Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Qin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? weather in the days to come, man walking along a street lane line, from time to time from the small building at home, flying out of the depths of the courtyard of the elegant piano and violin music that Cantabile sound, it is Le Sigui not. Qin Riguang Yan Park is to open up a new tourist attraction, located in the southwest Riguang Yan hero Hill, now There are cable connections, cable from the cable car back and forth cycle of one-way, safe and comfortable. Gulangyu in particular the tourism management office for visitors to do a travel insurance to ensure the safety of the passengers, which is rare in the country. Riguang Yan from hillside to a cable car ride through the cable Qin came to the park, looking down at the cable car, whether in the past or look at Vision, like "immortal"-like self-satisfied, in particular, the clear water and view scenery, but also appears to be very bright, very commendable. Qin garden, built Bainiao Yuan, audio-visual museum, art gallery and cherish the memory of the heroic martyrs of the Park Chung. In addition, there are melody Square, Square, Qin Si, Xiao Zhu audio streams, etc. Kikunami cliffs, there is Department does not feel the music. Bai Niaoyuan hero to western slopes of the mountains close Tsui natural conditions and to build, covers an area of 7,000 square meters, and introduced over 100 kinds of birds, nearly 1000. Park rockery, running water, waterfall, trails, birds and ecological group categories, targeted to the construction of the Walled rare birds, and related Pool, climbing bird Lin, Taiwan, peacock, pheasant Ping flower, garden show, and other garden spots in the garden; double-bridge between Diego still pouring water falls down, can be described as bridges, Jade, one from the pleasant music of leisure Scenery. Tourists to view, Ting Xie in the bamboo chairs rest for a while and enjoy a tame birds show some understanding of the Habits and domesticated types of technology. In a rather large list of on-site (which can accommodate 80 to 100), which was written "Bird Fun, Fun Tiancheng good." Performances 10:30 am start time every day, performing about 40 minutes, more than 20 programs. Cute to have fun: opening remarks parrot Say hello to the guests, parrots slide, ladder, the parrot white bowls, carts, pull carts, the flag-raising, the former single-frame roll, post-roll, riding a bike, for basketball, puzzles, math problems to do, and so on, it was fun. The whole bird park, arts-oriented style, outstanding performance of birds, is a set of domestication, performance, protection, S & P in one of the park to watch birds. Visitors can enjoy the park to listen to the colorful performances of rare birds and birds, the birds were fun, good natural interest. Bainiao Yuan will also be in the protection of wild animals, such as science and education departments to carry out the bird care, activities for the Protection of Birds, Xiamen, making it the protection of natural love and Education Center Association base. Bainiao Yuan's Heroes Hill, have a good top-line and contour rock landscape. The slope of the sea, for the liberation of Gulangyu in 1949 when the PLA officers and men at the expense of the establishment of the "Heroes Garden" by the heroic sculpture Chan, Hero Monument, commemorating the memorial hall and the square, then we can see that the fighting Sand table, is a good place for patriotic education. Stand here looking ahead, the beach, the mountains hero, King Riguang Yan glance. "Protect the heroic birds Mountain" has become a unique landscape.

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