Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Overseas Chinese Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overseas Chinese Museum as the "world's only overseas Chinese Museum of History," is located on the west side of South Road, Siming, standing in the foothills of honeycomb, is a national characteristics of the building, the construction area of more than 3000 square meters, more than 7000 pieces of exhibits . Museum by the famous Chinese leaders chaired by Mr. Chen Jiageng founded by overseas Chinese and the Contributions to build, and in 1956 started in May 1959 officially open. Into "The emergence and development of overseas Chinese" and "liberation of the Chinese tragedy," and "overseas Chinese residing with the people of friendship", "Chinese contribution to the motherland" and "overseas Chinese community in the past and present," "Chinese policy Recalling " Parts. Display many overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese donated relics, handicrafts, as well as specimens, reflects the respect Mr. Chen Jiageng scientific and cultural knowledge and positive social benefits of its guiding ideology. The whole museum is divided into three exhibition hall, exhibition area of 2400 square meters, displaying a variety of images, information More than 200 pieces of precious cultural relics near 2000, a variety of rare birds, animals, aquatic products, more than 1,000 specimens. Traffic: 1,2,15,18,21,45 road vehicles to Xiamen University, the first of the two stations (Museum Station) to get off, the former station is a major stations Lu (Xiamen University, then sending that there would be no point in the second Directly to the museum station).

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