Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Orient Golf and Country Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Club is located in Xiamen Haicang investment in the region, an area of 246 hectares (2,460,000 square meters), has a 18-hole international standard golf course and 18-hole mini-golf course and leisure style villa district. Stadium Banghai the mountain, located in the southeast Maluan seawall and Xinyang Industrial Park to the east, take full advantage of topography, and other non - Too many natural resources, unique design of the fairway to the country in a large number of golf courses unique, and unique customs of the southern port constitute a beautiful picture. For the vast blue of the Gulf Maluan, hawksbill backed by mountains, rocks and old trees in the Millennium decorative rocks in every fairway, Sparkling light of the small lake ducks, egrets flying competition, mango trees, silver birch, bananas, Bougainvillea, Phoenix wood, Kapok, Erythrina and constitute the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms. Clubs have the luxury suites, standard rooms, villas room, so guests according to their own needs, those who opt for any. Club diet Chinese and Western restaurants, and stands ready to provide all kinds of seafood delicacies. Guests at the club food, housing, leisure, entertainment and other activities, is a rare opportunity.

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