Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Overseas Chinese Subtropical Plant Introduction Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overseas Chinese Subtropical Plant Introduction Garden, located on the west side of the mountain chicken Riguang Yan Xi Lu. Covers an area of 200 acres, surrounded on three sides by mountains, a hero from the East Hill, North Hill home as chicken, bread mountains, west to Long Mountain, south towards the sea, into a horseshoe-shaped valley. In winter the temperature here is higher than urban and rural areas is an ideal natural tropical and subtropical sik Introduction and Domestication of the base. In 1959 by the founder of the federation, said the market introduction, introduced in 1984 was renamed Park. Park introduced from overseas, the introduction of tropical and subtropical plant seeds of economic and flowers, have more than 1000 kinds of superior varieties. Introduced at the whole garden nurseries, nursery trial, the garden, exhibition greenhouses, cultivation temperature Yam shed, fruit trees Biyou area, economic forest areas, areas of medicinal plants, aromatic plants and District area. Flowers into the showroom, for the Fang Yan away potted flowers, it is never praised. It originated in the Mediterranean red powder E, Cuiye gold veins of the cyclamen, originating in Africa, Huang Rui purple, violet leaves the Dark LAW , Originating in Europe, broad-leaved lanceolate, Liu Hua, such as the tulip-shaped, originating in South-East Asia Niaonuo fragrance of the orchid, and a string of beads Diaocheng precious stones such as grass, white grass, and so netted. Tropical plant specimens in the garden, there are people in the world tree, mahogany, teak and iron, oil content of up to 20% of the oil , A valuable industrial raw materials Lac parasitic tree - Acacia Sumatra, and so on. In recent years introduced "cited China on the 1st," the Australian sugar cane and yellow passion fruit, passion fruit hybrid Taiwan has grown and has successfully broadcast. Introduction Park in cooperation with Xiamen pharmaceutical manufacturers passion fruit juice with pineapple, banana, guava, etc. Integrated fruit flavor, is a high-level drink. Tropical fruit trees in the middle, and Venus fruit, egg fruit, snake fruit, the fruit small, about fruits, seedless guava, a variety of Annona; medicinal plants of tropical Thailand has great Feng Zi, acacia, sandalwood , To be a cat grass, and so on, tropical beverages and spices plants have vanilla, ylang Coffee, cocoa, and so on. Walk in the park in a small way, and brown both sides of Washington's line-up Gong Ying-kui, Palm Pavilion, the lotus pond dotted the park, and so on, here is not only popular science bases, but also a feast for the eyes of a tourist destination.

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