Thursday, December 4, 2008

The ancient town of peace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grand blue tile, Diaolianghuadong, into a room, great style --- Lv Jian Ming and Qing Dynasties era of the Central Plains area of luxury homes are now rare treasures. However, there is still a place left nearly 200 --- It is the culture of the ancient town of Shaowu millennium of peace.

Fujian is located in the northwest town of peace, flour 192 square km, began construction of the Tang Dynasty, Fujian Province, is the oldest one of the ancient town. National is a rare big-castle towns, many of its ancient architecture in China so far to retain the characteristics of the most ancient residential buildings is one of the national tourism resources.

Peace in the town of folk cultural heritage Rich, many folk activities rather peculiar, very viewing value, such as the living fossil, known as the Nuo dance, the dragon unique - candle Bridge; there is peace, "Sanjue" - before Taiwan fruit, tea-viewing, open bean paste, Are able to attract tourists.

Beach of the original dance, folk wedding, fish rice, beans ridge species, age-old Jia Qiang folk customs and wisdom have a flicker of life and the lives of brilliant; "Min wine that when the first" Submit your reputation of the farm, the traditional staple of "Guanyin tea", "Lei peace" and "bean curd peace" "Peace rice", food rich in peace so that people appreciate after a long wave of no less than the warmth and leisure.

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