Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Xiamen Wu Laofeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nan Putuo Sihou the Wulao Feng, standing at the waterfront, Wang inserted into the sky, an extraordinary style. Five lofty mountain air, when there is wind around white clouds, from afar, like the five white beard and hair are looking for the elderly look into the distance of an ocean, and this is one of the Xiamen Eight "five old Peak." Stone engraved with the slope, "Wu Laofeng" words, Huge rock face, carved a large "Buddha", more than four meters high and three meters wide, it Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty is a word B has (Year 1869) by Hui Zhen Shu; "Buddha" on the left side of rock, Juan Jian of the Chinese Prime View monks and monks of the Senate hi Muta; through the left side of the Shi Jing, a monk Muta every turn; to every monk under Muta , Pu Zhaosi sites Puzhao Si Chen Qigong Busch is the opening of the Tang Dynasty, to hole for the rooms, built Puzhao Si; Tuo Doushuai a hillside homes have been renovated; nearby, a master of Tai Xu and Tower Master Tai Xu Ji Nianting; in which an in-depth, but also to see Wu Laofeng planted on the Acacia's, the tree known as the "Taiwan Think of the tree. "If the tourists straight up rock climbing, beautiful scenery and the campus of Xiamen University in Xiamen Harbor will glance.

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