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Jiutian Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinan Li Sangzhi county seat is located in the town of Fortaleza village water tunnel from the city of Zhangjiajie City 87 km. Highway has since entrance directly to the county seat, the total length of 15.4 km. There are holes helicopter market. This large natural cave as a result of melting the top 9 named after a natural skylight. June 1987 found that the following year on May 1 opening tour. Was included Provincial-level scenic spots, and join the international association of cave. By domestic and France, Belgium and other countries of the 15 cave experts inspected several times, inside the cave, there are fossils of trees and other rare karst cave material is not only an important landscape as well as very high research value. Proven area of 250 hectares of inside, as the "Asian A big hole. "

  As a result of Jiutian Dong Dong Ding and nine skylights on the ground and the same name. 1987 Shan Wang Warriors natural cave explorers found that in 1988 formally open to visitors, is listed as provincial scenic spots, the same year, the international inspections, demonstrations and cave experts, that large-scale Jiutian Dong Unique landscape, there are a number of groups did not cave development, to carry out exploration for inspection, which is formally accepted by the Jiutian Dong cave as a member of the international unit, at the same time determined by the international Jiutian Dong cave explorers base Jiutian Dong from cave to enter the international world, the price has doubled. After inspection, was found inside the cave, there are old trees and fossils Rare karst cave of the material is not only a rare natural scenery and high research value. Has been proven for the current tour of an area of 250 hectares. All the year round temperature of 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Inside there are 5 spiral viewing platform, more than 30 Hall, there are 3 large gap between Yin River, 12 Cloth, and self-bridge, a thousand Qiutian, such as landscape, different form of stalactites, thousands.

  And out of a hole, with a spacious high-wide, year round temperature of 20-22 degrees, dry -80% 65% humidity. Sub-upper, middle and lower three-tier, lower than 400 meters away from the hole. Karst scenic spots compact convergence There are 5 spiral viewing platform, Hall 40, 3 of the disparity between Yin River Falls 12, 5 self-Bridge, 6, "Qiu Tian thousand", 3 natural lakes season, 3 of the perennial water "Well Sally," 10 hole hills. Hole total length of 3 kilometers. Color wall plaques make a false charge, white, silver gray, Zi Lan, yellow orange Such as alternating red, sparkling, colorful. Stalactite cave in groups, columns, stalagmites, Shiman, Shi Hua, and so are thousands, Linlang King show. Large columns were about 10 meters in diameter and 20 meters high; only a few centimeters in diameter are small, up to more than 30 meters. Knock into some music, some animals like birds like, such as Sin , Both God-shaped. "Who cut inside her air of Castle Peak, under the provisional Yousui on vault. No hanging straight into the deep bottomless, the former Bing Zhu of the road suddenly pass." Has now opened nearly 100 sites, of which nine mountain, Jade Palace, Crystal Palace, Xuannv Palace, Palace Shouxing For the landscape inside the top five.

  Specifically, in the history of Chinese and foreign, who described a very Greatly, and a wide range of things very well, almost all of the "nine" to describe the. For example, the high days, it said "nine days", "Jiuxiao" and "Nine Days"; to a large, it said, "Jiuzhou" and "Nine boundary," and so on. Mao Zedong's words, "Die Lianhua Li-A": "I am proud missing missing Liu Yang Jun, Yang Yang Liu Biao straight up Xiao nine. "This said," Xiao re-nine, "referring to is" nine days "and" Nine days. "Qu Yuan wrote," Chu Ci ", with" Xiang Furen Nine Songs "and" Yuan Ying nine chapters. "Beijing Temple of Heaven park, there is a Heaven for the emperor used in buildings, Minghuan "hill" from the railing to the stones are "nine On behalf of the day. For example, the block of stone are "nine" for the base. If 9, 18, 27, ... 36 ... hearts of its garden pavilion with 9 first stone city, and then on the outside are "nine" to a multiple of the block. Outside the first tier 36 (nine four times), then that is 45, 14, has been?????block to block, which represents the highest, that is, Kokonoe days.

  In addition to the Heaven and Earth "nine" to describe, there are many, large and difficult things is "nine" to describe the. King Juan as "Jiuding", the Buddhist-based "Yu nine" major disaster encountered in life "Jiusiyisheng", after death, also known as "heaven."
"Nine" on behalf of the day, not only have the Chinese, there are foreign. Such as Dante wrote "The Divine Comedy", it "9 days", "fireball days", "moon days" until the top layer of "Crystal-day" so far.


  Because Special day-dong, Asia can be the first big hole, because there are "nine" represents the highest great, very much so, it was originally called the "Temple of Heaven," the wind tunnel was renamed the "Jiu Tiandong." This is the reason for the name Jiutian Dong.

  As far as I know, there are Jiutian Dong, Qi, the United States, the four major characteristics of quiet, can be No.

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