Friday, January 16, 2009

Feng Qi Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Feng Qi Shan Tianzishan located to the west, because the shape of the rocks like Crested named after. The line to visit the main attractions there Qu Xing Yin, and Yu Shu Yan, solitary umbrella single column, and so on.

  Tianzishan western nature reserve, covering an area of large, scattered spots. Shan Feng Qi Feng Qi was originally called mountain Banyao Tujia a rebel army leader to the King Construction of the compound, known to the Grand Courtyard, this site only. Hill across from one another peak, tall and straight in a critical situation and is expected to be dozens, to the legendary King in the top post set up to view the enemy, the son, named Hill, also the title of sub-valley. There are other area attractions Qu Xing Yin, the Son of Heaven Well, Charlie Chaplin rock, umbrella and so lonely sister alone. As a result of the mountains with one stone like Crested named after. His dark brown stone, Bamboo trees on its cover, highlighting the top Chienshih, such as the mouth-feng, lush vegetation, such as the Dou Kai Feng Fei-color screen, the God-shaped wonderful, elegant want to fly. Feng Qi-dong, Lin Feng secret show, full of the original Wild. Feng Qi Shan Tianzishan located in the western part of Shanxi, according to the next Jinbian Xi is a direct route to Shuiraosimen.

  Well in the area at the eastern end of the Son of Heaven, a big fist of the fountain, sometimes rapidly became 1 m high, cool spring water and delicious summer, the severe winter the water temperature reached 20 ?, wish to use the bath. Legend has it that this could well water treatment, drinking all the year round can live longer.

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