Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Xiamen Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen Bridge was built in October 1, 1987, in April 1991 of the main project completed in May the same year the opening of the trial. General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the People's Republic of China President Jiang Zemin personally wrote the "Xiamen Bridge", describe in December 19, 1991 to Xiamen for the official opening of the bridge cut . Xiamen is China's first bridge across the Strait Bridge, the main bridges, overpasses Jimei, Takasaki Approach Road and automation management system. 2070 m long main bridge, 23.5 meters wide bridge. Jimei straight-through processing by the overpass bridge composed of seven ramp. Takasaki Approach Road 855 meters long, 23.5 m wide road For a standard highway. Xiamen on the south side of the bridge, the bridge built in the park.

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