Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Xing Linqu Park is located east of the rural Northwest Chuk inside the mountains, is to the west of Changtai County, 36 km away from the urban area of Xiamen, Zhangzhou, 35 kilometers away from. Xiamen-Zhangzhou expressway from the south side of the adoption, by public transport. Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park with a total area of 30.813 square kilometers, as a result of a mountainous stones and columns named. Days Mountain Forest Park, the forest coverage rate reached 96.8 percent, there are more than 1500 kinds of plants, 10 square kilometers of natural secondary forest, trees, Lao Teng, lichen symbiosis. Or the towering old trees, roots or end plate, Xu Ran, or hanging like a tropical rain forest, tropical rain forests quarter of the ecological environment of trees to pine tree layer for , Peaks in the region fell ups and downs, most of the more than 700 meters, 933 meters above sea level Tianzhu Mountain peak, peak times Faerie Chishan 916 meters above sea level. There are five large and small artificial lake, with a total water storage capacity of 10,000 cubic meters over 1000, with a maximum of Chitou Lake catchment area, amounting to 11 square kilometers. Tianzhu Mountain Forest Landscape Often charming and moving, rich plant and animal resources, because of Bang Bo, Feng Ya magnificent, picturesque Huguangshanse. Quanbao more streams trickling murmur, like pearls rolled, such as the Bank of practice left, and numerous submarine-chuen, to hear the sound of their water features, but not where its flow is infinite ruminate. Tianzhu Shan cultural history For a long time, Cliff stone and rock trunk, forget the rock, jagged rock, stone screen, Stephen, and so on a number of first-line phenomenon Song "Lin Zhang win the first Office" reputation. There Tianzhu temple is famous ancient temples. Tianzhu Mountain, mountain, You-Lin, Shi Qi, Ming-chuen, is reluctant favorite. Visitors can carry out forest bath, mountain-training Odd adventure, hunting barbecue, open camp, summer activities such as convalescence, is a valuable forest recreation resort.

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