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Zhangjiajie Tianmen Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianmen Shan Gu Cheng Yunmeng Mountain, also known as Yu-Ping Shan. Zhangjiajie is situated in the urban area 10 kilometers south. In 263 AD, as a result of Shanbi top of the mountain collapsed due to open a hole, the same north-south. Sun king when the three countries that lucky break, Ciming "Tianmen Shan."

  Day openings, at an altitude of no more than 1260 meters Above the door 131.5 meters high, 37 meters wide. According to geological research expert, openings of the Central Department of the East-West syncline rock Interchange, as a result of pressure caused by broken rock collapse in the final 263 in the formation of openings. Tianmen Shan 1517.9 meters above sea level, due to the foot of the mountain and the relative height difference in the urban areas amounted to more than 1300 meters, so Wei significant tall and straight, the skyline of the United States, as evidenced by the typical mountain.

  Tianmen Shan's peculiar landscape, known as the wonders of the world is the day openings. High-day openings 131.5 meters, 37 meters wide, deep (thick) over 30 meters, 99 in the world aerobatics competition will be held here. Openings in the top one-day Days of transport by water, above water pond. Dong Ding-day door, and no water pond, a water saw a long stream can not, after visitors from the hole, looking up Dong Ding, we can only see out of the water from the eye, such as the beginning of the column, row rotation, scattered flowery, like Plum Blossom , The civil known as the "Plum Blossom Water," and said: "The 48 who received a plum blossom drop of water can rise A fortune in the first place. "So people here are opening to pick up this auspicious symbol of the" plum blossom water. "Tianshui this, the more case of Tian Han, the water is greater, and red. Into the black water, the community There must be earth-shaking event occurred. Such as the 1949 and 1976 after the Cultural Revolution, many of the city There are now 000 names of people still alive in two years, they saw the openings days into the black water.


  Tianmen Shan on sightseeing, can not go a top view of Tianmen Shan. Tianmen Shan Gu Cheng-top "in excellent shape and Yunmeng" Tianmen Shan is the high ground. Standing on the top, down Broad perspective, look around, the morning sunrise view of Hongshan, the melt gold evening sunset view, the size of the spots, panoramic view.


  "Yunmeng in excellent shape", all year round climate change, its natural landscape is also quite different: in the spring, germinating grass and trees, brilliant Yamahana; summer, the mountain is covered with all green, sea of clouds over the waves Autumn leaves red cream, clear sky; winter, the snow covered roof, Shan Yin Yi dance, like one in the north scenery. At present, the Tianmen Shan scenic spot on the development of tourism is also being carried out, and this year is expected to receive visitors.

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