Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walled scenic Mount Tuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tuo located in the scenic Mount Walled Shanghang-Ting Jiang Feng Lu She then Township, formerly known as Chai Po-wu, also known as Mo Shan, up from the rock canopy, Mount Walled Tuo, five-stone, stone, and other components of mine to play. Set Castle, the clean water, stones, pools, Guzhai, temples, walls, the gun turret, folk, and so on into one, is a comprehensive tourist areas. Northern Song St. five years (Year 1017), the local villagers sought refuge here Jie Lu, the construction of the wall, Shek Mun, stone, castle. The early Ming Dynasty, nuns and people come here to worship Buddha built Um, everything is martial arts, also known as the place Maha Chai. Junji-money years when renovation cottage named Mount Walled Tuo, are still in use. Southern Song Dynasty Scholars million, with expertise in school history and geography of the King as the "land Meanwhile Ji Sheng" in his book, "Chai Po-wu," as the 9 Tingzhou one of the monuments, it was in effect. "Cultural Revolution", the temple was severely damaged on the mountain, started in 1995 to repair, and made progress. Mount Walled Tuo as a The ancient fortified castle, all give a closely guarded feelings. Qingshi article by Zhai Men's masonry, a fortress stand on top of cliffs, condescending, daunting. As the ancients used guns, and now can not see, when Curtis Pirates of the Hakka people and to combat concrete situation, is not known. However, around Existing monuments, we can feel in their development and to defend the land shown in the wisdom and courage to feel that they can create a huge and concerted efforts, indomitable spirit. Walled Tuo Temple Mount also has a certain scale. According to historical records: up to the end of the Qing dynasty, with a total construction Plot of 2,000 square meters, including the Hall of Zhenwu, Om Yin hall, Chudo, rooms, preaching nuns together Fangsheng Chi, Lianwu Ping, Taiwan, and other military skills. St. ancestral mountains nuns silence, the silence Xiang, Rong silence, the silence Qing and others, came here in the early Ming Dynasty, Om Yin Jian, from incense constantly, the golden age when two nuns People. The last nun to return to secular life, before and after the World 27. Unfortunately, the temple in the "Cultural Revolution" in the know have been destroyed and the only survivors of the Shannan Prefecture is located in the mountains of ancestral nuns He Zangmu tower. Muta has made the protection of maintenance. In accordance with the geographical experts to the basic Danxia Levy's Wuyi Mountains, in northern Fujian Pucheng rise, from northeast to southwest extension, the Sung (now Mountain City), Shaowu, Taining, such as City Link, Ting Jiang then entered the valley in Changting, Wu-ping, Shanghang has good performance, and scenic spots as it left the southwestern Fujian in the last masterpiece, is The Hang Mount Walled Tuo. There are rocks everywhere, rocks, the so-called "five river carp," "Walled Wu Shou-po," "Zuojingguantian" and "mountains Escargot," and "Buddha Golden Monkey," "snake Chu Dong", and so on, people dizzying .

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