Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lian Qian streets - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In 1987 the establishment of the Kaiyuan Qu Lian Qian located in the streets in the eastern part of Xiamen Island, west Dongpu Road, east Chu Kang Ho, the former Po, the city of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center is located on the coast of the former Village, Kinmen and size of the water Separated from the future residential and commercial city of Xiamen, economic and trade development at the center of city. ?? ?? Lian Qian streets under the jurisdiction of the 11 District 6 neighborhood and village committees, the resident population of 2.9922 million, of which the agricultural population of 12,072 people, more than 28,993 temporary residents. Scope area of 22.3 square kilometers. Total output value of township enterprises in 2001 amounted to 2,635,000,000 yuan, gross domestic product 832,000,000 yuan; financial close 162,000,000 yuan, of which local-level financial 69,000,000 yuan, 76,970,000 U.S. dollars to attract foreign investment, the annual per capita income of farmers 7862 yuan. Has won the "national sport of the masses of advanced work units", "township enterprises nationwide production safety work of comprehensive management of advanced unit", "township enterprises export Li advanced unit "and" double-support model streets of the province ", in Xiamen City," a well-off building a comprehensive well-off rural town (Street) advanced unit "and" the third installment of the provincial science and technology to create a model streets "and other honorary titles.

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