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Tianzishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianzishan has always been a "peak forest king" reputation, as a result of the history of the Tujia have a leader to Wang (Tai-kun) claiming to be named after the emperor. Tianzishan clouds for praise by Chinese and foreign tourists. Yu Guo clear at the beginning of the Tianzishan very spectacular cloud, cloud formation surging waterfall, Tao, Lang, Xu variety of forms, the vast continuous, strong waves .

"Son of Heaven who know a side of the world Basics of Global Hill." Son of Heaven, Shandong, west and south side, Shi Feng Lin, China gully. The majestic stone forest, or if the tattoo to save Daoqiangjianji days, or if the tread came off a mighty force, such as the Penglai fairyland Piaomiao or vague.

Shan Sub beauty, spring, summer, autumn and winter season of the West, morning, twilight, afternoon, 16:00 different. Rays of Tianzishan, Jin Bi like a brilliant, brilliant colors of the painting; moonlight, Cuoluoyouzhi Mimeng the peaks constitute an ink landscape. Yamahana brilliant spring, according to Chui Hung cuddle; snow winter snow and ice, snow Wrap. At first sunny morning rains or wrong transfer, Yunyan Tianzishan wind around, or overwhelming, or graceful wave, such as static over gauze, then move Chung Yun-day snow.

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Wulingyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulingyuan is a scenic area of north-western Hunan. It is not like other famous Silk, who long enjoyed a good reputation of the Sacred Mountains of China, Huangshan, Guilin, and so on for thousands of years ya famous Seoul, and Wulingyuan has been unknown until the 1970s also know that few others. Painter Wu Guanzhong chance here, here landscape for the dumping, not "Pearl fall in the mountains," sighed. From the beginning of the 1980s, due to the development of tourism in Wulingyuan finally becoming famous, because it is located in the middle of Wulingshanmai and has been named.
  Millions of years ago, Wulingyuan is a vast ocean, nature constantly moving, cut and polish that changing the Wulingyuan today sandstone peaks Canyon of the landscape. Plants everywhere here; Calocedrus pines, Blot out the Sun Zhe Tian; Qifengyidan, towering stands; River Valley around the clouds, smoke precipice of Health. Wulingyuan's rich natural value and the original wild, people will conquer it even Shuaixia a lot of old mountains, to quickly among the World Natural Heritage list To come.
  Wulingyuan has three parts: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxi Yu nature reserves and nature reserves. Generally of the view that there is Wulingyuan "five no": Qi, rocks, Valley, Xiushui, karst caves.
  Wulingyuan unique quartz sandstone peaks for the rare home and abroad, it has become Qijue Maria Scenic spots. In the more than 360 square kilometers in area, according to aerial survey peaks are known to be more than 3000 seats, more than 400 meters vertically Shi Feng has more than a month. The stone peaks and elsewhere, upright and dense, the towering rock of the Ruyan, Feng Shi, such as silk, such as bamboo shoots, the screen seems like a spear, a fan, a root, fell million , Range upon range of hills in order to give the overlapping peaks of the magnificent Grand Bang Bo and momentum. Tianzishan, Zhangjiajie has 80 multiple viewing platform, there may be sounding fine reward. Feng Shi lot of big names such as "Shen Tang Wan", "West Sea scroll," small, such as "days of female flowers", "Qu line methotrexate," "Ocean's Peak" and unnamed peaks, like self-written , To create the same free of the Imagination.
  Yu Guo whenever the weather turned fine or raining, a faint Yunyan give birth to the valley, clouds Piaomiao range upon range of hills in the overlapping peaks, when the thick sea of clouds when light, Shi Feng time when they are hidden, the scene changes million. Fog, so that the next clear hard peaks become enchanting, ethereal and mysterious. View The best season is summer, Tianzishan reward is the best place for fog and photographers are often involved.
  Wulingyuan Raoshan to water. Zhangjiajie, there was only "Xiushui 800", many of the waterfall, Stephen, River, Lake, the lake was its magic. Water so that the forests more vibrant. Jinbian Xi is a long stream, More than 10 kilometers from Zhangjiajie has been able to come to Suoxi Yu Yan Xi, which flow to ease the flow of paper-tan grass, fish jump Tam, Phoebe Ping Chau and Son of Heaven, by the end Suoxi Yu into the Lishui River. Canyon cross-strait confrontation, between the Red Rock River reflected on trees. Walking in the stream path, all the way Qinrenxinpi cool, stepping stone wooden bridge and watch the fish deep piebald Water, listen to the cuckoo's call echoed in the valleys, and perhaps also between suddenly have the chance: the chicken back water - a local water storage bladders with their long gorgeous pheasant feathers, the stream is swig.
  The cave is one of the best, the number and scale. There are few well-known of the Huanglong Cave, Kwun Yam , The ring tunnel, turtle habitat hole, hole Fei, the ... ... Lo Tung, the Suoxi Yu Huang Chang-dong 7 km and a half. Hole four tiers, inside the cave, there is a reservoir, the river 2, linked to three waterfalls, water everywhere, Hall 13, 96 Gallery. "Bell ice", "Bamboo Gadao," "Dragon King's palace dance," Huanglong are fine-hole The host.
  Manshanbianye Wulingyuan, all of Ruyan or dense forests. Growth here for thousands of years no one has cut down the forest, the forest coverage rate as high as 97.9 percent, even an Gyps the lone Shi Feng also stand a few pines; large swathes of the original Zhetianbiri secondary forest, known as activated The metasequoia, gingko, Davidia, lobster flower plants, such as age also can be found everywhere, walking in dense forest may be inadvertently touched the precisely the kind of rare plant leaves. Pheasant, pangolin, monkey face Eagle, Red-billed Leiothrix, monkeys, tigers, giant salamander, and other rare birds and animals often appear in the forest Jianbian. In the early 1980s, experts study Tomb lamented here, he was the source of the animal "shelter" and a plant's "gene pool." Wulingyuan moderate and rainy climate, with cold summer, the average annual temperature of 15C in?babout this micro-climate for plants and animals will no doubt provide a good dwelling places.
  Xiangyingchengqu and the natural scenery is simple Park scenery. Wulingyuan is Tujia, Bai and Miao ethnic minorities, such as settlements, terraced plots, an inter-decorated houses scattered on a green mountains and blue waters, Tetraena trees, the smoke curl upwards, if coming to catch up with local festivals, but also To appreciate the ethnic song and dance. Wulingyuan with the mountains, dense forests seamless structure The vast piece of the original picture.

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Feng Qi Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Feng Qi Shan Tianzishan located to the west, because the shape of the rocks like Crested named after. The line to visit the main attractions there Qu Xing Yin, and Yu Shu Yan, solitary umbrella single column, and so on.

  Tianzishan western nature reserve, covering an area of large, scattered spots. Shan Feng Qi Feng Qi was originally called mountain Banyao Tujia a rebel army leader to the King Construction of the compound, known to the Grand Courtyard, this site only. Hill across from one another peak, tall and straight in a critical situation and is expected to be dozens, to the legendary King in the top post set up to view the enemy, the son, named Hill, also the title of sub-valley. There are other area attractions Qu Xing Yin, the Son of Heaven Well, Charlie Chaplin rock, umbrella and so lonely sister alone. As a result of the mountains with one stone like Crested named after. His dark brown stone, Bamboo trees on its cover, highlighting the top Chienshih, such as the mouth-feng, lush vegetation, such as the Dou Kai Feng Fei-color screen, the God-shaped wonderful, elegant want to fly. Feng Qi-dong, Lin Feng secret show, full of the original Wild. Feng Qi Shan Tianzishan located in the western part of Shanxi, according to the next Jinbian Xi is a direct route to Shuiraosimen.

  Well in the area at the eastern end of the Son of Heaven, a big fist of the fountain, sometimes rapidly became 1 m high, cool spring water and delicious summer, the severe winter the water temperature reached 20 ?, wish to use the bath. Legend has it that this could well water treatment, drinking all the year round can live longer.

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Baofeng Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baofeng Hu is a natural co-creative arts scene can be. In the 1970s, local villagers dam for power generation, unwittingly created a scenic lake, the lake back according to Po-san, it got its name. By Baofeng Hu Ying Park and Waterloo Village component of the two blocks. One Baofeng Hu, Fei Bao Baofeng, Zhai eagle nest, Yi Xiantian Wulingyuan known as the "four no."
  Wulingyuan is located in the area south of 1.5 kilometers, is the Wulingyuan scenic spots in the products. It is a rare Gaoxiapinghu, surrounded by Castle Peak, Yihong of the clean water, beautiful scenery and landscapes is a masterpiece. Dangzhou here, but also to see the lake on the island, "Yu Ping flowering" "Ten women dressing" and "Herbie water," "frog Naochun" Kai King. Baofeng Hu is a river from the dam lake, 72 meters deep and 2.5 meters kilometers long, with its beautiful color and Huguang You Dongtian taste of the wild into the Wulingyuan scenic water features to make on behalf of. Pinnacle Lake in two small , Standing near-shore Qi, Feng turn backwater.
  Boating roaming, only a reflection of lake-green water lake, full of poetic. "Lofty ladder on the roof of a Gaoxiapinghu Kam Kai, the Queen Mother of the Jade Pool Jin Fu, Wun Sha Xia Fan fairy" Baofeng Hu Yu, you will enjoy this kind of poetic. Embrace the peaks of Baofeng , About 2., 5 km, it is an artificial construction of the multi-purpose dam, to retain water, farmland irrigation, fish farming, power generation, Tour. It "From a distance, high-gorge, nearly invisible dam, 70 meters on the ladder, living in Pinghu boatman." As if a Hokyo Lake, surrounded by Castle Peak,

Yihong of the clean water, paddle down Travel, particularly happy. Sitting on board, look around, Tsui Qianshan large, overlooking the water, the reflection of slow moving water a studio green peaks, the Department of Water Renmiantaohua. It has been very quiet, beautiful! Roaming in the lake, the lake also can see some of the Kai King heart of the island, such as "flowers Yu Ping", "ten women dressing" and "Goldfish Water, "" Green Naochun her, "and so on, but also has its own unique features. Walled eagle nest for a King Baofeng Park, Jin Park West, after climbing to the hundreds of stone-class, Shi Feng, head of the line, such as cracks, there is the ancient city gate at the entrance to notch , The Department has to do Baofeng temple, incense strong. Yashang straight stone on top, according to legend bandit chieftain of the old society, such as entrenched Ying Shan Xiaozhaizigou. Yixian Tian Baofeng Park is a great way King. Canyon more than 200 meters long, 100 meters high, with an average width of less than two meters in a stream, river rock and circled class, very quiet, Austria infinite song.
  The line also visit a number of scenic spots, famous eagle nest is located in Chai Baofeng Hu West One on top of cliffs. The early years is well-known bandit stockade, the TV series "Hill Chaofei own mind" on this film.

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Shuiraosimen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulingyuan is located in the center of Zhangjiajie Forest Park is the east gate of the scenic West Suoxi Yu door. Jin Bianxi, Sok River, Yuanyang Xi, Shan Xi four streams in this valley less than 200 square meters of coiled convergence in the basin.

  Four Qi Xiu Zhou Fengyan, gurgling streams, Shigeki bamboo fan, Huaxiangniaoyu, Qi Shek Pik between a luxuriant oasis of fragrant grass, cutting out several mountain Dongnanxibei Mountain Gate 4, Shuiraosimen said. One place, but see "water in mountain streams, one middle reaches of Things Past", said the world must be King. Long live here the card-General, Bijiashan King, and so on, have excellent taste to watch.

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Bai Zhangxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suoxi Yu Bai Zhangxia at scenic spots, according to legend is an ancient battlefield. Various scenic spots such as the Department of pile Ma, Qi Feng and Play, imperial jade seal rock, and so is associated with the ancient battlefield, it is also known as Bai Zhangxia "a hundred battles Gap." Wulingyuan Scenic Area the few historical, and as a result of the terrain here Xian Yao, in the beginning of the next text would be found. According to the "Cili County," it reads: "Gap Baizhang, show high into the clouds, red ocher stone screen, towering clearance eye, Qi Jia Tianxia. "

  By Bai Zhangxia, Jia Yu Dong, Wang Jiayu Canyon of the three components. Bai Zhangxia flags which is located in the central valley, this ancient ape multi-Gap, Gap odd precipice, Xianyao situation, in order to pass the ancient. Risk-hung deep gorge, a river stream. On the right side of the original Path to the Ming and Qing Dynasties Cili contacts with the Yongding Guan Dao. Shapingchang one of the fields, Bai Zhangxia wall, eight of the most Tam Chi Mei-chu.

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Sky House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tian Bo Yang Jiajie House is located in scenic areas, dozens of cliffs, Interlacing scattered, uneven, and the scene was tragic, if Canyuan off-base, it is not sigh and the power of nature changed in the changes.

  Yang Jiajie is located in scenic areas, dozens of cliffs, Interlacing scattered, uneven, and the scene was tragic, if Canyuan off-base, so that Sigh not changed in nature and the power of the changes. Legend has it that this is Yang, "Sky House" site.

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Sangzhi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sangzhi spots along the many picturesque. Sangzhi to stand for, can visit many beautiful scenic spots nearby. From the Sangzhi county Jiutian Dong travel, to participate in the "three-day tour" - Lishui River rafting, river town Pleioblastus visit to Cuba and Jiutian Dong Tan Qi. First of all, Sangzhi county in the 1 km west of the ferry Chi Xi, the Lishui River drift Small Three Gorges, "Changtan 5 through 18 dangerous shoals, along the way dinosaurs are related, Alondra rock, the trunk holes, Wuli screen, scenic spots, such as water tunnel ring.

Piaoxing 9 km from the ancient town of Pleioblastus River shore. Qingshi Ban mosaic of the Three Mile Zhang Jie, the ancient temples of the stage, Tujia Linhe Diaojiao Lou's stand, chiropractors Alice cornices of the house ... The quiet simplicity of the ancient town charm, at a glance.

Pleioblastus River town to swim from the town by car, 15 minutes to arrive Jiutian Dong.

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Jiutian Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinan Li Sangzhi county seat is located in the town of Fortaleza village water tunnel from the city of Zhangjiajie City 87 km. Highway has since entrance directly to the county seat, the total length of 15.4 km. There are holes helicopter market. This large natural cave as a result of melting the top 9 named after a natural skylight. June 1987 found that the following year on May 1 opening tour. Was included Provincial-level scenic spots, and join the international association of cave. By domestic and France, Belgium and other countries of the 15 cave experts inspected several times, inside the cave, there are fossils of trees and other rare karst cave material is not only an important landscape as well as very high research value. Proven area of 250 hectares of inside, as the "Asian A big hole. "

  As a result of Jiutian Dong Dong Ding and nine skylights on the ground and the same name. 1987 Shan Wang Warriors natural cave explorers found that in 1988 formally open to visitors, is listed as provincial scenic spots, the same year, the international inspections, demonstrations and cave experts, that large-scale Jiutian Dong Unique landscape, there are a number of groups did not cave development, to carry out exploration for inspection, which is formally accepted by the Jiutian Dong cave as a member of the international unit, at the same time determined by the international Jiutian Dong cave explorers base Jiutian Dong from cave to enter the international world, the price has doubled. After inspection, was found inside the cave, there are old trees and fossils Rare karst cave of the material is not only a rare natural scenery and high research value. Has been proven for the current tour of an area of 250 hectares. All the year round temperature of 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Inside there are 5 spiral viewing platform, more than 30 Hall, there are 3 large gap between Yin River, 12 Cloth, and self-bridge, a thousand Qiutian, such as landscape, different form of stalactites, thousands.

  And out of a hole, with a spacious high-wide, year round temperature of 20-22 degrees, dry -80% 65% humidity. Sub-upper, middle and lower three-tier, lower than 400 meters away from the hole. Karst scenic spots compact convergence There are 5 spiral viewing platform, Hall 40, 3 of the disparity between Yin River Falls 12, 5 self-Bridge, 6, "Qiu Tian thousand", 3 natural lakes season, 3 of the perennial water "Well Sally," 10 hole hills. Hole total length of 3 kilometers. Color wall plaques make a false charge, white, silver gray, Zi Lan, yellow orange Such as alternating red, sparkling, colorful. Stalactite cave in groups, columns, stalagmites, Shiman, Shi Hua, and so are thousands, Linlang King show. Large columns were about 10 meters in diameter and 20 meters high; only a few centimeters in diameter are small, up to more than 30 meters. Knock into some music, some animals like birds like, such as Sin , Both God-shaped. "Who cut inside her air of Castle Peak, under the provisional Yousui on vault. No hanging straight into the deep bottomless, the former Bing Zhu of the road suddenly pass." Has now opened nearly 100 sites, of which nine mountain, Jade Palace, Crystal Palace, Xuannv Palace, Palace Shouxing For the landscape inside the top five.

  Specifically, in the history of Chinese and foreign, who described a very Greatly, and a wide range of things very well, almost all of the "nine" to describe the. For example, the high days, it said "nine days", "Jiuxiao" and "Nine Days"; to a large, it said, "Jiuzhou" and "Nine boundary," and so on. Mao Zedong's words, "Die Lianhua Li-A": "I am proud missing missing Liu Yang Jun, Yang Yang Liu Biao straight up Xiao nine. "This said," Xiao re-nine, "referring to is" nine days "and" Nine days. "Qu Yuan wrote," Chu Ci ", with" Xiang Furen Nine Songs "and" Yuan Ying nine chapters. "Beijing Temple of Heaven park, there is a Heaven for the emperor used in buildings, Minghuan "hill" from the railing to the stones are "nine On behalf of the day. For example, the block of stone are "nine" for the base. If 9, 18, 27, ... 36 ... hearts of its garden pavilion with 9 first stone city, and then on the outside are "nine" to a multiple of the block. Outside the first tier 36 (nine four times), then that is 45, 14, has been?????block to block, which represents the highest, that is, Kokonoe days.

  In addition to the Heaven and Earth "nine" to describe, there are many, large and difficult things is "nine" to describe the. King Juan as "Jiuding", the Buddhist-based "Yu nine" major disaster encountered in life "Jiusiyisheng", after death, also known as "heaven."
"Nine" on behalf of the day, not only have the Chinese, there are foreign. Such as Dante wrote "The Divine Comedy", it "9 days", "fireball days", "moon days" until the top layer of "Crystal-day" so far.


  Because Special day-dong, Asia can be the first big hole, because there are "nine" represents the highest great, very much so, it was originally called the "Temple of Heaven," the wind tunnel was renamed the "Jiu Tiandong." This is the reason for the name Jiutian Dong.

  As far as I know, there are Jiutian Dong, Qi, the United States, the four major characteristics of quiet, can be No.

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Puguang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangjiajie in addition to the magnificent scenery, there is a very worthwhile to visit the human landscape, which is very characteristic of the Puguang Temple, which is located in the urban area in Zhangjiajie, the Ming Yongle Temple 11 (Year 1413), The Imperial Palace in Beijing (Tiananmen) as early as 2007, The Mirage as early as three years Wudang in Hubei, Sichuan Meishan Sianfong Temple and the Temple is reported as early as more than a hundred years to build.

  Temple is a Buddhist Po Kwong 5 of the Rinzai cases, the original jurisdiction of the Buddhist temples throughout Block 80, more than 200 monks, up more than 50 resident monks. In 1919-1943, six have been held here in the General Assembly Longhua, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, A few provinces where nearly 1,000 followers in the top of Mount monks, the temple's reputation has Jiangnan. Legend has it that more than 500 years ago, with the lush forest, towering old trees, small to Hill by the name of Aries. As early as the Song Dynasty, Taoism will be built in this high-Zhenguan, but a very small scale, not amount to anything. By the Ming Dynasty Yongle years of a day, so that the command in Yongding Wei Jane in this hillside to see a group of Aries, it will catch up with the horse, you Aries penetrate Turkish Unexpectedly, he comes as a surprise, then ordered excavation has uncovered a pile of silver shining white. He put the matter at the time of Zou Ming emperor Yongle, Emperor Tai Yue, Chi Ming Jian Si materials, and Ci Ming Po Kwong Temple. This is why Temple The horizontal inscribed board above the door read, "Aries ancient temples," Later, some people like to take this treasure Feng Shui, one after another in the beam with built-song College, Temple and the Confucian Temple, and other ancient buildings, collectively known as the ancient temples Aries. The entire building using the traditional brackets and the caisson structure, sophisticated design, the magnificent, by the Mountain Gate, Mountain Gate II, the visual , Main Hall, the Hall of Ocean, Kwun Yam Temple, the Yu Huangge high Zhenguan, Wu Temple, St. Paul, and other components of a large group of ancient buildings, with Song, Yuan, Ming and the Qing Dynasty architectural style and characteristics. At the same time, financial Buddhism, Taoism culture, and Confucian culture in one of China's ancient people of extraordinary wisdom, in the building Religious studies have a higher value.

  Mountain Gate at the top of four big Chinese characters hot, "Po Kwong Temple", is said to be Yubi of Emperor Qianlong, around the top of the doors on both sides of the ears were a problem, "Wan Pu care" and "feel the bright road," according to the Buddhist understanding of Buddhism is boundless, asylum All living creatures; caring, Purdue Health; consciousness once the future will be bright. There are at the top of the door to the main hall of Mr. Zhao Puchu wrote "Main Hall" He giant inscription, carved on Dianqianyanzhu two golden dragon, dominated, lifelike. In the main hall doors of many characters engraved on the story, learn from, such as Tang, east Jianzhen, Junji become emperor, Li Ai Tianmen Shan Buddhist practice to the field, and banana and Huai write from the Sakyamuni Buddha was born into the whole process of relief, the other is the temple can not be compared. Main Hall houses the memorial tablets of the Buddha III, in the Main Hall there are two things terrazzo walls of the monument, ground fine, smooth as a mirror and moon every time when the air, stone moonlight reflection imaging, A Hall of Silverlit, it is "on the Lantern", said. Guiqi because of the design, often breeze brush, clean all year round hall on the ground harder, "the wind sweeping," which got its name. "On the Lantern" and "the wind sweeping" Po Kwong Temple is one of the wonders of the fascinating, and it reflects the ancient craftsmen of the optical, in-depth architecture Wu and scientific applications. Rohan Palace has its unique construction, the most prominent feature is "song column is not inclined bending beam house." Hall of the column, beams, and other 43 members of the main materials used distortion. By wooden brackets riveting convergence, not a nail, and a very solid, seamless, as is the construction of a major spectacle. Han Palace is the top of the "round the sound floor", used to be kept by the book. Caisson and the Ocean Floor, in the same hall, his followers in the hall Shaozhi of incense smoke rising wave, being released into the atmosphere upstairs, with a view to preventing moisture and moth-eaten gas. Protection of the book is really fantastic. Round sound is F for the Hall of Ocean north of the protruding Baoxia a pure wooden structure, Fine shape, the structure of the complex, with the Hall of Ocean constitute a two-Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, a face up, while there is a three-tilted cornices. Tile upper surface of the water to the convergence of two-Shan Jian, in an open design of the junction leading wood, beads hanging Longkou home. Note row of rain, the beads hanging around the shells of natural move, as real water dragon, not only regulation Water flow, a certain cushion, to avoid being washed Shan Jian, its practical value and appreciate the value of both, I can not. "Zhi construction in Hunan Province," had distorted the material here, brackets, beams and columns, hump, technology, and other achievements as an example of ancient architecture are introduced; well-known ancient buildings of Jurists, said Professor Chen Congzhou Puguang Temple is the best of ancient Chinese architecture.

  Buddhist and Taoist temple is adjacent sites. Taoism is China's ethnic Han inherent in religion, respecting the pre-Qin Taoism founder of the Learjet for the school to teach their ancestors, "Dao De Jing" as the major classics, there are major construction and high-Yu Huangge Zhenguan. North Korea late Ming Yu Huangge Chia-ching for 18 years (1813 AD) rehabilitation. Xie Shanding three-Zhong Yan, 14.6 meters high. Sacred Mountains of China is dedicated to lower the moral and founder of God, the Jade Emperor and the upper Jintongyunv. Zhenguan high Puguang is the construction of the first Temple, built in the Late Song Yuan, which is characterized by Dan Yan Xie Shanding, all with great care brackets , Fang Xiadian large angle carved on the back hall there are two sides symbol of the Turkish operation of the entire bolt; bring up the rear with two Zhu Chu Yan Zhu between the pads for a 3 cm thick piece of the pie wood, which can be distributed upward Moisture, reducing the damp wood piles direct factor, followed by the Tang and Song of the characteristics of the building, there is a high scientific value. High Zhenguan Is a. Road, who do not have to become only the sacred every day, on the concept of a week, the highest worship Taoist worship of God - God the three-ching, on weekdays, Buddhist disciples would be "one of God as" King al incense, with the passage of time, Buddhist monks into Xiangyan Xi, incense is strong, to live in peace with Buddhist harmony, has become a major Color. Here are two of St. Paul, were Jiaqing Daoguangnianjian construction. St. Paul's words, "Zhu Maichen negative salary study", "Limi horns hang", "cutting Kuangheng wall to steal light" and "car Yin Ying Fen time capsule" of China's ancient story of a saint to study hard, and the first year of Xuantong Wen Changci the repair, the construction of Taoism skillfully Gap for the door of St. Paul, St. Paul, after filling Buddhism Taoism into place before the wall.

  There Puguang Si in a temple-wu, 23 light Dynasty (1814 AD), also known as Guan Temple, which mainly Qindian, in the main hall, Qian Dian, the permitted, constitute the front door. Sit in the main hall, known as the "Saint-wu" Kuan Kung, standing on both sides of the clearance is in a calm Zhou Cang, a mighty silence. Around the bank up a fire wall to form a courtyard pattern. Before a stage door, the former main hall on both sides of the courtyard is the Clock Tower and Drum Tower, according to the octagonal design of a sharp save, cleverly attached to the wall angle. At first glance like a complete floor, in fact, only half of the design style break in, see the whole, the actual Together, very clever. Dian Wai Ping air in the past martial arts, theater, the worship places.

  Puguang Si formed a whole set of Temple View, Temple, Square, and the Court as one pattern, which is rare in China. It was after the impromptu visit Puguang Si wrote a couplet: "Temple View, House, Temple, Square One, Confucianism, Buddhism That, combined arms. "Ten words Puguang Si is the best sum up the characteristics of personality.

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Zhangjiajie Tianmen Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianmen Shan Gu Cheng Yunmeng Mountain, also known as Yu-Ping Shan. Zhangjiajie is situated in the urban area 10 kilometers south. In 263 AD, as a result of Shanbi top of the mountain collapsed due to open a hole, the same north-south. Sun king when the three countries that lucky break, Ciming "Tianmen Shan."

  Day openings, at an altitude of no more than 1260 meters Above the door 131.5 meters high, 37 meters wide. According to geological research expert, openings of the Central Department of the East-West syncline rock Interchange, as a result of pressure caused by broken rock collapse in the final 263 in the formation of openings. Tianmen Shan 1517.9 meters above sea level, due to the foot of the mountain and the relative height difference in the urban areas amounted to more than 1300 meters, so Wei significant tall and straight, the skyline of the United States, as evidenced by the typical mountain.

  Tianmen Shan's peculiar landscape, known as the wonders of the world is the day openings. High-day openings 131.5 meters, 37 meters wide, deep (thick) over 30 meters, 99 in the world aerobatics competition will be held here. Openings in the top one-day Days of transport by water, above water pond. Dong Ding-day door, and no water pond, a water saw a long stream can not, after visitors from the hole, looking up Dong Ding, we can only see out of the water from the eye, such as the beginning of the column, row rotation, scattered flowery, like Plum Blossom , The civil known as the "Plum Blossom Water," and said: "The 48 who received a plum blossom drop of water can rise A fortune in the first place. "So people here are opening to pick up this auspicious symbol of the" plum blossom water. "Tianshui this, the more case of Tian Han, the water is greater, and red. Into the black water, the community There must be earth-shaking event occurred. Such as the 1949 and 1976 after the Cultural Revolution, many of the city There are now 000 names of people still alive in two years, they saw the openings days into the black water.


  Tianmen Shan on sightseeing, can not go a top view of Tianmen Shan. Tianmen Shan Gu Cheng-top "in excellent shape and Yunmeng" Tianmen Shan is the high ground. Standing on the top, down Broad perspective, look around, the morning sunrise view of Hongshan, the melt gold evening sunset view, the size of the spots, panoramic view.


  "Yunmeng in excellent shape", all year round climate change, its natural landscape is also quite different: in the spring, germinating grass and trees, brilliant Yamahana; summer, the mountain is covered with all green, sea of clouds over the waves Autumn leaves red cream, clear sky; winter, the snow covered roof, Shan Yin Yi dance, like one in the north scenery. At present, the Tianmen Shan scenic spot on the development of tourism is also being carried out, and this year is expected to receive visitors.

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Maoyan He - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Maoyan He is located in the city of Zhangjiajie Yongding Qu upper reaches of the Lishui River valley, about 50 km from the entire process, the two sides are steep cliff, 000 River Rock, also known as Mao Yanhe.
  Pleioblastus to the Walled down to the flower-power station, 50 km from the entire process. 90 as a result of construction of the dam power station and fisheries, so that Maoyan He split in two for more than dam - Swim, 20 km drifting for tourism, 25 km. Maoyan He, that is, the upper reaches of the Lishui River, following the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park open after the opening of another new tourist spots, Zhangjiajie is situated in the urban area 35 km to the west. In 1986, the first in the country Maoyan He Xiang Pizhou drifting tourism projects. By visitors Paper boat drifting at little cost to both enjoy the beautiful scenery of the canyon, but also get slightly to the dangerous shoals of dangerous rapids and stimulating.


  Section Maoyan He was drifting west Dayong 20 km to the north section of Lake herring. Although the flow Maoyan He Rapids urgency, but a small river bed slope, water levels do not drop; dangerous shoals shorter (a Only 20-meter-long), and the dangerous shoals and dangerous shoals between the distance is long (generally more than 1,000 meters), the moderate waves, drifting narrowly.

Maoyan He main attractions include: blood groove doors, Square Hole, Mao Yantan, child folder ditch, hot springs Wen Tang, Gu Du Mayang, Maoyan He gorge, waterfall-water tunnel, and so on. River green mountains and blue waters, the beautiful, it is also known as "Barry Gallery."

  This is the second Maoyan He drifted in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park open after the opening of another new tourist area, located in the urban area 35 km to the west. In 1986, the first in the country Maoyan He Xiang Pizhou drifting tourism projects. Mao River more than 50 kilometers in length, the two sides are cliffs, the river more dangerous shoals and rapids, waterfalls, trees, "Barry Gallery" reputation. Xiang Pizhou by little cost and, sometimes urgent, thrilling, sometimes slow, carefree travel Kenya. Gaan tours all the way in Ky Son different peaks can experience the passion for water, both can have both. Main At the door with blood groove, Square Hole, Yantan Mao, Mao rock waterfalls, hot springs, and so on a number 30. Mao rock falls and one of the most spectacular hot springs and most unique.

  Maoyan He, Water Pik Shan-ching, the strange stone-risk, more beach waves, Wild dangerous, ancient and magical landscape can be found everywhere. In 1986, tourism Yongding Qu By the Yangtze River rafting adventure inspired, in the first domestic Maoyan He Xiang Pizhou drifting tourism projects. Maoyan He has, "Barry Gallery" reputation, its peak to backwater, poetic songs do, by Xiang Pizhou Maoyan He drift, Barry Day trip to watch the beautiful scenery of the canyon, but also enjoy the waves that suppress the Fei-zhou Fun dangerous drift. It can truly be said Unlike the Three Gorges, the Three Gorges increasingly rising. "Wind in the upper reaches of the river along the barrier, the strange stone peaks, deep and unpredictable mountain stream, it is not water-ming and waterfall, howl at the sound of not-identified so far for a mysterious forbidden. And at little cost to under "Blood groove doors," "Square Hole", "Mao Yantan," "After the Qin-dong," "Islands" and "ear folder ditch", "Back to Long "" Waterfall-water tunnel, "and so on a number of 30 landscape. Maoyan He is a rock river gorge scenery of the most dangerous odd. Cliff sides of the strait as much as 500 meters or so deep tan and more beaches, urgent flood wave, the two sides and more than Feibao Artesian Bore Baths Spectacular, and some spilled from a peak in the end, some on a rock waterfall Triassic. Waterfall-water tunnel is the most spectacular waterfall Maoyan He , A ground water from 70 meters height of the big jet out of the cave, Shun Po gap and take the cliff, when they open when combined, may Suiyu all over the mountain, such as the destruction of ice falling from a cliff fall on the collapse, into a cliff edge Linhe Wide tens giant waterfall.
  Maoyan He side of the most unique spring water, especially in the famous hot springs. In Hot Springs Ancient Town, Lishui River downstream of cross-strait ferry. Hot on the right bank of the river and then level, water temperature 50 'about the local mountain people often bathe in the wash and starch; the left bank of the river 20 meters above the hot springs, water temperature 37-39 ~ C, Chung flow of more than 300 tons per hour. By Kam-test, hot spring water is a high-quality mineral water, disease prevention and control. In Hot Springs Export bathroom built for visitors to enjoy the four seasons.

  Xiang Pizhou Maoyan He drifted by, day without Barry, to watch the beautiful canyon scenery, enjoy the waves that Feizhou stop the dangerous drift interest. The upper reaches of the Wind River along the barrier, the strange stone peaks, deep and unpredictable mountain stream, it is not water-ming and waterfall, howl at the sound of not-identified so far A mysterious forbidden. And there is little cost under the "blood groove doors," "Square Hole", "Mao Yantan," "After the Qin-dong," "Islands" and "ear folder ditch", "Long back to the House," "Waterfall-water tunnel" 30 Many parts of the landscape. Rock River Gorge Maoyan He is the singular glory of the most dangerous. Cross-strait cliff as high as 500 meters or so, more than beaches Deep, urgent flood wave, the two sides Artesian Bore Baths Feibao more spectacular, and some spilled from a peak in the end, some on a rock waterfall Triassic. Falls Maoyan He is the son of water tunnel of the most spectacular waterfall, water from a height of 70 meters in the large jet out of the cave, Shun Po gap and take the cliff, when they open when combined, may Suiyu all over the mountain, such as catalytic ice decline From then on a cliff fall collapse, Linhe side of a cliff into a giant waterfall tens wide.

The main attractions are Maoyan He Yantan Mao, Wen Tang Hot Springs, Mayang Gudu, Maoyan He gorge, waterfall-water tunnel, and so on. The two sides of the river green mountains and blue waters, the beautiful, it is also known as "Barry Gallery."

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