Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Xiamen in the first village - Ma Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Tong Xiang'an located in the eastern district, town, 7 km, is located in the Town of the new territory of a remote col, the only area of 1.8 square kilometers, the village 64 275, 272 mu of arable land, 590 acres of mountain. In 1980, the village per capita income of less than 170 yuan. Ma Tong geographical conditions It is a bare ridge of barren hills and barren land of the village, blocking traffic, resource-poor, run-down villages, water scarcity, most of the farmland species but not closed, people throughout the year after year of hard labor, it is difficult to look out of poverty. Down near the "rich Bujiematang, women do not marry Ma Tong." Environment can not really change? Shou Ma Tong "What Xiamen has become the first village it? Tong Ma selection in 1985 to set up processing enterprises as a breakthrough in poverty, the founder of Wah canning factory, in 1990 with the establishment of Sino-foreign joint venture in Xiamen Mao Co., Ltd. canned food. One after another Investment more than 8000 million, three technical transformation, with 4 Modern high-speed production line, with an annual output capacity of up to 150,000 tons, creating a mushroom, lychee longan, and eight-treasure, peanut milk, canned green beans cool, and other brand-name products in six. "Yinlu" brand best-selling series of domestic and foreign markets. At present, the village has a "with-mao", "Hing Mau," "Yoshitomi" three big companies By 1996, the village community 122,500,000 yuan output value, the average annual net income of the villagers 5250 yuan, the village collective income of more than 60 million, compared with 1980, an increase of 1071 times. Now the village basically "Seven" and "House of houses" and "concrete road", "communication process "And" water of unsolicited "and" Electric lighting "and" garden village "," toilet health "has become a reasonable distribution, transportation, facilities and beautiful environment of the modern, multi-functional city-Village.

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