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Chuang Shu Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shu came to the village to go to a certain garden as the only China, a world-class look at the Gulangyu Piano Museum. From the main countries of origin living in Australia Gulangyu Piano collectors to provide Mr. Hu Youyi collection of 30 old piano, to show the world history of the development of piano, piano music to spread knowledge and promote cultural exchange between China, Gulangyu Island is music, piano town's image. Inside the display of the nineteenth century Germany, Austria middle of the old piano, Mr. Hu is a private collection, free for the visitors.
Chuang garden Shu Lin Erjia Fusion Taiwan was a private garden, the 50's gas into the park in recent years has built a number of Shi, also expanded its area of more than 3000 square meters, is quite characteristic of the Waterfront Park. Sino-Japanese War of China and Japan in 1894 after the defeat of the Ching court was forced to sign the humiliating "Treaty of Shimonoseki," which Taiwan was ceded to Japan. Taiwan's military refused to cut Taiwan, Zong Bing Liu Yongfu, such as lead, "Hei Qijun" resistance, rot The Qing government also ordered the officers and soldiers to be stationed in Taiwan to the mainland. Taiwan then ask Ken and the Mission anti Minister Lin Wei-yuan did not dare go against fundamentalism, in 1895 the whole family in transition, to settle at Gulangyu. Lin Wei-yuan, Longxi origin, the ancestors of years of Qianlong in the fresh water reclamation fortune to Taiwan, Taipei has a "villa in Panchiao," that is, the Lin family garden. His son Er-Jia from an early age in life where all the villas left a good memory.
  Lin Wei-yuan in 1905 death of his father's succession Liner Jia. In 1913, missed his former residence in Panchiao, Taipei, Gulangyu selected gold with Mae water, grass Aberdeen side of the slope under the Shan, Taipei, Panchiao imitation villa, in the light of 000 South Park, the construction of the garden, named "Chuang Shu", is a master of "Uncle Zang" homophonic, but also, "Rice Shu master estate," meaning, because the ancestors of Liner Jia reclamation is a rich and fortune in Taiwan. He has spent 10,000 silver dollar "pen-run" fee, at the time of "great president" wrote Xu Shichang, "Chuang Shu" important Park.
  Lin Kerry on the structure of the garden layout designed to house the Itabashi reproduction Taipei style, a garden of the Jiangnan Yunzhi. He used a piece of mu less than the slope, creating a wide space to be able to see the full view of the garden into the arms. Garden set up Sau Tong Mei, Ren Qiu Court, straightforward Pavilion, 44 bridges, listen to House, rock Hillside Garden, 12 Dong Tian also love my House, House, Bore, such as the Ten Lanting small, compact and unique, sui generis.

  World Garden Chong Shu-art landscape features of the top 10 in three of the most artistic personality characteristics in a park, is hard to come by. The first is characterized by the "possession of the sea": who is going Did not see a way to the sea, even at the entrance to the Garden into the door still did not see a sea wall yellow wall blocking the line of sight, stay out on Portal, to bypass the bamboo forest, all of a sudden, "we have a brighter future", made all of a sudden see the surprise effect of the sea. First sea "possession", and then the sea to Pentium-, sea-food while riding, came to the sea " Tidal flats ", to watch sea view, is full of lofty sentiments, but Bore floor was blown over after the typhoon has not been able to resume. Garden experts to visit Switzerland Shu Zhuang Garden said:" We only Tibetan lake, and Xiamen have possession of the sea, very rare . "Chuang Shu Garden's second feature is the" pretext ": Liner Jia is surface of the sea, sea In the reef, all seawater fluctuation of the use of up to build Wai-order, build a bridge to build kiosks, so that was very narrow, a small Gulf, by paving the way for the natural beauty around, Han has become satisfied that the sea level, rather, a broad field of vision The garden on the sea. This is the Chinese term of office of a city, any park can not taste so The wonderful taste and mood, which is the most show gardens Shu Zhuang people.

Here we can see that the turbulent waves of intense, and from surging; far from the arms of the South Pacific, near the Tam Island, Lantau, Lantau Wu, Yan Bo vast, graceful grace; in front of the Riguang Yan, a hero and even Hill's Haicang Songyu Kok became the garden outside the Constitutes a dynamic three-dimensional painting, very beautiful. Chuang garden Shu third feature: "The combination of movement": Liner Jia Jing and move on to deal with the quite unique, the slope to build a rockery, by splitting the Earthly Branches "Twelve Dong Tian", linked to the hole, Let the children play catch, showing the beating of moving King to come and go; slope Bian Jianxin Xiaoge kiosk, viewing a break, Jingya performance of the environment. The tide flows, the bridge lay, and flowers on land, sea Baigezhengliu do embody a blend of static and dynamic and harmonious, Jiangxinduju! Liner Jia also Panchiao in Taipei to house the Itabashi small also moved in, the Sau Tong Mei, Ren Qiu Jian Ge, such as a small Qiaoling Using Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, Qiao Jiao cornices, glass Fenqiang, bridges, elegant noble, color and the sea, mountains and the sky an integral whole. Formed a unified style of traditional Chinese landscape architecture group, so that the whole landscape of the southern garden both beautiful, beautiful gardens and southern.

Is: Pianpianfanying Day , Groups of Oulu to a better life; "Xanadu small-hidden, I came to the East China Sea Xiuzhong Tour"! In recent years, Chuang Shu Shan Garden after the new "Kikunami Xuan", based piano museum displaying the ancient world Piano 30, is the most expensive production in 1810. They are Gulangyu overseas collector of rare treasures Hu Yi. Snake Ridge Garden "is a display of bonsai added Chuang Shu content. Liner Jia tell you that the last case of it. Liner Jia, was born in 1874 in Xiamen, Xiamen security office in 1905 the total Board Office, the Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce, the Prime Minister launched Xiamen construction of the telephone, electric, water and other public utilities. Donate a huge sum of money was promoted to the late Qing Shi . Xiamen municipal office in 1941 will be chairman of the Xiamen city contribute more. Gulangyu has been re-elected and Industry Council, "Dong Hua" for 14 years. Anti-Japanese War from Lushan out of Hong Kong, after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan to settle in Taiwan, died in 1951, the 77-year-old throughout the year.

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