Friday, January 16, 2009

Shuiraosimen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulingyuan is located in the center of Zhangjiajie Forest Park is the east gate of the scenic West Suoxi Yu door. Jin Bianxi, Sok River, Yuanyang Xi, Shan Xi four streams in this valley less than 200 square meters of coiled convergence in the basin.

  Four Qi Xiu Zhou Fengyan, gurgling streams, Shigeki bamboo fan, Huaxiangniaoyu, Qi Shek Pik between a luxuriant oasis of fragrant grass, cutting out several mountain Dongnanxibei Mountain Gate 4, Shuiraosimen said. One place, but see "water in mountain streams, one middle reaches of Things Past", said the world must be King. Long live here the card-General, Bijiashan King, and so on, have excellent taste to watch.

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