Friday, January 16, 2009

Sangzhi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sangzhi spots along the many picturesque. Sangzhi to stand for, can visit many beautiful scenic spots nearby. From the Sangzhi county Jiutian Dong travel, to participate in the "three-day tour" - Lishui River rafting, river town Pleioblastus visit to Cuba and Jiutian Dong Tan Qi. First of all, Sangzhi county in the 1 km west of the ferry Chi Xi, the Lishui River drift Small Three Gorges, "Changtan 5 through 18 dangerous shoals, along the way dinosaurs are related, Alondra rock, the trunk holes, Wuli screen, scenic spots, such as water tunnel ring.

Piaoxing 9 km from the ancient town of Pleioblastus River shore. Qingshi Ban mosaic of the Three Mile Zhang Jie, the ancient temples of the stage, Tujia Linhe Diaojiao Lou's stand, chiropractors Alice cornices of the house ... The quiet simplicity of the ancient town charm, at a glance.

Pleioblastus River town to swim from the town by car, 15 minutes to arrive Jiutian Dong.

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