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Xiamen in the first village - Ma Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Tong Xiang'an located in the eastern district, town, 7 km, is located in the Town of the new territory of a remote col, the only area of 1.8 square kilometers, the village 64 275, 272 mu of arable land, 590 acres of mountain. In 1980, the village per capita income of less than 170 yuan. Ma Tong geographical conditions It is a bare ridge of barren hills and barren land of the village, blocking traffic, resource-poor, run-down villages, water scarcity, most of the farmland species but not closed, people throughout the year after year of hard labor, it is difficult to look out of poverty. Down near the "rich Bujiematang, women do not marry Ma Tong." Environment can not really change? Shou Ma Tong "What Xiamen has become the first village it? Tong Ma selection in 1985 to set up processing enterprises as a breakthrough in poverty, the founder of Wah canning factory, in 1990 with the establishment of Sino-foreign joint venture in Xiamen Mao Co., Ltd. canned food. One after another Investment more than 8000 million, three technical transformation, with 4 Modern high-speed production line, with an annual output capacity of up to 150,000 tons, creating a mushroom, lychee longan, and eight-treasure, peanut milk, canned green beans cool, and other brand-name products in six. "Yinlu" brand best-selling series of domestic and foreign markets. At present, the village has a "with-mao", "Hing Mau," "Yoshitomi" three big companies By 1996, the village community 122,500,000 yuan output value, the average annual net income of the villagers 5250 yuan, the village collective income of more than 60 million, compared with 1980, an increase of 1071 times. Now the village basically "Seven" and "House of houses" and "concrete road", "communication process "And" water of unsolicited "and" Electric lighting "and" garden village "," toilet health "has become a reasonable distribution, transportation, facilities and beautiful environment of the modern, multi-functional city-Village.

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I irrigation Fengshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

I irrigation temple is located in Fengshan Town Jimei Irrigation District irrigation Street on the north side of the mouth, from the town of Jimei, only 7 kilometers. Fengshan revealed at the end of Ming Temple, Chongzhen-year period (1621-1644). The temple was two-palace-style structure of the building, there is Qiandian 8 Qingshi carved windows, pillars dragon, lion Qingshi, columns and roof of the couplets is Kok Ming Dynasty-style stone ornaments, beads of Ssangyong scramble art sculpture, but has a long history, a lot of damage, and several times after going through rehabilitation, repair expansion. Qiandian now is to raise funds to build his followers across the Taiwan Strait, according to Ping Wu Qing Emperor Qianlong years (1786 AD) to repair one of the new style. Couplets during the Ching dynasty are of Tongan Xian Ju Ren, University Written, the integrity of fine brushwork and exquisite calligraphy skills. Houdian the Republic of China is 18 years (in 1929) from Rangoon, Tongan Xian Anren Juanjian Association of reinforced concrete construction. Fengshan is the Temple of Si Feng, "Li Qingyuan Prefecture Erlang Shen Zhenjun," Li Bing and his second son as a result of active water for future generations by the common people respect, because Erlang Shen Shujun pesticides to get rid of all sin Jiao Jiang, then later in Sichuan Guanxian Memorial Li Miao, Song Zhenzong Zhuifeng time for the wonderful Qingyuan Road Zhenjun. Fengshan Town of modern irrigation Qiandian recorded in the Temple of the God of origin. Qingshi window carved dragon painted waves, a small-old Jiao struggle with sin; dragon after the yield on Jiang's calm Cloud after another, an old was driving a little to tame the dragon, despite Choi, rising to heaven. I Fengshan irrigation temple not only the development of irrigation port town has its origins relations and, more importantly, she is with Taiwan, sources close to the outside world. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Zheng Chenggong is filling the mouth anti-Fuming one of the base, close Zheng Chenggong Taiwan, its officers and men of the temple incense Fengshan will spread to Taiwan. Qing Emperor Yongzheng, Qianlong years, I luang irrigation wells were moved to a large number of Taiwan's Chen will continue to proliferate today Sanchung, Taipei County, Changhua II Town, Chiayi County Town, Taichung County, east of the town and the potential of Yunlin County, and other prominent families, incense Is also from reperfusion at the mouth of the furnace. At present, Taiwan Si Fengshan temple incense filling the mouth of the temple as many as 160 blocks. Some Southeast Asian countries and regions, such as Yangon, Myanmar, Penang, Malaysia, Indonesia Semarang, Bangkok, Thailand and other places, I have irrigation Fengshan temple at the furnace. Despite the "Ambassador of the public" can be spread around different name, such as the Quanzhou government, said the temple belonging, "Ambassador Sun", Taiwan "Ambassador Sun," Zhangzhou "Zhenjun Qingyuan", the incense filling the mouth Fengshan from the temple, the temple can be seen filling the mouth Fengshan is the "public ambassador," the birthplace. I now filling Fengshan temple has been renovated, Cai Yi-streamer, the resplendent. "Ambassador Chang Ze-Zu in the South China Sea to see thousands of miles, Shigemitsu Zhenjun of wind through the Strait of thousands "I was filling Fengshan Temple relations with Taiwan, overseas sources of long portrayal of the real. Fengshan this ancestral temple in the fourth lunar month is the birthday of Erlang Shen, early in March to seven temple activities on the occasion.

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Xinglin Bay Fishing base Jimei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinglin Bay Reservoir is located in the south, with apricot-linked seawall along the seawall apricot-start things, the network surrounded by water area more than 70 acres. Lv Yinyin base with grass, trees Conglong beautiful environment, fresh air, which are equipped with canteen, as an angler. Standard fishing Block 106; there are a variety of fish nets reached 000,000, an average of 20 per square tail, the average weight of each end of half a catty, mainly Ling fish, silver carp, black carp, carp, crucian carp, tilapia and so on. One carp, grass carp weight of up to 10 or so catty. Base facilities, management standards, is a large, medium and small-scale fishing tournament, and on weekends, holidays off A good place for entertainment.

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Jimei marine animals Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Marine Animal Museum is located in the southern section of Shek Kwu Jimei School of Fisheries in school. Marine Animal Museum is tourism, education, scientific knowledge, education services and higher value of the marine Museum of Natural History. Museum hours whales, tropical fish Museum, Museum of marine invertebrates and aquarium four parts. Its size, type, quantity China's secondary to Qingdao Aquarium, the National Home to the second place. Marine Animal Museum of the most prominent and most people's attention is the whale museum. Viviparous whales belong to the marine mammals, fish are not only shaped like fish only. The main exhibition is the world a rare sperm whale weighing 25 tons, 12 long. M, the whole body to occupy half of the large classroom. This is the sperm whale in December 1985 in Fuding County Qin Island beaches trapped. At that time, a total of 12, is the largest mass suicide of a female, 7 years old, an hour can travel more than 10 sea miles, more than 300 meters per minute, can sneak into the sea below 2200 m Depth, and can last 1-2 hours. The economic value of the sperm whale and a great medicinal value, is the most valuable ambergris, musk increasingly like musk, as long as it will absorb a little odd Hong assail the nostrils, and enduring. Now at the Whale Museum's meat is to stay in the skin to stay fine bone specimens, complete the form. Whale Museum in A display of bones Jujing also used to support the shelf, accounting for half of the classrooms. In addition, there are fish, the Chinese white dolphin, Chinese sturgeon, and so on, is the largest reticulate, 1.5 meters wide-set, the only country currently a. There are a few sturgeon is a kind of hard scales from cartilage left over by our ancestors characteristics. Mainly found in China Sea, the Yangtze, Qiantang River, Pearl River, etc., in order to Anadromous migratory fish, which have a strong attachment. If one was wounded, with other group members around the injured companions, can not bear to give up. Tropical Fish Museum, the most prominent feature of beautiful color, shape Enaduozi, colorful, with a very high price to watch . They are mainly in red map of fish (fish Li stars), the god of fish, fish Xiangwen, kissing fish, fish, flowers, and other eyebrow. Map as a result of the fish found there are a lot of red patterns, such as maps, named. Kissing fish are family, sex and love, always kissing. In the marine life museum, the main display of marine benthic invertebrates move , 58 species of sponges alone, there are 9, coelenterate 100, polychaete annelid 31, and mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, and so on, most of them from China's coastal province and the Xisha Islands. Coral specimens in the cabinet, numerous species, white and beautiful, such as Kok corals, coral rock around the pore, staghorn coral beauty, and so on.

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Dragon Pool - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mr. Chen Jiageng in 1950 on the beach reclamation embankment, in three pools. Outside the pool known as the "Dragon Pool", 300 meters wide, 800 meters long with a total area of 240,000 square meters. Pool has a different style of "blind" and "South-hui" and "Chang" and "left" and "right" and "every" and "source" of the seven Son. Dragon Boat Festival dragon boat race held here Qiming Chin-Ku, sparkling color video, voice boiling. Local and foreign athletes driving colorful dragon boat, through the waves, the first to courageously. Cheer on shore, water hoarseness, the scene of races, has been very encouraging.

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Wan Baoshan orchard tour - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jimei Wan Baoshan tourist orchards, irrigation district at Jimei Town 2 km south-west of State Road 324 pit side of the junction, 31 kilometers away from Xiamen Railway Station, 20 km Gaoqi International Airport, Xiamen Accessibility - filling the mouth of the bus park, or by Xiamen - Zhangzhou bus passing by this park, just 40 minutes by car, public transport, Orchard was founded in 1985, covering an area of 500 mu, a wide variety of fruit trees, mainly litchi, longan, mandarin gossip Lu, Yu mandarin, star fruit, persimmons, mangoes, strawberries, peaches and plums, the United States grapefruit, the date, more than 20 kinds of olives, etc. At 10,000. For more than a decade masters of the hard work and now Raymond Lin, Jade Beautiful scenery, the four seasons fragrance. In addition, there is an orchard south of the 2 ponds, covering an area of 25 acres for fishing, barbecue. Wan Hill area of 720 square meters of construction, there are 4 suites, standard room 8, the Office of Kara OK, entertainment room, Chess Room, Ball Room, and other leisure and recreational facilities for tourism. In the orchard, build Several shelters, although in the form of transfer, simple, but elegant, Wan Baoshan to tour orchards, mainly in the summer and fall season, when the longan litchi harvest, the most visitors, visitors to the casual tourist. Completely avoid the city hubbub and miscellaneous noise. And people forget the tense pace of life and troubles, and return to the rural atmosphere of great self - Environment, the United States and is a treat.

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Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Xing Linqu Park is located east of the rural Northwest Chuk inside the mountains, is to the west of Changtai County, 36 km away from the urban area of Xiamen, Zhangzhou, 35 kilometers away from. Xiamen-Zhangzhou expressway from the south side of the adoption, by public transport. Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park with a total area of 30.813 square kilometers, as a result of a mountainous stones and columns named. Days Mountain Forest Park, the forest coverage rate reached 96.8 percent, there are more than 1500 kinds of plants, 10 square kilometers of natural secondary forest, trees, Lao Teng, lichen symbiosis. Or the towering old trees, roots or end plate, Xu Ran, or hanging like a tropical rain forest, tropical rain forests quarter of the ecological environment of trees to pine tree layer for , Peaks in the region fell ups and downs, most of the more than 700 meters, 933 meters above sea level Tianzhu Mountain peak, peak times Faerie Chishan 916 meters above sea level. There are five large and small artificial lake, with a total water storage capacity of 10,000 cubic meters over 1000, with a maximum of Chitou Lake catchment area, amounting to 11 square kilometers. Tianzhu Mountain Forest Landscape Often charming and moving, rich plant and animal resources, because of Bang Bo, Feng Ya magnificent, picturesque Huguangshanse. Quanbao more streams trickling murmur, like pearls rolled, such as the Bank of practice left, and numerous submarine-chuen, to hear the sound of their water features, but not where its flow is infinite ruminate. Tianzhu Shan cultural history For a long time, Cliff stone and rock trunk, forget the rock, jagged rock, stone screen, Stephen, and so on a number of first-line phenomenon Song "Lin Zhang win the first Office" reputation. There Tianzhu temple is famous ancient temples. Tianzhu Mountain, mountain, You-Lin, Shi Qi, Ming-chuen, is reluctant favorite. Visitors can carry out forest bath, mountain-training Odd adventure, hunting barbecue, open camp, summer activities such as convalescence, is a valuable forest recreation resort.

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Youth Science and Technology Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Youth Science and Technology Museum is the use of the Haicang Bridge Anchorage into the West, East and the Anchorage Museum of the bridge corresponding to the distance from the indoor exhibition area, the square and explore the science and technology education component of the district. Indoor exhibition area close to 10,000 square meters, the exhibition area of 5000 square meters; Technology Square, 20,000 square meters. At the second phase construction, a 12-room Hall, more than 200 exhibits, sports, science and technology 20, in the June 2001 opening to the outside world. The second phase of electronic telecommunications, marine science, environmental science, and so on will be on display in June 2002. Youth Science and Technology Museum exhibitions and education using the combination method, the exhibition is education, training and education is Education, the introduction of modern "Science Center"-style education exhibition, the exhibits reflect the scientific, intellectual, interesting, to promote and encourage young people to participate in hands-on friends, explored ways to use their brains thinking experience. Both reached the dissemination of scientific knowledge, but also pay attention to the spirit of science, scientific thinking and scientific methods of culture And the popularity of new and exciting feelings of wisdom, the city of Xiamen is the implementation of the strategic city through science and education, quality education for young people to raise public popularization of scientific and cultural quality of the education base. In the indoor exhibition area of 10,000 square meters exhibition area, a total of electromagnetic Museum, Museum of the Earth and the natural, physical fitness halls, mechanics mechanics , The Museum of acoustic, optical Museum, the Museum robotics, psychology and brain Science Museum, the Museum of mathematics, science and technology applications and hands-on museum park. Young people should visit carefully read the exhibits before the simple tips that by then that the practice of hands-on operation, so as to understand the scientific basis of the principles of access to modern applications of high-tech Knowledge. Sports Science and Technology Square Plaza, sports science and technology have 20,000 square meters, nearly 20 sports display technology. There are magnetic swing and 360-degree rotation of the swing rotation, center of gravity and balance can be demonstrated, a bold attempt to ride a bike at high tightrope, test driving the car round the square. Sound can operate The gathering and reflection, arm strength exercise wheel and spin the wheel, shooting swivel chair, and so on. It also can be operated hands-on simulation of the formation of tornadoes. To explore areas of education to explore education is a kind of experiential travel, such as through the turn Muqiang, ladder-climbing, canoeing and camping operations and other activities, so that the tourists in the team Cooperation in solving the problem. Is an adventure, but also into a kind of natural, enhanced trust and mutual support. According to the fire Island and enjoys the natural advantage of Science and Technology Museum 200 young people to participate in the operation, science and technology demonstration projects in the clear water and green trees, camping arrangements, rock climbing, paragliding, Foreign survival, rope ladder, and other exciting field projects; on the island in the lake side of the island and the sea to carry out swimming, bar-raft, rowing, canoeing, and other water sports; can be carried out to survive, Ladder, swamps, Bow Road, rope course, and other venues Subjects and mock scenarios, role-playing, interactive games, and other indoor courses, so that visitors to participate in the exploration , Integrated with nature, adventure, games won and Automobiles at Full Harvest, is a brand new travel experience. Science and Technology Museum to swim, can sit directly on the bridge head to the car battery to visit the museum as a bridge (a bridge to visit the museum, the car battery can also take a visit to the Science and Technology Museum), or by boat ( ) To return to Xiamen.

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Orient Golf and Country Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Club is located in Xiamen Haicang investment in the region, an area of 246 hectares (2,460,000 square meters), has a 18-hole international standard golf course and 18-hole mini-golf course and leisure style villa district. Stadium Banghai the mountain, located in the southeast Maluan seawall and Xinyang Industrial Park to the east, take full advantage of topography, and other non - Too many natural resources, unique design of the fairway to the country in a large number of golf courses unique, and unique customs of the southern port constitute a beautiful picture. For the vast blue of the Gulf Maluan, hawksbill backed by mountains, rocks and old trees in the Millennium decorative rocks in every fairway, Sparkling light of the small lake ducks, egrets flying competition, mango trees, silver birch, bananas, Bougainvillea, Phoenix wood, Kapok, Erythrina and constitute the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms. Clubs have the luxury suites, standard rooms, villas room, so guests according to their own needs, those who opt for any. Club diet Chinese and Western restaurants, and stands ready to provide all kinds of seafood delicacies. Guests at the club food, housing, leisure, entertainment and other activities, is a rare opportunity.

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Overseas Chinese Subtropical Plant Introduction Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overseas Chinese Subtropical Plant Introduction Garden, located on the west side of the mountain chicken Riguang Yan Xi Lu. Covers an area of 200 acres, surrounded on three sides by mountains, a hero from the East Hill, North Hill home as chicken, bread mountains, west to Long Mountain, south towards the sea, into a horseshoe-shaped valley. In winter the temperature here is higher than urban and rural areas is an ideal natural tropical and subtropical sik Introduction and Domestication of the base. In 1959 by the founder of the federation, said the market introduction, introduced in 1984 was renamed Park. Park introduced from overseas, the introduction of tropical and subtropical plant seeds of economic and flowers, have more than 1000 kinds of superior varieties. Introduced at the whole garden nurseries, nursery trial, the garden, exhibition greenhouses, cultivation temperature Yam shed, fruit trees Biyou area, economic forest areas, areas of medicinal plants, aromatic plants and District area. Flowers into the showroom, for the Fang Yan away potted flowers, it is never praised. It originated in the Mediterranean red powder E, Cuiye gold veins of the cyclamen, originating in Africa, Huang Rui purple, violet leaves the Dark LAW , Originating in Europe, broad-leaved lanceolate, Liu Hua, such as the tulip-shaped, originating in South-East Asia Niaonuo fragrance of the orchid, and a string of beads Diaocheng precious stones such as grass, white grass, and so netted. Tropical plant specimens in the garden, there are people in the world tree, mahogany, teak and iron, oil content of up to 20% of the oil , A valuable industrial raw materials Lac parasitic tree - Acacia Sumatra, and so on. In recent years introduced "cited China on the 1st," the Australian sugar cane and yellow passion fruit, passion fruit hybrid Taiwan has grown and has successfully broadcast. Introduction Park in cooperation with Xiamen pharmaceutical manufacturers passion fruit juice with pineapple, banana, guava, etc. Integrated fruit flavor, is a high-level drink. Tropical fruit trees in the middle, and Venus fruit, egg fruit, snake fruit, the fruit small, about fruits, seedless guava, a variety of Annona; medicinal plants of tropical Thailand has great Feng Zi, acacia, sandalwood , To be a cat grass, and so on, tropical beverages and spices plants have vanilla, ylang Coffee, cocoa, and so on. Walk in the park in a small way, and brown both sides of Washington's line-up Gong Ying-kui, Palm Pavilion, the lotus pond dotted the park, and so on, here is not only popular science bases, but also a feast for the eyes of a tourist destination.

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Gulangyu way around the island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gulangyu was originally called "round sand state", also known as "Yuen Chau Tsai", when the Ming Dynasty called "Gulangyu." More than 23,000 permanent residents. In the island's southwest coast, there are two pieces of rock Xiangdie

Stone, all year long by sea erosion, a vertical hole in the middle, during high tide when the waves hit the rocks, such as the issue of the drums Sound, known as the "Stone Gulang," Gulangyu is therefore named. National hero Zheng Chenggong have troops here, naval training, gradually Gulangyu known around the world. Gulangyu history has been designated as "International Settlement", Britain and the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and other countries have set up the consulate on the island. The new road around the island was opened in 1987, Ferry Plaza, from the beginning, the major landscape, to the west from the ferry back to the square to complete the week-long tour around the island. It is not only self-King, visitors can also enjoy clear water and blue sky on the side of the sublime, the browser side of the island's natural beauty, but also the many attractions on the island linked , To tourists and the ever-changing scenery and endless reverie.
  Road around the island of Xiamen Island is located in the south-east, starting from the ferry terminal by?????had Wai Chu Kang, to Fort Whitehead Chitou, the resting place along the coast road, further broadcasting Hill, head of stomach stone into the sea, and Lian Qian Qian Pu Road Exhibition on cross-Lai in . The more the beach again until the Fragrant Hills, where house, five-, in-line pier, the total length of 31 km. From Xiamen University Qianbu to a section of the coast, about 9 km, known as the gold coast, is set travel, tourism and recreation in one of the waterfront promenade green.
The green corridor, the width of two 9-meter Express , 10.5 meters wide, two climbing, well-designed configuration of 240,000 square meters of grass and colorful plants, is currently in Xiamen greening of the highest rates of road. Side of the ocean have to import colorless asphalt and crushed red after the laying of gravel from the Road on foot. Golden beaches along the coast to set up four unique shapes Poetic small spots. Namely: "Rhine Terrace," "Wan Yue Bo," "Star Park a few" and "Ye Feng Chai", the use of marine natural beauty and well-designed artificial integration with the United States, constitute a sun, sea, beach, grassland, Trees, flowers and red on the sidewalk on the east coast of free travel zone, is away.

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Feng trunk lock and marble - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Shiyan mountain is covered with stones and exposed hidden in a pair of green trees, showed a different attitude, the most notable is the peak trunk, he more like an elephant's long nose in the air Shen Zhao, named. In the peak trunk under a "lock-yun," Stone, stand next to the stream, which is intended to cloud over here, do not stop, like a lock , Named the "lock-yun." Why is locked cloud, which is in the air as a result of rocks blocking the path of the cloud, so that the cloud of rock remain in the Department of depression and the formation of rocks Fossa's. "Lock-yun," another well-known reasons, the result of this killing Cheng Cheng Cheng-kung in conjunction with the rules. Cheng Cheng Cheng-kung is the joint Zong Xiong. At that time, in conjunction Cheng Ha Hengzhengpulian, poor Jiyu people living in dire poverty. 1650 (2007 Junji-ching) Zheng will listen to advice, the people are determined to pesticides. In the Mid-Autumn Festival is the night, from the Chaoyang Zheng Hui Shi Xiamen, Gulangyu Fleet quietly Park. Zheng was kept in the dark together, Wan Shiyan through the night in banquets. Zheng design, the invitation to Hu Xi-Cheng linked to drink, drink Zheng Wan Shiyan back, via the "lock-yun", Zheng was killed by ambush. Since then, the Kinmen-Xiamen and Matsu to become Taiwan's Fu Zheng Ming forces base.

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Lian Qian streets - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In 1987 the establishment of the Kaiyuan Qu Lian Qian located in the streets in the eastern part of Xiamen Island, west Dongpu Road, east Chu Kang Ho, the former Po, the city of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center is located on the coast of the former Village, Kinmen and size of the water Separated from the future residential and commercial city of Xiamen, economic and trade development at the center of city. ?? ?? Lian Qian streets under the jurisdiction of the 11 District 6 neighborhood and village committees, the resident population of 2.9922 million, of which the agricultural population of 12,072 people, more than 28,993 temporary residents. Scope area of 22.3 square kilometers. Total output value of township enterprises in 2001 amounted to 2,635,000,000 yuan, gross domestic product 832,000,000 yuan; financial close 162,000,000 yuan, of which local-level financial 69,000,000 yuan, 76,970,000 U.S. dollars to attract foreign investment, the annual per capita income of farmers 7862 yuan. Has won the "national sport of the masses of advanced work units", "township enterprises nationwide production safety work of comprehensive management of advanced unit", "township enterprises export Li advanced unit "and" double-support model streets of the province ", in Xiamen City," a well-off building a comprehensive well-off rural town (Street) advanced unit "and" the third installment of the provincial science and technology to create a model streets "and other honorary titles.

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Happy Valley Water Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Happy Valley Water Park is located in picturesque lake in the park, close to the mouth Xianyue Cairn Tunnel, traffic is very convenient area of 16,000 square meters, the construction of the world's popular water sports and entertainment facilities, set up 13 projects for pleasure , Have made major wave pool, children's play pool, massage pool, pool waves, circulation River Rainbow wave slide, double skin raft slide, family slide wide, the combination of slide, slide barrel, the snow slide, a rockery cave, the curtain falls, and so on, both the thrills of the various slide, and refrain from being the show Water World, ages is a new type of heat Happy. The opening hours of each year in June to October.

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International Convention and Exhibition Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the sea around the island Qianbu road inside the main building of the Mirs who wish to take off, the ship set sail, Xiamen is the twenty-first century glory of the new logo, the Convention and Exhibition Center to invest 1.4 billion yuan, covers an area 47 10,000 square meters exhibition area the main building 432 meters long, 42.6 meters high, all the area In the first floor of the main building, set up 2000 international standard booths, the exhibition divided into 5 every other independent, high-level exhibition halls were 8 meters, 10.5 meters, 16 meters, the two wings have an area of 6500 square meters of column-free Office. Can accommodate 3,000 people and 2,000 people banquet assembly. Main area There are more than 20 meeting rooms, multi-function hall which can accommodate 1,500 people, the International Lecture Hall can accommodate nearly 400 people and is equipped with 6-channel simultaneous interpretation system, a combination of exhibitions, conferences, chambers of commerce, information, catering, tourism As one of the large-scale multi-functional intelligent Expo City. There are around 300,000 square meters of modern Green Beach Plaza, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, the overall design and quality is the size of the current domestic first-class, fifth in the world. Convention and Exhibition Center in Xiamen is the most spirited of the tourism and leisure destination, Kinmen is also hope the best place to view the sea. There are small Kinmen and 4600 m distance in a straight line In the center of the viewing room on the fifth floor, a small telescope under the Golden Gate is very clear and very close! Convention and Exhibition Center will be gradually improved, large-scale concerts, theatrical performances, open-air cafes, fine House, the Museum of cross-strait relations, Famous shopping malls.

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Park lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park, the lake is a comprehensive modernization of the municipal park, located in the lake area Huatai Road, covers an area of 11.26 hectares, a natural formation of 2.75 hectares of the lake. Yishanbangshui parks, tree-lined. Park's unique architectural style, huge arched door, guests spacious square in the European water and the dance floor His fascinating essay construction, tree-lined trail extending in all directions. The park is equipped with the most advanced form of modern entertainment facilities: slide, the Arab Carpet, block Jinlong, Liu Yong Jin, and so on, the thrills, it is infinite joy, away.

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Tongan Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tongan Tongan District Confucius Temple is located in the River City Sipan, was built in the Five Dynasties and the existing building is a reconstruction of years of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty's Great Hall. Today, the temple has become a Tongan District Museum, on display since the Western Han Dynasty since the Tongan's historical and cultural relics. On the north side of the temple on the site, placed more than 200 pieces from the collection of stone carvings around the region Stone Tablets, an air of different life forms, known as "Tongan terracotta warriors and horses."

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Xiamen Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen Bridge was built in October 1, 1987, in April 1991 of the main project completed in May the same year the opening of the trial. General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the People's Republic of China President Jiang Zemin personally wrote the "Xiamen Bridge", describe in December 19, 1991 to Xiamen for the official opening of the bridge cut . Xiamen is China's first bridge across the Strait Bridge, the main bridges, overpasses Jimei, Takasaki Approach Road and automation management system. 2070 m long main bridge, 23.5 meters wide bridge. Jimei straight-through processing by the overpass bridge composed of seven ramp. Takasaki Approach Road 855 meters long, 23.5 m wide road For a standard highway. Xiamen on the south side of the bridge, the bridge built in the park.

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Overseas Chinese Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overseas Chinese Museum as the "world's only overseas Chinese Museum of History," is located on the west side of South Road, Siming, standing in the foothills of honeycomb, is a national characteristics of the building, the construction area of more than 3000 square meters, more than 7000 pieces of exhibits . Museum by the famous Chinese leaders chaired by Mr. Chen Jiageng founded by overseas Chinese and the Contributions to build, and in 1956 started in May 1959 officially open. Into "The emergence and development of overseas Chinese" and "liberation of the Chinese tragedy," and "overseas Chinese residing with the people of friendship", "Chinese contribution to the motherland" and "overseas Chinese community in the past and present," "Chinese policy Recalling " Parts. Display many overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese donated relics, handicrafts, as well as specimens, reflects the respect Mr. Chen Jiageng scientific and cultural knowledge and positive social benefits of its guiding ideology. The whole museum is divided into three exhibition hall, exhibition area of 2400 square meters, displaying a variety of images, information More than 200 pieces of precious cultural relics near 2000, a variety of rare birds, animals, aquatic products, more than 1,000 specimens. Traffic: 1,2,15,18,21,45 road vehicles to Xiamen University, the first of the two stations (Museum Station) to get off, the former station is a major stations Lu (Xiamen University, then sending that there would be no point in the second Directly to the museum station).

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Qin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? weather in the days to come, man walking along a street lane line, from time to time from the small building at home, flying out of the depths of the courtyard of the elegant piano and violin music that Cantabile sound, it is Le Sigui not. Qin Riguang Yan Park is to open up a new tourist attraction, located in the southwest Riguang Yan hero Hill, now There are cable connections, cable from the cable car back and forth cycle of one-way, safe and comfortable. Gulangyu in particular the tourism management office for visitors to do a travel insurance to ensure the safety of the passengers, which is rare in the country. Riguang Yan from hillside to a cable car ride through the cable Qin came to the park, looking down at the cable car, whether in the past or look at Vision, like "immortal"-like self-satisfied, in particular, the clear water and view scenery, but also appears to be very bright, very commendable. Qin garden, built Bainiao Yuan, audio-visual museum, art gallery and cherish the memory of the heroic martyrs of the Park Chung. In addition, there are melody Square, Square, Qin Si, Xiao Zhu audio streams, etc. Kikunami cliffs, there is Department does not feel the music. Bai Niaoyuan hero to western slopes of the mountains close Tsui natural conditions and to build, covers an area of 7,000 square meters, and introduced over 100 kinds of birds, nearly 1000. Park rockery, running water, waterfall, trails, birds and ecological group categories, targeted to the construction of the Walled rare birds, and related Pool, climbing bird Lin, Taiwan, peacock, pheasant Ping flower, garden show, and other garden spots in the garden; double-bridge between Diego still pouring water falls down, can be described as bridges, Jade, one from the pleasant music of leisure Scenery. Tourists to view, Ting Xie in the bamboo chairs rest for a while and enjoy a tame birds show some understanding of the Habits and domesticated types of technology. In a rather large list of on-site (which can accommodate 80 to 100), which was written "Bird Fun, Fun Tiancheng good." Performances 10:30 am start time every day, performing about 40 minutes, more than 20 programs. Cute to have fun: opening remarks parrot Say hello to the guests, parrots slide, ladder, the parrot white bowls, carts, pull carts, the flag-raising, the former single-frame roll, post-roll, riding a bike, for basketball, puzzles, math problems to do, and so on, it was fun. The whole bird park, arts-oriented style, outstanding performance of birds, is a set of domestication, performance, protection, S & P in one of the park to watch birds. Visitors can enjoy the park to listen to the colorful performances of rare birds and birds, the birds were fun, good natural interest. Bainiao Yuan will also be in the protection of wild animals, such as science and education departments to carry out the bird care, activities for the Protection of Birds, Xiamen, making it the protection of natural love and Education Center Association base. Bainiao Yuan's Heroes Hill, have a good top-line and contour rock landscape. The slope of the sea, for the liberation of Gulangyu in 1949 when the PLA officers and men at the expense of the establishment of the "Heroes Garden" by the heroic sculpture Chan, Hero Monument, commemorating the memorial hall and the square, then we can see that the fighting Sand table, is a good place for patriotic education. Stand here looking ahead, the beach, the mountains hero, King Riguang Yan glance. "Protect the heroic birds Mountain" has become a unique landscape.

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Xiamen Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Botanical Garden in Xiamen, Xiamen is located in Zhongshan Park in the urban areas of the South East, Shishan, Wu Laofeng to the north. Built in 1960, the entire garden shrubs of about 1,800,000, there are well-known tropical and subtropical botanical garden in all of the park, there are overlapping Wanshi Shan mountain peaks on all types of rock King, with an area of 26 square kilometers, of which sik Park area of 2.27 ha, 1.5 ha area of the lawn, the green area of 213.6 hectares. Park's botanical gardens all around the periphery Shek Wu million, which is based on Chinese-style layout of the garden decoration, the main Park: Park tsugae, Penny Drive, Rosa Parks, Forest of Stone Tablets in the new, small Taoyuan, Palm Island, the Office of flowers, South Cedar lawn, introduction and domestication of the district, District cactus, the Rose Garden, longan, Lai Chi Yuen, the District of medicinal plants, flowers such as orchid plants in 29 special zones, and water park, and decorated with floor, Taiwan, Pavilion, Pavilion and modernization Entertainment and sports training facilities, is a beautiful, fragrant flowers around the entertainment park.

Tsugae Park is located west of Shek Wu million, the park has a pond, pool Heting Song, opposite the Pavilion has a rock engraved "Songhe Park," the words, the pool has five white crane simulation, and some Zhanchiyufei Some wait-and-see stop legislation in the water, some feeding in a pond, and some rest, a variety of patterns are very realistic. Song planted in the park, , Bai, Hui Qi Bashi, and other species, some of the most spectacular ancient relict plant - Metasequoia, ginkgo, which is 200 million years ago during the ice left over from the rare species, referred to as "living fossils." In addition, there are four ornamental trees in the world, that is, money-song China, Japan Jin Song, Araucaria, Italy Bai. These trees, the beautiful Shu Zi, never lost their appeal, known as the landscape tree. Tsugae back former U.S. President Richard Nixon visited China, presented the "God of the world" - Sequoia, as well as Araucaria, such as Chile.

In addition, the beautiful lotus pool in the growth of the Flora-odd "Victoria", the diameter of the leaf surface 2 . Even more unusual is the edge of the leaf volume of 20 cm, more than 70 kg weight, the boys can be girls sitting on the surface of leaves, Shashi good-looking.

Palm Garden at the top of Shek Wu million, as a result of palm species is named after, also known as Palm Island. Here there is sixties and seventies alien species of tree. Among them, "the forest beauty," Lemon Eucalyptus, fish Kwai, Livistona, Italy Brown, the West Indies brown skin of bamboo, coconut king, "World Oil King" oil palm in Indonesia, such as brown sugar, the Palm is not only beautify the environment for people to watch, and many of them have high economic value.

Full House is a specimen of a hundred Garden, Chang flowering throughout the year in There are spring azalea, three-color Geun; the summer there are Impatiens, Lotus; a sweet-scented osmanthus in autumn, chrysanthemum; Lamei winter there, such as Euphorbia pulcherrima. The concept has spent Laurel, marigold; foliage of science, change Litsea; stems concept of the Buddha belly bamboo, bamboo Polygonum; fruit concept of bergamot, orange four seasons; bud concept of Yin Liu, and so on. In addition, there were flowers in the world top 10 "Miss" Plum Blossom, "the king of flowers" Peony "Queen of flowers" Laurel, "noble character and sterling integrity" of the Chrysanthemum, "a gentleman of flowers" orchids, "Shih spent in the" cuckoo, "treasures of flowers" Camellia "Water Lotus" Lotus "fairy Ling Po," as well as daffodils peony, Xiamen Bougainvillea flower (red, , White, purple all). There were flowers in the world, such as Africa, cockscomb, and longevity of flowers, geranium, the Americas Changchun flowers, incense next month, Begonia bamboo, grass goldfish Europe, Southeast Asia, a White fan, red dog tail. Specimens in the House, the most notable is the bonsai pot old elm tree, 300 years old, beautiful shape, has been Bonsai into stamps, in 1972, had been sent to Beijing to participate in the National Bonsai Exhibition.

Office of flowers was built in 1979, as the flower of the exhibition hall, together with the greenhouse and nursery areas such as the introduction and domestication, the Botanical Garden in the formation of a new set of buildings, a unique point of the tour. Office of flowers area of 1000 M, a total of five exhibition halls, corridors there, Quqiao, linked Shuixie In the meantime, the surrounding area of 1100 square meters oblong lotus pond. In addition to the Office of flowers on display precious flowers, but also to the exhibition with the theme of the botanical garden a few hundred pieces of calligraphy and paintings, there are many famous inscription of poetry together, the Office of flowers is also a Art Hall for visitors to appreciate the dynamic and static art.

More meat plants in the garden Ziyun upper left side of the rock for the giant transparent Luo Ke, a potted palm cactus, the fairy-chu, cactus, such as the immortal whip, the most prominent is the "golden tiger fish gill" cactus, the growth of more than 30 years with a diameter of 9 More centimeters, "the king of cactus." Immortal column of up to 3 meters, is a kind of rare. It is said that Xiamen cactus has more than 500 kinds of plants, ranking first in the country, the cactus high ornamental value, medicinal value, economic value and the value of scientific research. It is the study of plant taxonomy and plant marked an important evolution .

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Xiamen Wu Laofeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nan Putuo Sihou the Wulao Feng, standing at the waterfront, Wang inserted into the sky, an extraordinary style. Five lofty mountain air, when there is wind around white clouds, from afar, like the five white beard and hair are looking for the elderly look into the distance of an ocean, and this is one of the Xiamen Eight "five old Peak." Stone engraved with the slope, "Wu Laofeng" words, Huge rock face, carved a large "Buddha", more than four meters high and three meters wide, it Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty is a word B has (Year 1869) by Hui Zhen Shu; "Buddha" on the left side of rock, Juan Jian of the Chinese Prime View monks and monks of the Senate hi Muta; through the left side of the Shi Jing, a monk Muta every turn; to every monk under Muta , Pu Zhaosi sites Puzhao Si Chen Qigong Busch is the opening of the Tang Dynasty, to hole for the rooms, built Puzhao Si; Tuo Doushuai a hillside homes have been renovated; nearby, a master of Tai Xu and Tower Master Tai Xu Ji Nianting; in which an in-depth, but also to see Wu Laofeng planted on the Acacia's, the tree known as the "Taiwan Think of the tree. "If the tourists straight up rock climbing, beautiful scenery and the campus of Xiamen University in Xiamen Harbor will glance.

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Chuang Shu Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shu came to the village to go to a certain garden as the only China, a world-class look at the Gulangyu Piano Museum. From the main countries of origin living in Australia Gulangyu Piano collectors to provide Mr. Hu Youyi collection of 30 old piano, to show the world history of the development of piano, piano music to spread knowledge and promote cultural exchange between China, Gulangyu Island is music, piano town's image. Inside the display of the nineteenth century Germany, Austria middle of the old piano, Mr. Hu is a private collection, free for the visitors.
Chuang garden Shu Lin Erjia Fusion Taiwan was a private garden, the 50's gas into the park in recent years has built a number of Shi, also expanded its area of more than 3000 square meters, is quite characteristic of the Waterfront Park. Sino-Japanese War of China and Japan in 1894 after the defeat of the Ching court was forced to sign the humiliating "Treaty of Shimonoseki," which Taiwan was ceded to Japan. Taiwan's military refused to cut Taiwan, Zong Bing Liu Yongfu, such as lead, "Hei Qijun" resistance, rot The Qing government also ordered the officers and soldiers to be stationed in Taiwan to the mainland. Taiwan then ask Ken and the Mission anti Minister Lin Wei-yuan did not dare go against fundamentalism, in 1895 the whole family in transition, to settle at Gulangyu. Lin Wei-yuan, Longxi origin, the ancestors of years of Qianlong in the fresh water reclamation fortune to Taiwan, Taipei has a "villa in Panchiao," that is, the Lin family garden. His son Er-Jia from an early age in life where all the villas left a good memory.
  Lin Wei-yuan in 1905 death of his father's succession Liner Jia. In 1913, missed his former residence in Panchiao, Taipei, Gulangyu selected gold with Mae water, grass Aberdeen side of the slope under the Shan, Taipei, Panchiao imitation villa, in the light of 000 South Park, the construction of the garden, named "Chuang Shu", is a master of "Uncle Zang" homophonic, but also, "Rice Shu master estate," meaning, because the ancestors of Liner Jia reclamation is a rich and fortune in Taiwan. He has spent 10,000 silver dollar "pen-run" fee, at the time of "great president" wrote Xu Shichang, "Chuang Shu" important Park.
  Lin Kerry on the structure of the garden layout designed to house the Itabashi reproduction Taipei style, a garden of the Jiangnan Yunzhi. He used a piece of mu less than the slope, creating a wide space to be able to see the full view of the garden into the arms. Garden set up Sau Tong Mei, Ren Qiu Court, straightforward Pavilion, 44 bridges, listen to House, rock Hillside Garden, 12 Dong Tian also love my House, House, Bore, such as the Ten Lanting small, compact and unique, sui generis.

  World Garden Chong Shu-art landscape features of the top 10 in three of the most artistic personality characteristics in a park, is hard to come by. The first is characterized by the "possession of the sea": who is going Did not see a way to the sea, even at the entrance to the Garden into the door still did not see a sea wall yellow wall blocking the line of sight, stay out on Portal, to bypass the bamboo forest, all of a sudden, "we have a brighter future", made all of a sudden see the surprise effect of the sea. First sea "possession", and then the sea to Pentium-, sea-food while riding, came to the sea " Tidal flats ", to watch sea view, is full of lofty sentiments, but Bore floor was blown over after the typhoon has not been able to resume. Garden experts to visit Switzerland Shu Zhuang Garden said:" We only Tibetan lake, and Xiamen have possession of the sea, very rare . "Chuang Shu Garden's second feature is the" pretext ": Liner Jia is surface of the sea, sea In the reef, all seawater fluctuation of the use of up to build Wai-order, build a bridge to build kiosks, so that was very narrow, a small Gulf, by paving the way for the natural beauty around, Han has become satisfied that the sea level, rather, a broad field of vision The garden on the sea. This is the Chinese term of office of a city, any park can not taste so The wonderful taste and mood, which is the most show gardens Shu Zhuang people.

Here we can see that the turbulent waves of intense, and from surging; far from the arms of the South Pacific, near the Tam Island, Lantau, Lantau Wu, Yan Bo vast, graceful grace; in front of the Riguang Yan, a hero and even Hill's Haicang Songyu Kok became the garden outside the Constitutes a dynamic three-dimensional painting, very beautiful. Chuang garden Shu third feature: "The combination of movement": Liner Jia Jing and move on to deal with the quite unique, the slope to build a rockery, by splitting the Earthly Branches "Twelve Dong Tian", linked to the hole, Let the children play catch, showing the beating of moving King to come and go; slope Bian Jianxin Xiaoge kiosk, viewing a break, Jingya performance of the environment. The tide flows, the bridge lay, and flowers on land, sea Baigezhengliu do embody a blend of static and dynamic and harmonious, Jiangxinduju! Liner Jia also Panchiao in Taipei to house the Itabashi small also moved in, the Sau Tong Mei, Ren Qiu Jian Ge, such as a small Qiaoling Using Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, Qiao Jiao cornices, glass Fenqiang, bridges, elegant noble, color and the sea, mountains and the sky an integral whole. Formed a unified style of traditional Chinese landscape architecture group, so that the whole landscape of the southern garden both beautiful, beautiful gardens and southern.

Is: Pianpianfanying Day , Groups of Oulu to a better life; "Xanadu small-hidden, I came to the East China Sea Xiuzhong Tour"! In recent years, Chuang Shu Shan Garden after the new "Kikunami Xuan", based piano museum displaying the ancient world Piano 30, is the most expensive production in 1810. They are Gulangyu overseas collector of rare treasures Hu Yi. Snake Ridge Garden "is a display of bonsai added Chuang Shu content. Liner Jia tell you that the last case of it. Liner Jia, was born in 1874 in Xiamen, Xiamen security office in 1905 the total Board Office, the Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce, the Prime Minister launched Xiamen construction of the telephone, electric, water and other public utilities. Donate a huge sum of money was promoted to the late Qing Shi . Xiamen municipal office in 1941 will be chairman of the Xiamen city contribute more. Gulangyu has been re-elected and Industry Council, "Dong Hua" for 14 years. Anti-Japanese War from Lushan out of Hong Kong, after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan to settle in Taiwan, died in 1951, the 77-year-old throughout the year.

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