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Nanping Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fujian Nanping area is the largest She Qushi. Jurisdiction of a five-county area in four cities, namely, Yanping District, Shaowu City, Jianyang City, Jian'ou, Wuyishan City, County, Shunchang, Pucheng County, Guangze, Songxi County, the county governance and a total of 121 townships, 19 Office of the street, the village 1601, 69 residents 136 neighborhood communities, the area of 26,300 square km area, accounting for one-fifth of Fujian Province, China Southern has a typical "eight-Hill a Tien Water" features. The existing household registration 3,040,000 of the total population, resident population of 2,860,000 people.


  Nanping has a long history, is to open in Fujian The first one of the regions. As early as the Neolithic period 4,000 years ago, the indigenous people here have evolved. Eastern Han Dynasty, Nanping, Jianou, Pucheng County, has been built, up since 1800. Jianyang, Shaowu, Wuyi County, and so there are thousands of years of history. Sui and Tang dynasties, the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, two in northern Fujian into Fujian Governance, economic and cultural center; the Song Dynasty, in northern Fujian's economic and cultural development in the province at one time, and even the country's leading position, such as "kiln construction," the G-8 country to become one of the Ming Yao, mining and metallurgy industry peak, in order to the country for Fujian Focus on Fujian again centered in northern Fujian. In another example, Jianyang, Jian (this Jianou) County, two carved book One-third of the country, the printing industry is well developed in northern Fujian, Jianyang Ma sand into the three printing centers. In addition, tea and paper industry also developed.



Nanping profound cultural heritage, cultural Fujian is the birthplace of one of the Minyue the cradle of culture, As "state Zou Min Lu" and "Road South Cave justification." Renjiedeling here, history is full of talents, has been out of the 2000 Scholars and more than 17 prime minister, such as the Shaowu Li Gang, Pucheng show the true Germany, Jianou of Yang Rong, and other historical and cultural celebrities such as Zhu Xi, Song Ci, Xin , Lu, Cai Xiang, Yang, Liu Yong, Haneda, and so on have left footprints in northern Fujian. Zhu Xi particularly in the Northern Fujian Province, "Qin book contains 50", so future generations "out of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Confucius, Zhu Xi has the Southern Song Dynasty, ancient Chinese culture, and Mount Wuyi," said.

  Nanping southeast China is a major tourist areas. Rich in tourism resources in northern Fujian, in east China is not more The tourism resource-intensive one of the areas. Majestic beauty of the water varies in Ky Son, a wide range of biological resources, glorious history and rich culture of the native human form of unique characteristics of tourism resources in northern Fujian. At present, 1-3 in the high-end tourism entities 181 (Mang Ping Shan Dang, Jianyang test College, built kiln sites, Jianou million forest, natural rock Shaowu, Li Gang Temple, the ancient town of peace, shiny Ukraine Junshan, Wuyi Tianchi, Shunchang Huayang Hill, etc.). Wuyi Mountain is the only 4 "World Natural and Cultural Heritage", she set national-level scenic spots, national-level nature reserves, national tour Resort Tourism Economic Development Zone in Fujian Province and in one, the territory of Nanping provincial scenic spots include: Mang Ping Shan Dang, al Floating Pucheng Hill, Jianou in the rock, Cham Songxi Lushan, governance and the palace-Hill. Nanping in the urban areas and 12 million mu of water Yanping Lake, summer is a good place for leisure. In recent years, our city is committed to building a "Nanshui the northern" Great Wuyi tourism economy, embodied in the "one big, two-led." "One big," Mount Wuyi is bigger. "Two-led" is to Wuyi Mountain tourism as a leader, led the surrounding counties (cities, districts) Tourism Development; the tourism industry in northern Fujian as a strategic industry, the development of related industries. In 2004 the number of tourist reception in the city 6,610,000 passengers, 22.7 percent growth over the previous year; tourism revenues 1,769,000,000 yuan, 20.4 percent growth over the previous year. The city's total tourism revenue accounting for 5 proportion of GDP. %.

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