is a dry fish Si-wu Jun, also known as So Tan Si Han. Sima Qian's "Historical Records" on all records.

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