Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I irrigation Fengshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

I irrigation temple is located in Fengshan Town Jimei Irrigation District irrigation Street on the north side of the mouth, from the town of Jimei, only 7 kilometers. Fengshan revealed at the end of Ming Temple, Chongzhen-year period (1621-1644). The temple was two-palace-style structure of the building, there is Qiandian 8 Qingshi carved windows, pillars dragon, lion Qingshi, columns and roof of the couplets is Kok Ming Dynasty-style stone ornaments, beads of Ssangyong scramble art sculpture, but has a long history, a lot of damage, and several times after going through rehabilitation, repair expansion. Qiandian now is to raise funds to build his followers across the Taiwan Strait, according to Ping Wu Qing Emperor Qianlong years (1786 AD) to repair one of the new style. Couplets during the Ching dynasty are of Tongan Xian Ju Ren, University Written, the integrity of fine brushwork and exquisite calligraphy skills. Houdian the Republic of China is 18 years (in 1929) from Rangoon, Tongan Xian Anren Juanjian Association of reinforced concrete construction. Fengshan is the Temple of Si Feng, "Li Qingyuan Prefecture Erlang Shen Zhenjun," Li Bing and his second son as a result of active water for future generations by the common people respect, because Erlang Shen Shujun pesticides to get rid of all sin Jiao Jiang, then later in Sichuan Guanxian Memorial Li Miao, Song Zhenzong Zhuifeng time for the wonderful Qingyuan Road Zhenjun. Fengshan Town of modern irrigation Qiandian recorded in the Temple of the God of origin. Qingshi window carved dragon painted waves, a small-old Jiao struggle with sin; dragon after the yield on Jiang's calm Cloud after another, an old was driving a little to tame the dragon, despite Choi, rising to heaven. I Fengshan irrigation temple not only the development of irrigation port town has its origins relations and, more importantly, she is with Taiwan, sources close to the outside world. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Zheng Chenggong is filling the mouth anti-Fuming one of the base, close Zheng Chenggong Taiwan, its officers and men of the temple incense Fengshan will spread to Taiwan. Qing Emperor Yongzheng, Qianlong years, I luang irrigation wells were moved to a large number of Taiwan's Chen will continue to proliferate today Sanchung, Taipei County, Changhua II Town, Chiayi County Town, Taichung County, east of the town and the potential of Yunlin County, and other prominent families, incense Is also from reperfusion at the mouth of the furnace. At present, Taiwan Si Fengshan temple incense filling the mouth of the temple as many as 160 blocks. Some Southeast Asian countries and regions, such as Yangon, Myanmar, Penang, Malaysia, Indonesia Semarang, Bangkok, Thailand and other places, I have irrigation Fengshan temple at the furnace. Despite the "Ambassador of the public" can be spread around different name, such as the Quanzhou government, said the temple belonging, "Ambassador Sun", Taiwan "Ambassador Sun," Zhangzhou "Zhenjun Qingyuan", the incense filling the mouth Fengshan from the temple, the temple can be seen filling the mouth Fengshan is the "public ambassador," the birthplace. I now filling Fengshan temple has been renovated, Cai Yi-streamer, the resplendent. "Ambassador Chang Ze-Zu in the South China Sea to see thousands of miles, Shigemitsu Zhenjun of wind through the Strait of thousands "I was filling Fengshan Temple relations with Taiwan, overseas sources of long portrayal of the real. Fengshan this ancestral temple in the fourth lunar month is the birthday of Erlang Shen, early in March to seven temple activities on the occasion.

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