Thursday, December 4, 2008

Genting tea garden sa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Genting tea tourism is a set of agricultural tourism, eco-environmental protection, leisure resorts, located in the superiority of the North back to the line south of the Meihuashan Chinese line, 800-1815 meters in altitude between the north western Fujian is the peak of the Chinese Yu-hung Peak. Continuous ups and downs of the mountain like a dragon, Xiang Yizun sleeping lion, from east to west Wozhao. The main park ride south, a set of Aura. 319 National Park from 8 kilometers, the park into a simple door to assail the nostrils of Stasis tea, green bamboo Congcong, trees, birds sing, Chan Sheng, with the breeze blowing oxygen-enriched air with the sweet, so You worry fatigue swept away. There are elegant tea small bridge Water, tea houses, outside of which, Immersi� Tea, relaxed and happy. Pollution-free high mountain tea in China to promote the healthy drinks, the park covers an area of 350 hectares. Tea Tin area of 40 hectares of bamboo, the other leaves are sharp, broad-leaved forest. Genting Camellia chemical fertilizers do not, there are no toxic pesticides, no pesticide residues, non-pollution High mountain tea. Restaurant menus order to wild farm-based self-support, is a natural foods. Comfortable villa, standard room can accommodate 150 people.


  Self-contained, the leisure and entertainment facilities, everything. With large, medium and small conference center for academic exchange, trade talks, pushing commodity And so on. Nature's favorite friend may be familiar with the topography and the enthusiasm of the guides, in-depth forest, Guanpu viewfinder, Exploring the Jiulong River and the source. To be the main peak panoramic view of Longyan in the urban areas, such as the good luck you will have a chance to see the arctic fox, monkeys, neither fish nor fowl groups (Su Ling, national action to protect the secondary ).


  Very convenient traffic, the company is equipped with 12 medium-sized luxury bus from the hotel in the urban area in western Fujian via the railway station east bridge, Kevin hotels, China Travel Service, Jia-bao commercial city, Jiucai Yuan, western Fujian trading city, and from the cloud top tea .

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