Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gulangyu way around the island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gulangyu was originally called "round sand state", also known as "Yuen Chau Tsai", when the Ming Dynasty called "Gulangyu." More than 23,000 permanent residents. In the island's southwest coast, there are two pieces of rock Xiangdie

Stone, all year long by sea erosion, a vertical hole in the middle, during high tide when the waves hit the rocks, such as the issue of the drums Sound, known as the "Stone Gulang," Gulangyu is therefore named. National hero Zheng Chenggong have troops here, naval training, gradually Gulangyu known around the world. Gulangyu history has been designated as "International Settlement", Britain and the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and other countries have set up the consulate on the island. The new road around the island was opened in 1987, Ferry Plaza, from the beginning, the major landscape, to the west from the ferry back to the square to complete the week-long tour around the island. It is not only self-King, visitors can also enjoy clear water and blue sky on the side of the sublime, the browser side of the island's natural beauty, but also the many attractions on the island linked , To tourists and the ever-changing scenery and endless reverie.
  Road around the island of Xiamen Island is located in the south-east, starting from the ferry terminal by?????had Wai Chu Kang, to Fort Whitehead Chitou, the resting place along the coast road, further broadcasting Hill, head of stomach stone into the sea, and Lian Qian Qian Pu Road Exhibition on cross-Lai in . The more the beach again until the Fragrant Hills, where house, five-, in-line pier, the total length of 31 km. From Xiamen University Qianbu to a section of the coast, about 9 km, known as the gold coast, is set travel, tourism and recreation in one of the waterfront promenade green.
The green corridor, the width of two 9-meter Express , 10.5 meters wide, two climbing, well-designed configuration of 240,000 square meters of grass and colorful plants, is currently in Xiamen greening of the highest rates of road. Side of the ocean have to import colorless asphalt and crushed red after the laying of gravel from the Road on foot. Golden beaches along the coast to set up four unique shapes Poetic small spots. Namely: "Rhine Terrace," "Wan Yue Bo," "Star Park a few" and "Ye Feng Chai", the use of marine natural beauty and well-designed artificial integration with the United States, constitute a sun, sea, beach, grassland, Trees, flowers and red on the sidewalk on the east coast of free travel zone, is away.

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