Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jian Hong flow - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Was originally called water hole, located in the heart days of rock at the northern foot. Strange to say also, of the Mount Wuyi Scenic Area Xiquanjianshui by the flow west to east, toward the Gap, in the Department of Chongyang River. The only firm in its position, since the three-Feng Yang valley north of origin, tend to flow potential of the Northwest, back to back Hill, named. Would rise steeply on both sides of the pool Cang Shi Danya, Chui Man-Ivy League wild Problems, and during which he mixed with a Congcong Shan-hui, Shi Pu, orchids. "Falling leaves floating Shen Jian, fly-by swift current." Walked all the way, features the sound of running water and fly to give up hand in hand, a delicate fragrance of light continuously, from time to time assail the nostrils. Xu Ming Dynasty poet-fire (sound teng) travel here, can not bear to leave, then Jian "Xiang Jian flow."

With the folding of a mountain to the north, people unknowingly into a deep gorge twists and turns of the rock here is to be known as North Hill resort heat - cool gorge. Cliffs on both sides of the gorge along Jian folder. Looked up, the Quanyajiaocuo Yashi, precarious want to fall, leaving only First-line gap, to enter through noon when the sun ray. Flow hung in Shek Pik on the Road, a water mark, instant, and drop into a rock slide, falling into the stream, sent tingle Dongdong sound very attractive. Tour this summer, sitting on the stone plate Jianbian, breezy feel, Hanqixiren seems to have a clear ??.

A cooler near Strait, we will see a black top of the mountain, stands a stone of a forward tilt, just like a farmer wearing a ramp hats. Legend has it that this is a huge rock from flying in the distance, the peak known as "klippe." Klippe bypass can proudly see straight, pulling to Qing Yu-zhu the peak.

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