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Baofeng Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baofeng Hu is a natural co-creative arts scene can be. In the 1970s, local villagers dam for power generation, unwittingly created a scenic lake, the lake back according to Po-san, it got its name. By Baofeng Hu Ying Park and Waterloo Village component of the two blocks. One Baofeng Hu, Fei Bao Baofeng, Zhai eagle nest, Yi Xiantian Wulingyuan known as the "four no."
  Wulingyuan is located in the area south of 1.5 kilometers, is the Wulingyuan scenic spots in the products. It is a rare Gaoxiapinghu, surrounded by Castle Peak, Yihong of the clean water, beautiful scenery and landscapes is a masterpiece. Dangzhou here, but also to see the lake on the island, "Yu Ping flowering" "Ten women dressing" and "Herbie water," "frog Naochun" Kai King. Baofeng Hu is a river from the dam lake, 72 meters deep and 2.5 meters kilometers long, with its beautiful color and Huguang You Dongtian taste of the wild into the Wulingyuan scenic water features to make on behalf of. Pinnacle Lake in two small , Standing near-shore Qi, Feng turn backwater.
  Boating roaming, only a reflection of lake-green water lake, full of poetic. "Lofty ladder on the roof of a Gaoxiapinghu Kam Kai, the Queen Mother of the Jade Pool Jin Fu, Wun Sha Xia Fan fairy" Baofeng Hu Yu, you will enjoy this kind of poetic. Embrace the peaks of Baofeng , About 2., 5 km, it is an artificial construction of the multi-purpose dam, to retain water, farmland irrigation, fish farming, power generation, Tour. It "From a distance, high-gorge, nearly invisible dam, 70 meters on the ladder, living in Pinghu boatman." As if a Hokyo Lake, surrounded by Castle Peak,

Yihong of the clean water, paddle down Travel, particularly happy. Sitting on board, look around, Tsui Qianshan large, overlooking the water, the reflection of slow moving water a studio green peaks, the Department of Water Renmiantaohua. It has been very quiet, beautiful! Roaming in the lake, the lake also can see some of the Kai King heart of the island, such as "flowers Yu Ping", "ten women dressing" and "Goldfish Water, "" Green Naochun her, "and so on, but also has its own unique features. Walled eagle nest for a King Baofeng Park, Jin Park West, after climbing to the hundreds of stone-class, Shi Feng, head of the line, such as cracks, there is the ancient city gate at the entrance to notch , The Department has to do Baofeng temple, incense strong. Yashang straight stone on top, according to legend bandit chieftain of the old society, such as entrenched Ying Shan Xiaozhaizigou. Yixian Tian Baofeng Park is a great way King. Canyon more than 200 meters long, 100 meters high, with an average width of less than two meters in a stream, river rock and circled class, very quiet, Austria infinite song.
  The line also visit a number of scenic spots, famous eagle nest is located in Chai Baofeng Hu West One on top of cliffs. The early years is well-known bandit stockade, the TV series "Hill Chaofei own mind" on this film.

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