Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wuyi Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyi Palace will be known as Sin concept, Chong-you concept million palace, located in the south of Da Wangfeng, overlooking the mouth Jiuqu Xi, is the imperial dynasties Wuyi-worship, is also the view of the Song Dynasty were one of six National .

According to the "Chi Mountain," it reads: Wuyi Palace built Tianbao years, Tang (742-755), Wu is Hill of the most ancient palace of a so far more than a thousand years of history. Wuyi Palace built in the early hours, is not part of this site, but to build a house in the Zhou Zhu, said Treasure Palace days. In the 2002 Great Southern Tang (944), Lee Tsung Wang Li Liangzuo for his brother, "his young humanely," before shifting to build this site, the name "Sin concept." View cents following the completion of the history of Xianjia believe in the feudal rulers, we have not hesitated to money in repairs on many occasions, the expansion of the palace, renamed the "View of Zhong You."

Southern Song Dynasty poet Xin, a poet Lu You, James Liu Jun, director of Zhu Xi and so on, you overshoot concept. Thailand will be five million (1328), Outlook for the palace, "the palace million years." Ming Zhengtong 2004 (1439), destroyed outlook Bingxian. Tianshun, integrated-year period (1457-1487), Official despite repeated repair funds are not being brought back to the old concept. Jiajing 2004 (1525), face pressure from the House of the view that a resumption of the following year. Now is the Wuyi .

Wuyi Palace during a long, though history had to be repaired, but not stand up to several House and Bingxian, after only a few left vacant. In recent years, tourism and cultural sectors, supported by Wuyi Palace Gong Zhu once again restored the two trees in the courtyard, is the Song Remains the left, is 800-9 0 years old. Full restoration of the Wuyi Palace will be carried out step by step. The age-old view of the majestic bound to regain its past.

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