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Earthen tours into the earth storied - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"The United States found that the satellite earth storied building," said Yongding for people talked about: the early 1960s, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in the satellite photos were found in the western mountains of Fujian, there are things like nuclear reactors, causing a panic in the White House. Later, U.S. intelligence agents went to visit the earth storied building, unlock the mystery. Hence, After thousands of years the existence of the Hakkas, the world fame. It's around the world, and it's magical, ancient and magnificent, beautiful, stirring, won the "mysterious oriental ancient castle", "Chinese ancient architecture wonderful" all sorts of praise. Magic residential areas, however, Earthen what this mysterious, or miraculous? Into the House, which opened several layers of mystery, it will find new discoveries and found that the earth storied mystery. A surprising feature of good security. Historically, the Hakka ancestors give people across the border, Buyuanqianli came to a strange land, the choice is conducive to the maintenance of a blood relationship to family-based system, a total of one heart and one mind together people resisting foreign aggression A sense of belonging in the form of housing is essential; defense to indigenous add Dynasty, the first residents to live and banditry, military attacks and harassment, and invented together to form a clan, the defense of the enemies of Islam Hakkas construction. As a result, Hakkas have a number of defense "fortifications", an external high thick walls, an integral whole, the internal security Fire, water and living facilities, the castle is like, easily defensible. Qing Tongzhi years, there have been more than two months Earthen shelling of the shooting, is still intact, Bitui enemy, a case in point. Earthen most, one or two-story windows are not foreign to prevent the invading enemy Pachuang break; more than three windows are also to consider defense Decided to window-size, high or low. With walls around the observation deck and the bullet hole, outside the small bullet hole, with large, trumpet shape, so that not only beneficial to observe the shooting, to protect their own narrow goals, but also very difficult to close down the enemy to attack floor wall. "Five flat" wall "fortifications" is more advanced, two, three-walk -Corridors are arranged along the wall, around the same, in order to prevent the invading enemy use of poverty ladder, the special wall in the allocation of many different heights loophole, not only to glance outside to monitor movement, and Chien-Hou able to rely on the walls, Huanlang convenience and flexibility to carry out the Battle. Earthen closed, in addition to the door Very few side door to open. To hold the floor for the whole of life and death "strategic throat," Earthen Jicun people with thick wood Solid hard together to make door, the fire burned outside the metal nail poleaxe; with logs for Wang stand up to the door latch to prevent the door Impact, both ends of the jack bolt buried in the thick wall, very strong; frames usually be stone Building. Gate set-top water tank, and the bamboo tube on the second floor of the same water tank to prevent Huogong. Top-level windows and doors in a wide field of letters, Yudi would like to attack from the front door to force a breakthrough, the letters column from the Inter-down brick throwing, dumping the water with lime leaves, keep the enemy close to the Lou Men; also In the top corner along the wall building The wood structure of the "Fort", can usually watch the outside scenes and pastoral scenery, can be made in time of war against Taiwan's Wang committed outside. Earthen, divided into a "living units", each unit is an independent living space; between the units, some of the same side door opened, and some completely cut off, subject to the building into the courtyard ; The floor units are located within easy up and down staircases. This design is due to fall in case the door, the unit will be immediately transferred to the fragmentation in order to be reinforcement. As a result, even if large-scale banditry attack, also Earthen impregnable. Earthen buildings of the ordinary, in fact it is a solid security barriers, added to A lot of mystery and color Shensui content. Second odd artillery guns will not be brought down, not fall in the earthquake, flooding was not Baptist. Hakkas, the size of the stone block and lay a solid foundation tired; immature soil blended with brown sugar water, lime Benzhu thick walls, walls to increase rigidity; wall thinning gradually from the bottom up, and buried in the wall Into the bamboo Film, as the modern configuration of reinforced concrete wall, the wall of the overall increase, the formation of the overall flexibility and cohesion, and more solid than other residential solid. Legend has it that, in 1931, the KMT army attack on the Red Soviet Red Guards resident, "Yue Hing Building," the siege no less than three days, artillery shells exploded penetrate walls Department only A washbasin-sized "scars", "Yue Hing Building," Kuiranbudong. Yongding happened seven times in the history of a strong earthquake, but it never happened earth storied building collapse incident; "circumpolar floor," experienced a major earthquake in 1918, split wall Chi Xu, automatic recovery after the earthquake, so far, leaving only a Zhang Yu cracks. Despite the storm hit, the Mass Transit Baptist, Ben Zhu immature soil in the platform or the earth storied stone feet, deep in a long time, is still intact. Three odd floor in the building, outside the high-low, with doors and windows, patio mix of science, good lighting and ventilation. Earthen Qiang Hou, the best record summer heat wave entered, the winter wind can stop the attack, so that the formation of building insulation, the Dongnuanxialiang Climate. Four odd to immature soil as raw materials in the original Hing, attributed to destroy, not to pollute the environment, protect the environment. Ben Zhu walls of the wooden framework of technology and technology can eliminate the effect of focusing the noise inside the building, have a wonderful physical performance. Walls to fulfill its implicit role in building self-adjustment of the dry humidity, Pleasant life. Earthen stand in front of the modern look of the building collapse accidents continue to occur and the worsening environmental pollution, it is inevitable there is a ray of regret today is worse than before, can not help but sigh earth storied building more magical, sophisticated technology, are the so-called "non-Earthen Western-style house soil shame, really old romantic city, the wonders of miracle odd days , Fairy mountains Xianshui floor. "Spiritual home" Zhiga "A, push open the door to earth storied building, into the earth storied building, as an open book, read it contains the condensation of the deep cultural and artistic wisdom. Yongding Hakkas has inherited not only the ancient Central Plains Immature soil residential architecture, based on the specific Health Jianzhuyongcai in the environment, techniques, layout, structure, shape, aesthetic, and so on innovation and development, become the embodiment of traditional Chinese aesthetic thought and aesthetic appeal of residential architecture model, the image of the all-round display of Hakka human history, show Hakka the perseverance to forge ahead and patriotic love, Mutual balance, re-teach the spirit of the Chongwen. Yongding Hakkas not only about the location and structure of the Kit Kat. And its architecture, geography geology, ecology, landscape, folklore, ethics, art, etc. There is a close relationship. Earthen each, the axis is clear, halls, doors, the main building were built in the axis , Wang housing, construction subsidiary symmetrical distribution of left and right; House floor, there are halls to the organization at the core of the ancestral hall compound to compound as the center for portfolio groups; in-plane Corridor, extending in all directions, which reflects the respect Hakka ancestors were muc , The traditional virtues of solidarity, but also reflects the Yongding Hakkas refined the art of architecture And aesthetic value. Earthen inside and outside, couplets Inscription, Fuyangzhijian, can be seen everywhere. There are fixed permanently, but also to update the Sui Sui. The door together, room together kitchen, living room together, the Office of the meal together, the bedroom together, study together; vertical column posted red beam, floor inlay new flats were written together, men and women together Hershey wedding, birthday gifts Shouxing Together, sending the death of the elderly elegiac couplet, a range of meaningful, complete antithesis. It is said that earth storied building in approximately 100,000 pairs of couplets and murals. Hakka traditional culture and carry the Central Plains, as well as their social values, morality, culture, family, public awareness of the system, such as the Hakka spirit of the world are in these couplets Earthen Inscription be leaching Addressed to do the show. Earthen This is a great treasure house of culture, Hakka is a rich cultural legacy of our ancestors spread, is thinking of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the extension of the inheritance. Diaolianghuadong the hall, a large number of elegant, exquisite carving, shows the Hakka people's level of civilization and artistic accomplishment. At the age of festivals, weddings Qing, folklore, ethics, patriarchal attitudes, religious beliefs and to wear eating and so on, all the display of ancient Hakka folk customs. Or building was built in, or at the side of the floor of the school is to teach the traditional emphasis on Hakka culture Chongwen the best witness. Earthen is a temple of art. Earthen each building, With a "big family, small community." Earthen, living under the same roof of the dozens of hundreds of families and ancestors with the blood of the same clan with the family, has lived a gateway to the hall were a total of stairs, a total of the courtyard, the wells were living in harmony. This family-floor, live with the way of living and reflects the typical Hakka traditional family-lun And family friendly. In addition, the building of the Hakka people, is home to the same floors, an area equal to the room, no significant difference in the direction, but not as high or low grade equal room. Equal settlement, reflecting the harmony of harmony Hakka Family tradition of solidarity and equality. A variety of functions, self-contained living facilities, Within the overall style and the coordination of the landscape outside, but full description of the Yongding Hakkas by running through the people-oriented, ideological harmony between man and nature. Rich, extensive and profound. Yongding Hakkas are a symbol of Hakka culture and the epitome of! Yongding Hakkas is a never-ending time of the Encyclopedia! Is off People's spiritual home place to live!

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