Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jimei marine animals Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Marine Animal Museum is located in the southern section of Shek Kwu Jimei School of Fisheries in school. Marine Animal Museum is tourism, education, scientific knowledge, education services and higher value of the marine Museum of Natural History. Museum hours whales, tropical fish Museum, Museum of marine invertebrates and aquarium four parts. Its size, type, quantity China's secondary to Qingdao Aquarium, the National Home to the second place. Marine Animal Museum of the most prominent and most people's attention is the whale museum. Viviparous whales belong to the marine mammals, fish are not only shaped like fish only. The main exhibition is the world a rare sperm whale weighing 25 tons, 12 long. M, the whole body to occupy half of the large classroom. This is the sperm whale in December 1985 in Fuding County Qin Island beaches trapped. At that time, a total of 12, is the largest mass suicide of a female, 7 years old, an hour can travel more than 10 sea miles, more than 300 meters per minute, can sneak into the sea below 2200 m Depth, and can last 1-2 hours. The economic value of the sperm whale and a great medicinal value, is the most valuable ambergris, musk increasingly like musk, as long as it will absorb a little odd Hong assail the nostrils, and enduring. Now at the Whale Museum's meat is to stay in the skin to stay fine bone specimens, complete the form. Whale Museum in A display of bones Jujing also used to support the shelf, accounting for half of the classrooms. In addition, there are fish, the Chinese white dolphin, Chinese sturgeon, and so on, is the largest reticulate, 1.5 meters wide-set, the only country currently a. There are a few sturgeon is a kind of hard scales from cartilage left over by our ancestors characteristics. Mainly found in China Sea, the Yangtze, Qiantang River, Pearl River, etc., in order to Anadromous migratory fish, which have a strong attachment. If one was wounded, with other group members around the injured companions, can not bear to give up. Tropical Fish Museum, the most prominent feature of beautiful color, shape Enaduozi, colorful, with a very high price to watch . They are mainly in red map of fish (fish Li stars), the god of fish, fish Xiangwen, kissing fish, fish, flowers, and other eyebrow. Map as a result of the fish found there are a lot of red patterns, such as maps, named. Kissing fish are family, sex and love, always kissing. In the marine life museum, the main display of marine benthic invertebrates move , 58 species of sponges alone, there are 9, coelenterate 100, polychaete annelid 31, and mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, and so on, most of them from China's coastal province and the Xisha Islands. Coral specimens in the cabinet, numerous species, white and beautiful, such as Kok corals, coral rock around the pore, staghorn coral beauty, and so on.

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