Thursday, December 4, 2008

Red, "Min" - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To water and soil, a city of this territory is on the corner, it's just a name only a symbol, but a period of history, or an incident, often to make it go down in history, lasting light! Changting, is A city, the mountains of a tight encirclement of the city. L929-year in January, Mao Zedong, Germany led from the main Jinggang Shan Hong Sijun, he moved to Gan Xinan, western Fujian, and create a "workers and peasants armed separatism," a new situation. March, for the first time Hong Sijun Fujian people, the Changling Walled fighting Changting stationed in the city. Since then, the city in the Second Revolutionary Civil War period, the Central Soviet Area has become the center of the Chinese revolution to victory A line of "Red China" ceremony, and the list of famous Chinese revolutionary sites. - Ge Ji-yun, a built in the Song of the old buildings, was born in the Central Soviet Area of the first red political power at the county level, "the Revolutionary Committee of the Changting County." - Lane street deep inside the villa Xin Geng Hong Sijun held an enlarged meeting before the committee to determine the open The Central Revolutionary Base Area of the great strategy. Hong Sijun Command, the Special Branch set up here, Mao Zedong, Zhu De was also living here. - "Wearing a red star, the red flag hanging on both sides of the revolution." Lenin is fitted gray cloth coat, gray cloth pants, red Ling Zhang, red five-star service cap, gray cloth package composed of leg wrappings. This is the The first in the history of the Communist Party of building a unified set of uniforms, and the existing memorial at the Gutian Conference. Changting in the red for the first dress uniform, well-known American writer Agnes Mo Si Shite dishes in the book "Great Road" in his book, invoking memories of Zhu De to describe: "Now we finally have the first The formal award Military uniforms ... ... it does not have a foreign military uniform so beautiful, but for us, its really a very good. "-" Gospel Hospital, "a founder of the Church of the hospital nearly a hundred years to become the first in the Central Soviet Area for the services of the Red Army Hospital , After the move to "red" Ruijin in Jiangxi Province, changed its name to "Red Central Hospital . Even the president of the Fu Zhang is the first doctor in red. Mao Zedong and other Chinese Communist Party leader in the medical infirmary. - In the past, the Fujian Provincial CPC Committee, the Soviet government in Fujian Province, the provincial military region, the provincial banks, corporations Provincial Party Committee, provincial Postal Authority and a number of provincial-level institutions are located here. Changting, Fujian became the Soviet Union The capital, it said, "all red Min." Museum of the Chinese Church of Christ, Zhang, and so on the former site of the temple, that is, "Min-red" witness. - At this time, Tingzhou shops, trade and prosperity, a strong financial basis, the economy is booming, and the founder of the Red Army clothing factory, weaving factory of the Chinese, red hats and other plant Central Soviet Area and the backbone of the enterprise to become the economic center of the Central Soviet Area, Shanghai, and similar to as the "red Shanghai." - Changting also??????25,000, starting in one of the long march. A Red Army Memorial has been built here. More than half a century later, this piece of red land So far retained a considerable number of revolution and revolutionary cultural relics site, including Villa Xingeng (Mao Zedong, Zhu De old), Xiang Ge Yun, evangelical hospital, the former site of the Fujian Provincial CPC Committee, the former site of the Soviet Fujian Province, Fujian Province, the former site of the Federation of Trade Unions (Liu Shaoqi Old), 6 national key cultural units and to commemorate Qu The Office of the National Martyrs Memorial day focused on the protection of the building units. A small town, seven national treasures. Its rich cultural revolution, I am afraid that were rarely seen in the country, and this is a magnificent ancient city picture!

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