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Puguang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangjiajie in addition to the magnificent scenery, there is a very worthwhile to visit the human landscape, which is very characteristic of the Puguang Temple, which is located in the urban area in Zhangjiajie, the Ming Yongle Temple 11 (Year 1413), The Imperial Palace in Beijing (Tiananmen) as early as 2007, The Mirage as early as three years Wudang in Hubei, Sichuan Meishan Sianfong Temple and the Temple is reported as early as more than a hundred years to build.

  Temple is a Buddhist Po Kwong 5 of the Rinzai cases, the original jurisdiction of the Buddhist temples throughout Block 80, more than 200 monks, up more than 50 resident monks. In 1919-1943, six have been held here in the General Assembly Longhua, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, A few provinces where nearly 1,000 followers in the top of Mount monks, the temple's reputation has Jiangnan. Legend has it that more than 500 years ago, with the lush forest, towering old trees, small to Hill by the name of Aries. As early as the Song Dynasty, Taoism will be built in this high-Zhenguan, but a very small scale, not amount to anything. By the Ming Dynasty Yongle years of a day, so that the command in Yongding Wei Jane in this hillside to see a group of Aries, it will catch up with the horse, you Aries penetrate Turkish Unexpectedly, he comes as a surprise, then ordered excavation has uncovered a pile of silver shining white. He put the matter at the time of Zou Ming emperor Yongle, Emperor Tai Yue, Chi Ming Jian Si materials, and Ci Ming Po Kwong Temple. This is why Temple The horizontal inscribed board above the door read, "Aries ancient temples," Later, some people like to take this treasure Feng Shui, one after another in the beam with built-song College, Temple and the Confucian Temple, and other ancient buildings, collectively known as the ancient temples Aries. The entire building using the traditional brackets and the caisson structure, sophisticated design, the magnificent, by the Mountain Gate, Mountain Gate II, the visual , Main Hall, the Hall of Ocean, Kwun Yam Temple, the Yu Huangge high Zhenguan, Wu Temple, St. Paul, and other components of a large group of ancient buildings, with Song, Yuan, Ming and the Qing Dynasty architectural style and characteristics. At the same time, financial Buddhism, Taoism culture, and Confucian culture in one of China's ancient people of extraordinary wisdom, in the building Religious studies have a higher value.

  Mountain Gate at the top of four big Chinese characters hot, "Po Kwong Temple", is said to be Yubi of Emperor Qianlong, around the top of the doors on both sides of the ears were a problem, "Wan Pu care" and "feel the bright road," according to the Buddhist understanding of Buddhism is boundless, asylum All living creatures; caring, Purdue Health; consciousness once the future will be bright. There are at the top of the door to the main hall of Mr. Zhao Puchu wrote "Main Hall" He giant inscription, carved on Dianqianyanzhu two golden dragon, dominated, lifelike. In the main hall doors of many characters engraved on the story, learn from, such as Tang, east Jianzhen, Junji become emperor, Li Ai Tianmen Shan Buddhist practice to the field, and banana and Huai write from the Sakyamuni Buddha was born into the whole process of relief, the other is the temple can not be compared. Main Hall houses the memorial tablets of the Buddha III, in the Main Hall there are two things terrazzo walls of the monument, ground fine, smooth as a mirror and moon every time when the air, stone moonlight reflection imaging, A Hall of Silverlit, it is "on the Lantern", said. Guiqi because of the design, often breeze brush, clean all year round hall on the ground harder, "the wind sweeping," which got its name. "On the Lantern" and "the wind sweeping" Po Kwong Temple is one of the wonders of the fascinating, and it reflects the ancient craftsmen of the optical, in-depth architecture Wu and scientific applications. Rohan Palace has its unique construction, the most prominent feature is "song column is not inclined bending beam house." Hall of the column, beams, and other 43 members of the main materials used distortion. By wooden brackets riveting convergence, not a nail, and a very solid, seamless, as is the construction of a major spectacle. Han Palace is the top of the "round the sound floor", used to be kept by the book. Caisson and the Ocean Floor, in the same hall, his followers in the hall Shaozhi of incense smoke rising wave, being released into the atmosphere upstairs, with a view to preventing moisture and moth-eaten gas. Protection of the book is really fantastic. Round sound is F for the Hall of Ocean north of the protruding Baoxia a pure wooden structure, Fine shape, the structure of the complex, with the Hall of Ocean constitute a two-Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, a face up, while there is a three-tilted cornices. Tile upper surface of the water to the convergence of two-Shan Jian, in an open design of the junction leading wood, beads hanging Longkou home. Note row of rain, the beads hanging around the shells of natural move, as real water dragon, not only regulation Water flow, a certain cushion, to avoid being washed Shan Jian, its practical value and appreciate the value of both, I can not. "Zhi construction in Hunan Province," had distorted the material here, brackets, beams and columns, hump, technology, and other achievements as an example of ancient architecture are introduced; well-known ancient buildings of Jurists, said Professor Chen Congzhou Puguang Temple is the best of ancient Chinese architecture.

  Buddhist and Taoist temple is adjacent sites. Taoism is China's ethnic Han inherent in religion, respecting the pre-Qin Taoism founder of the Learjet for the school to teach their ancestors, "Dao De Jing" as the major classics, there are major construction and high-Yu Huangge Zhenguan. North Korea late Ming Yu Huangge Chia-ching for 18 years (1813 AD) rehabilitation. Xie Shanding three-Zhong Yan, 14.6 meters high. Sacred Mountains of China is dedicated to lower the moral and founder of God, the Jade Emperor and the upper Jintongyunv. Zhenguan high Puguang is the construction of the first Temple, built in the Late Song Yuan, which is characterized by Dan Yan Xie Shanding, all with great care brackets , Fang Xiadian large angle carved on the back hall there are two sides symbol of the Turkish operation of the entire bolt; bring up the rear with two Zhu Chu Yan Zhu between the pads for a 3 cm thick piece of the pie wood, which can be distributed upward Moisture, reducing the damp wood piles direct factor, followed by the Tang and Song of the characteristics of the building, there is a high scientific value. High Zhenguan Is a. Road, who do not have to become only the sacred every day, on the concept of a week, the highest worship Taoist worship of God - God the three-ching, on weekdays, Buddhist disciples would be "one of God as" King al incense, with the passage of time, Buddhist monks into Xiangyan Xi, incense is strong, to live in peace with Buddhist harmony, has become a major Color. Here are two of St. Paul, were Jiaqing Daoguangnianjian construction. St. Paul's words, "Zhu Maichen negative salary study", "Limi horns hang", "cutting Kuangheng wall to steal light" and "car Yin Ying Fen time capsule" of China's ancient story of a saint to study hard, and the first year of Xuantong Wen Changci the repair, the construction of Taoism skillfully Gap for the door of St. Paul, St. Paul, after filling Buddhism Taoism into place before the wall.

  There Puguang Si in a temple-wu, 23 light Dynasty (1814 AD), also known as Guan Temple, which mainly Qindian, in the main hall, Qian Dian, the permitted, constitute the front door. Sit in the main hall, known as the "Saint-wu" Kuan Kung, standing on both sides of the clearance is in a calm Zhou Cang, a mighty silence. Around the bank up a fire wall to form a courtyard pattern. Before a stage door, the former main hall on both sides of the courtyard is the Clock Tower and Drum Tower, according to the octagonal design of a sharp save, cleverly attached to the wall angle. At first glance like a complete floor, in fact, only half of the design style break in, see the whole, the actual Together, very clever. Dian Wai Ping air in the past martial arts, theater, the worship places.

  Puguang Si formed a whole set of Temple View, Temple, Square, and the Court as one pattern, which is rare in China. It was after the impromptu visit Puguang Si wrote a couplet: "Temple View, House, Temple, Square One, Confucianism, Buddhism That, combined arms. "Ten words Puguang Si is the best sum up the characteristics of personality.

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