Friday, January 16, 2009

Tianzishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianzishan has always been a "peak forest king" reputation, as a result of the history of the Tujia have a leader to Wang (Tai-kun) claiming to be named after the emperor. Tianzishan clouds for praise by Chinese and foreign tourists. Yu Guo clear at the beginning of the Tianzishan very spectacular cloud, cloud formation surging waterfall, Tao, Lang, Xu variety of forms, the vast continuous, strong waves .

"Son of Heaven who know a side of the world Basics of Global Hill." Son of Heaven, Shandong, west and south side, Shi Feng Lin, China gully. The majestic stone forest, or if the tattoo to save Daoqiangjianji days, or if the tread came off a mighty force, such as the Penglai fairyland Piaomiao or vague.

Shan Sub beauty, spring, summer, autumn and winter season of the West, morning, twilight, afternoon, 16:00 different. Rays of Tianzishan, Jin Bi like a brilliant, brilliant colors of the painting; moonlight, Cuoluoyouzhi Mimeng the peaks constitute an ink landscape. Yamahana brilliant spring, according to Chui Hung cuddle; snow winter snow and ice, snow Wrap. At first sunny morning rains or wrong transfer, Yunyan Tianzishan wind around, or overwhelming, or graceful wave, such as static over gauze, then move Chung Yun-day snow.

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