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C-an ancient town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the era of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, here is the rest of the business from top to bottom, so C-an inn market, restaurants, tea houses can be found everywhere, most of the residents of the town as a business.
  C anzhen Chishui City area 12 km away from the C-an ancient town, is obsolete, because of a waterway so far only available at the foot of the castle, a few things Turbulence, the whole market has maintained since the Ming and Qing Dynasties Chishui valley of the ancient castle original appearance.

On C is a typical southern Sichuan Guizhou at the junction of the ancient market town on three sides on the verge of rolling out of the Chishui River East. Flood land from more than 10 meters high, two well-preserved Shihmen the field I keep things. Two Zhaimen , Each with a large ancient vigorous Huangjue Shu, took out a groove along the cliff, the fault has landed a number of scattered Diaojiao Lou. These old floor of the old multi-shade in green banana trees and Lin, the construction of stone steps along the cliff into the side of flood land. There is only one ancient town of narrow stone street, about 400 meters, the ancient times Direct is a commodity trading around the village several important municipal market.

The foot of the stone with moss Street, saw no Western painting wooden walls, sunlight from the water on both sides of the Tile House canopy spread between them, such as yellow sheets of old photos, old house here, the old tile , Cornices of the old wall, both through The vicissitudes of history.
The old stone along the road, you will come in the past, reached the remote Qing Ming.
C is from an era gone through the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Legend has it that C was an "Bing Beach", the latter is often a result of a fire, people think that may be related to "Bing" from the "fire" Therefore, to "fire" as the "water", since few really fire. Chinese norms after the words "C." "Beach" What is so named because of flood land, or as a result of market and the City "beach" Wucongkaozheng. Building people's communes in 1962, changed the "C-an." It is said that in mind for the management of the Chishui River, so that large and small risk Bad water into safe water in favor of the achievements of the.
Security for the C has always been into the southern Sichuan Guizhou's Road is a significant market in the town. From the Ming and Qing Dynasties era has been up and down for the rest of the business, and therefore C field an inn, hotel, the tea house can be found everywhere, most of the residents of the town as a business. Foreign merchants also have been in the open market Hunan, Hubei were still in the construction of this Yu Palace, that is, Hubei and Hunan Hall. Since the Chishui River?????large-scale management, C has become an salt from the ship, merchants overnight parking place, the city market more prosperous. Historical records, in January 1936 when the Red Army Siduchishui, a Red Army Corps division and second division in the Department of C-an Business.

Circulation time, the Chishui River to wash away the old C Zhen Qian Hua, the prosperity of the past are becoming dull and quiet, only days Ganchang, near the village of a few people to the scene-City, only a bit noisy on weekdays, the mountain On the potential of the ancient town of calm and peaceful.
City field is very narrow in the Street Mode of the stone has been smooth and delicate, but with two-way transfer of the Director of teeth are mottled moss attached. The old houses along the street, tongue shade Shen Zhao's watchdog body and lengthen the sun Dahua Mao in the streets "immediately Hengdao", was only accommodate two people side by side of the street, appears to be more crowded.
Old Store sales for the start of straw sandals, wild bamboo handicrafts, open the door of the central room the morning, sitting for the elderly table playing old card, this card may be too old an age, very few young people to participate in, precisely for this reason, that play cards The style in the end than we have in common on the streets of the city more history mahjong less tacky.
Station Old House at the entrance of young people has been talk of the town of old age unclear, and know only room is the father of his grandfather stayed. Weijia shop as early as when she had only occasional visits to the old Xungu foreign visitors surprised the gaze of the town to remind people here are really too old.
In taking this ancient town, most will be Time and space brought about by the kinds of casting haze of confusion and generously, lifeless things, because there had been signs of life and want to be very saddened.
Datong in the left bank of the Chishui River, 18 km away from the C-an, only 6 km away from the Chishui City, is a land of prosperity in the past and the decline of the pier. Is a very unique In the town. 70 years ago, this place is the culmination of prosperity. The hillside town, along with Redstone wharves are piled scale. Good times often parked at the terminal loaded with goods merchant. These boats brought from the lower reaches of fabric, yarn, as well as Sichuan and Guizhou to spend the required two-Yang Guang groceries, Sichuan-Guizhou border by Han Lu from a variety of Products, raw herbs in the delivery of this transfer. Timber bamboo raft floating down River, the river is half of the bamboo. From the size of the terminal will be able to see at that time the prosperity of the town of Datong, a small town gradually became the salt traders, the added supply vessel, docked points of sail repair. For this reason, from time to time, Datong is the most famous smithy, the old On the use of nails, iron shoot like a small iron has become a major industrial harmony. The most prosperous, settled for less than 300 people of the town, has opened a shop follow at home sixties and seventies, every family business. Elders say, listen to the people Shangbei, Datong little quiet, all day long Dingdingdangdang follow the sound of La bellows accompanied by the whirr ship to ship to call the Hershey Road, though, came out on the excitement.
Now everything into the past, Xiu-Han Lu, the diversion of goods, left over from the stone pier extremely messy, it has long been seen parked merchant, only mothers with young children in the sunset of the river covered with water, not only The spacious terminal so lonely.
With the smithy also merchant ships away from decay. Today there is still a road close to the wind and Latin America who do not have been me, follow the man with red arm Huihanruyu, the fight is no longer on board with only a small iron, only the voice of the Dingdingdangdang also left vaguely elders Say that the excitement has been able to flip the prosperity of the ancient town has gone.
The town's old wooden walls, still the most popular in the mid-60's popular political slogan, written in red paint brush standard across the song with the words of well-preserved ancestral halls on the door of the stone face-to-face looked fine, these are small The town calendar Story. There are also stories on Shaogong and the Chuanniang. Get Sunrise twilight boat to return and usher in Chuanniang sent to the organizations on a piece of red silk system is also custom table sincerity, no wonder the top of the pier halfway up the mountain there is an inter-old Huang Jueshu only rooted in the hillside, as a whole Trunk full recline in the air, the Tanchushenzai down The Chishui River. The story said that this old line from the long out today to see it. This may strain the old town of yesterday's romantic and sentimental nostalgia now blend together.
Dusk is the time, the climate becoming cooler, the old stone street before Zhuchuang placed a plate, not a year old children Mothers play in the bamboo bed, a young father and neighbors sitting in the morning while chatting leisurely while watching this light clothing Baoshan's mother, enough to make people stop and look back at the scene, also by the town for a little Yongjuan And San Man. This children's climbing Zhuchuang has become completely brown, and perhaps climb over the top of his father, grandfather, Grandfather ... ... children's skin fresh, tender limbs of this old bed, the old rooms, old walls, old tables and chairs of the old map was alive.
Whether the old market town or city, have experienced a prosperous, Yunjuanyunshu, flowers bloom seems to be very far away from the town. Sitting and watching the threshold of white washed And the old man in the street urchin tease the same calm, the original historic look to attract people to pursue and experience, has long experience of the passing away of life and customs. Brick, arches, stone street in different dynasties in different interpretation of the story. Today, the city's boutiques, home appliance stores are open on the town Not many, but also convey a real breath, the ancient town of girls in high heels also Tingting Taguo Qingshi wave height. In reading in Chishui Falls, Danxia, Cyatheaceae, Zhuhai, and then visit the ancient town of Old Streets, in any case you are allowed to deliver the magic of the good fortune of nature and history of heavy distant.

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Yelang city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yelang is now located in the city of Yelang dam, dam Yelang around the mountain is a small basin, basin, the western slopes of Taiwan on the ground there is a side street, home to more than 100 households, said dam Yelang field. Yelang the city's rich cultural, and the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai had been exiled here, left a large number of poems. For the people Commemorating the He also built and dressed in his tomb. Yelang field around the dam now many of the monuments, such as "Taebaek home," "Taibai College", "Stephen Taibai" and so on, are resulting.

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Wujiangdu area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first is the Wujiang River in Guizhou, Weining Caohai originated from west to east trans-after into the Yangtze River in northeastern Guizhou. The lower reaches of the Wujiang River and some tributaries of the geomorphological structure for the dissolution of the canyon area, Wujiang Kwan, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Eagle worry about, such as steep canyon gorge, the two sides Bifeng Song Zhi, a large number of unique mountain, the peak cluster, rocks, piercing, fly Waterfall, Wujiang River gorge along the coast into seven King 60.

  Flooding along the Wujiang River and the boat trip, civil Diaojiao Lou, the ancient town of the Millennium, Qingshi Street, Gu Xiang, historical and cultural relics can be seen everywhere, the poetic charm of the mountains anywhere to be found. Qi Town national history and culture village, sits at the southern end of the river 15 km east of the Wujiang River .

  Wujiangdu located in Zunyi County, history, "Qian Shu-strategic position," vital importance for the military. 28 million next year (1600 AD), Ming Yang Jun crusade, Sowing Dragon should have been in this defeat. In 1935, the long march to the??????Zunyi, in which people hit Central Army.

  I only Wujiangdu early-Zhou Ji, since the beginning of the Ming and Qing Dynasties pontoon, built after the liberation of large-scale highway bridge and railway bridge and the construction of China's first limestone landforms of the Wujiang Hydropower Station.

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Chishui Danxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danxia landform of China's red rocks in the South and development of a special landforms. After the crust is a long upward movement, changes in the rock joints, rain erosion of the river gradually formed. Chishui City of Guizhou Province in the territory of the Jurassic and Cretaceous strata exposed, there are more than 1000 square kilometers of the Danxia landform in the world, said. Danxia landform of Chishui, with its beautiful red Danxia Red Cliff, from where they stand Gufeng the narrow ridge, and deportment thousands of stone varies in Ky Son, a huge gallery of rock caves and beautiful Red Canyon and Green Forest, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths Xiangyingchengqu to form a high tourism value, so that visitors dumping. Chishui in the most independent Most visitors to the famed landscape Danxia gold Shagou Red Cliff China, Hong Kong Lingzhi Lake million years, four-channel ferry Xian Qiao, an Tianshengqiao C, red rock cliffs Tiantai Mountain, Jason Hill wonders, the wonders of stone to rehabilitation, long-socketed Danxia ditch Canyon, the tenth hole Danxia Yan Xue, the Shagou Gan groove rock canyons and caves, and so on more than Glass Department. Once the storm is over, the golden sunlight Dan rock, red rock backed a particularly beautiful, red rock formation, the green trees, silver waterfall, beautiful clear spring Xiangyingchengqu winds during the People's Bank of China, are spirits, relaxed and happy. Danxia landform of China's well-known experts, Sun Yat-sen University in Guangdong Head of the Department of Geography Professor Huang Jin made a special trip to After the Chishui study conclude that: "Danxia Chishui area, the development of a typical mature, the spectacular beauty of the extent of the first course.

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Zunyi Meeting site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zunyi Meeting site of the Old City is located in Zunyi-Yin on the road, buildings are brick, two-story building of Chinese and Western, was built in the 1930s at the beginning of the twentieth century. Mao Zedong's hand-written "site of the Zunyi Meeting," the six characters, hanging on the door to the middle of the site. Site of the Yuan door is a paved courtyard Qingshi and the courtyard North Is the site of the Zunyi Meeting of the main building. In January 1935, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and the Long March on the way, here the Zunyi Meeting was held, Mao Zedong established the leading position to complete victory in the long march, to open a new situation of China's revolution, in which the party's history as a turning point in the life and death. As a result, it has Often of great historical significance. Admission: 20 yuan

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Four-channel spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Four-channel group falls, Chishui is a state-level key scenic spots an important part. Chishui City, Guizhou Province is located in the town of Datong in the territory. Chishui City, 17 kilometers away from, 5 km from the town of Datong, in the scenic 4 km of the river, the distribution of both the spirit has 4 different waterfalls on both sides of the valley nearly 20 streams Artesian Bore Baths, Chu Chin Fei , Penny million over the river valley, peak-Jun stones, plants, a waterfall deportment thousands of communities.

  Four-channel formerly known as Min River, as a result of four falls in the river, the waterfall after which point there, said Tong, after four holes, commonly known as trench. In the area four holes for a ditch about four kilometers of the river, according to a distance roughly equal rank with four Water falls down as the main body, different posture; on both sides of the valley nearly 20 streams Artesian Bore Baths, Zhu Fei Yu-Chin; bamboo million over the river valley, rock-Jun-feng; a million deportment of the community falls.

Four holes have a ditch at the national level to protect rare plants Cyatheaceae, Camellia small, aquatic natural bonsai plants, Bibo million The Bamboo, stone-top magic mountain, cross Xianqiao Danxia wonders, and so on and so on, fascinating, away, as the "million Bamboo Garden", "Xiaojiabiyu", "no area of failure."

  Four holes on both sides of the ditch steep mountains, verdant and luxuriant trees, gurgling streams Goudi, rocks or rocks can be seen. On both sides of the stream Hill traveled path, the twists and turns in between Lam Xiuzhu. Trench near and far have ranged from 4 falls. The largest gap of 60 meters at its widest for 42 meters, respectively known as the Shuilian Dong Falls, Moon Lake Falls, flying white frog rock falls and falls Longtan. Although both falls, because of topography, vegetation around, under the waterfall and different-shaped dam A feature. More amazing is that everyone falls after a cave, formed around "Shuilian Dong", "four-ditch" has also got its name. There are well-preserved area, exquisite carving of Zheng Shihfang and "tea-lun paper Square" human landscape, as well as the magical stone of the mountain, such as cross Xianqiao Danxia wonders.

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Shi Zhang Chishui hole cataractes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Zhang Chishui waterfall hole group at 38 kilometers southeast of Chishui county, for state-level scenic spots. Beautiful scenery here, Guizhou is another major scenic waterfall. Scenic waterfall in a group, Zhuhai, Danxia landform, and other natural landscape as the main body, known as the "waterfall of thousands of the city", "Danxia tops", renowned Chinese and foreign. Here there are large areas to preserve the green belt and regular tiger, leopard, Franch, bears, monkeys, Su Ling Doo and other rare animals; can be seen everywhere in the forest have a "living fossil" of the rare plants Cyatheaceae tree. 3.5 km in the river downstream of the river, the gap of up to 192 m, forming the magnificent waterfall hole Shizhang Falls in the hole, in particular the waterfall hole Shi Zhang, 60 meters wide, 70 meters high, Fei Liu, fell into a semi-circular Bitan.

Here come and go in the river valley in the mountains and forests, large cross-strait peaks, Linmusensen, there are large areas to preserve green leaves with regular and tiger, leopard, Franch, bears, monkeys, Du Ling and other rare animals; a "living fossil" of the rare plants Cyatheaceae tree in the forest can be seen everywhere. 3.5 km downstream the river sections, the gap of up to 192 meters to form a magnificent waterfall hole Shi Zhang and falls in the hole. Shi Zhang falls in particular hole, 60 meters wide, 70 meters high, Fei Liu, However, loud noise, falling into the hands of a semi-circular Bitan.

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Dongshan pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Higashiyama is the city of Tongren top. Vigorous dense forest in the mountains, covering Mountain. There are old Dongshan Daguan Lou, Feng Pavilion and many other attractions. Standing on a hill, the Peak can be high-Han, Jiang Liu considerable down, worth around people.

Dongshan old pavilion as the "Twelve Copper River King" crown. Now resumed production Main sanctuary, "and" Lei Zu "," Zhenwu concept "," Kawakami Pavilion ", and so the old building. In 1990, the first country to build Dongshan," Nuo Culture Museum ", the value of the 50th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, and in the construction of the Tung-shan A unique style of "anti-Japanese Memorial Monument."

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Two Spring Jiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Large and small both in the south of Jiang Liu Department, there are more than Gaan peach, plum. Every spring, and Xu Feng Fu, the side surface, Liulv flowers, Full, looks like a beautiful picture, Spring in the world. Tongren spring scenery of the two was the best of the Spring River.

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In the Xi Ling-chiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tongren City in the western suburbs, rolling hillsides, heavy vegetation in the mountains, the city required firewood people have cut down here. Every evening, the sun sets, the lumberjack who returned from wood, singing folk songs all the way, consistent, cheerful earned, What can be more enchanting it?

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Former residence of Zhou Yiqun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Yiqun martyrs in the former residence of the common urban Tongren Road 12, the former residence of major street names.

Zhou Yiqun House seat south, was Tetraena compound, with a total area of 1162 square meters. Daoguangnianjian Qing, Zhou Yiqun grandfather built after the two floor. Left the floor under the three martyrs in the House of birth and marriage Right and left floor structure is basically the same floor. In 1918, pro-martyrs are building a house 3, covers an area of 109 square meters, is now a showroom life of the martyrs. There are stone front of the house pave the ground Yuan Ba, Bi You either side of the garden. Flavor of the whole House, Cuolayouzhi. In the period of KMT's former home has been the subject of "the middle class against the" charge , After efforts by his family, has been retained to complete.

Zhou Yiqun former residence of the martyrs in 1984 to repair display at the National Day opening to the outside world, Xu Xiangqian, Liao Hansheng, respectively, wrote the former residence of the door to the showroom and horizontal inscribed board, the General Xiao Ke wrote: "Zhou Yiqun carry forward the spirit of the martyrs, the Vatican open net The new face of the old "aisle display at the former residence of the door. 11,997 in October, the former residence of the martyrs was named provincial-level patriotism education bases.

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Nanyue Feiquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanyue Feiquan Tongren distance north of the city, a few doors away, in the small southern bank of the River, there are two peaks exist side by side together, the mountain stream from the fall in the middle, Feiliuqianchi, Wang Yulong just go down from the sky like.

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Fish Liang Ye Yue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jin Jiang was at the lower reaches of a block Nanshan, just can not find the place to go away, where there was a beach called Yu Liang Beach. The fish were built on the beach in the fishing Yu Liang, scattered on the evening of Yuhuo add radiance to each other and the white moonlight, when its most elegant silence. Gan Liang beach is at the top of the writing, such as the rise amid Taiyi. The Red Cliff praise "On a high mountain on the small, Jiang Liu sound" as if the case here.

In 1973 completed six holes of the upper reaches of the dam water level, Jiang Yu Liang today face a wide, water flow relief, towering old trees around the Crystal Pavilion quietly to the East, the beauty of the scenery along a handful of copper.

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Wujiang River Three Gorges - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Steiner and rivers, the twists and turns over 2000 in the Wujiang River, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River's largest tributaries of the Nan Yan, it's more than one-tenth of the river in the county. Wujiang has a long history here of the development of a unique set of mountains, water, holes in one of the natural landscape group.

Wujiang rolling, along the river in the territory of shape More than 200 years of natural gorge promenade. "Jiang Qing Luo for bands such as the Bi Yuzan Hill." Clear the river of music in five of static deep gorge, sometimes gentle quiet, sometimes unruly unrestrained. Cross-strait verdant green, mountain peaks overlap, Qi confrontation, the Shenzi significantly.

Wujiang River Gorge from both harmony I also own. Shek folder, QI Yun mountains, the blue line, wind swept over the gorge, Jiang Tao pressing, as much as the landscape, the Chi Mei, from Gap to the crown; Gap child silver, the mountains around from time to time, Jiang's cross-sectional area, winding paths, mountain heavy water Fu, the boat trip during such into the maze, it is at a loss; soil Tuo Gap, mountain, water depth, secluded valley, Peak mountains, successful piece of bamboo, towering old trees, competing Qunshou the United States, contend birds. Three Gorges to see the monkeys disappeared long ago, climbing or attached to Ge, Linjiang water, has kept a long song, rock pushed the ship or frightened tourists, open branches in stone Saoshou get gills; Xia Wang Tuo, Jiang faces When narrow-width, with emergency relief when Jiang Liu, the two sides Verdant trees, swaying Zhu Ying, a few miles away could see the hot springs rising wave of Fimbristylis Baiwu.

Shun along the river from the mountain city of Hebei under 20, then into the gorge Li Zhi. Ferry Wong, a whistle, as into the stormy sea. Only then the door to a look of the Gap kuan, the visitors into a General wonderful magical dream world. Clouds and wind around the mountain, albeit not very clearly, thousands of pen Ren Yan Jun Li of the cliff at the end of Jiang's line, rock climbing wall attached to the vine bare root grotesque, Tianzaodishe view of the many Meteorology Series, Shek Road, fiber and natural water line, were inscribed the spot versions. ..... River Gorge through, as if exposure to Must be long gallery landscape.

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Nature Reserve Tuen vast expanse of open ground - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wujiang is located in Tuen vast expanse of open ground in the West Bank, Sinan away from the city 40 kilometers, covering an area of 3,2 million. Area within a moderate climate. Rainfall, forest cover an area of 57.5 percent. (1) Phoebe Wang Qing Gang at the high slope Zhuang Village, Tujia settlements. Phoebe in about 1300 years old, 25 meters height, chest circumference 8. M crown cover 784 square meters and is deeply rooted, Guizhou known as Phoebe Wong. Phoebe here in the chest 4.4 meters above the trees, there is also growing tea, red, and other rare and ancient species, highly ornamental. (2) scenic spot in the ginkgo are widely distributed, ranging from the size of the tree. Jurassic left-plant Kung-sun said the two-tree, deciduous trees, dioecious, fan-shaped leaves. Oval-shaped seeds, nuts can be food, medicine also, as well as the grain, used for carving is our specialty. (3) Jane beech trees species, commonly known as "Xuan Long," La Mu tree, high up Qiba Zhang, edible bark, as well as the material is Carved furniture and produced by first-class materials. Hill Shirengou like a man with a thick top peak, head, neck, chest, abdomen structured life, both God-shaped, like a fairy, your visit, some ornamental. Shoots Qifengyishi peak days, like a bamboo shoot his, and down into a one-independence peaks, exotic shapes, peak deep bush, do not Taste.

Members outside the home, Qifengyidan landscape, such as an E-shaped cap of ancient foreign rapporteurs view in the distance, high mountains and broad hat Yipao very realistic shape. Ronaldo egret Ying-paradise, beautiful mountains and rivers, forest wood piles, and tens of thousands of nesting habitat here, the local people for the Protection of Birds, who live as neighbors Bird, the Great. Spring season, whether or Yuemingxingxi night, to be able to watch the flocks of egrets and lovely. Five Die Bao, located in the gorge of the word, hanging under the shore, water color Qinglie mountain streams, waterfalls connected to form a five-stack, beautiful scenery.

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Jiulong Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiulong Dong Guizhou Province is the first identified one of the top 10 scenic spots. Tongren is located 17 km east of Kwun Yam Shan called halfway up the right side of the Longxi, its rugged cliffs Hill, magnificent in a critical situation, Tsui Chuk Man Shan, awe-inspiring green, the higher its proximity to the "six Yongsan," facing the beautiful Jinjiang River . Jiulong Dong for the laying of a magnificent location Legend has it that there are six Yongsan six Huanglong, Xiang Yao Jin Jiang Qing in three holes to get together, Kowloon hole came to see this as the Penglai fairyland Dong Fu, Daihatsu desires immediately, according to Dong Fu will want to have, the struggle between Over. Until dawn, when crow, no one can return home, only entrenched deep inside the cave Giant column color, can no longer get away. There is a foot of the mountain stream, as a result of Kowloon-dong struggle with downtown, it will not be at peace, more than scolding Long, was there, "Kowloon plate column," "Longxi called" name. "Jiulong Dong," which got its name.

  "Jiulong Dong," the majority of extensive, more than 70 meters wide, the maximum width of 100 meters High 30 - 70 meters. Is now proven, long holes 2258 meters with a total area of about 70,000 square meters. 7 inside the hall, visitors have been open a total of 3 Hall 12 scenic spots. Columns alone, there are hundreds of root stalagmite as many as 30 meters above the columns are 8, 20 meters above 6, 1 Meters above 18. In addition, there is a shaft-like days and the Office of a underground river. Office of the holes have holes, inside the Office of the Office of connected, stalagmites, columns, stone flowers, such as Dan Man Man-the Office of the cloth, has its own characteristics are thousands and thousands of images. Office for the first hole slightly oblique flat-topped, many columns to the right, the left side of the stone flower in full bloom There are "Shuilian Dong-day", "Longkou with beads," "Banhu down", "Longdong setting sun", "white southern" Zhu Jing, particularly Weiranchuli "pagoda" and directed the firmament of "sword" , Juanxiu tall and straight, Heavenly Creations Kit Kat, the beautiful paintings of exotic scenery, very spectacular.

  Office for the second - Tung, Dongdingdanman million linked to a thousand cranes, the delicate in Linglong, into a dense mesh screens stone, such as fog Mountain Ridge, Ni Xia Feng barrier. On the left side of the "celestial bed", Qingshapiaomiao, on the right side of the "Bamboo" leaves, swaying Lvjing; miscellaneous white jade, such as the stalactite, like Green Heimo the pillars, "the independent cold autumn", "Second Yan Joe, "" Pinnacle to spend "and" fairy dance "," Tang learn "," Golden cock-wall "and" Yu-zhu Yin-hua "and other names, is really vivid. Visitors this point, the imagination, pleasant linger.

  Hall dome for the third hole of Dongting, can accommodate 10,000 people, is the essence of the hole where the most spectacular in the light Mapping, there are mist Taoyuan, on a sense of the countryside. On both sides of the hall, each with three magnificent tower big stout columns connected with the Dong Ding, 30 meters high, one of the prominent persons as high as 39.88 meters, 16.4 meters around, China is opening up holes in the pillars of the highest around the world The second highest. Columns are covered with stone Such as the golden eagle-hard steel, three keep the Office of the palace as solemn as China and the United States. "Peacock Kai-Ping", "Lung-chu, Pan," "peach Xian Shou", "The Mushroom-wall", "Chu Dong Ha," "lion roar" from King colorful, dizzying.??. Columns feet, and many small King: Some like beast flopping about in the Fanfei; some For fledglings fly; like children to pursue Wei Zhuo; if there are staged Chun-Sun. Silver, beautiful. There is a hole underground river, water features, clear bright and clean, Dongnuanxialiang, across the bottom, flows through the hole before the cliff, and plunge into Fei Bao, such as Bailianqianchi, sight. Can walk 50 meters underground river, when Wading, and then stepping stone block, do not have a taste. Another small hole on the right side of underground river, inside the "terrace" level by level, Lan light shade, far and near villages, faintly visible, the scene may be small, infinitely interesting.

  What is even more amazing is that "Jiulong Dong" about 1.5 kilometers outside of the local natural formation of two holes, one of their Cold wind, a hot air out of a hot summer in the cool breeze gently, in a March 9 spring winter heating it up, it referred to as "cold and wind tunnel II." Right close by home, but two holes with hot and cold keep yin and yang staggered, it is rare for the world.

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Million peak forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xingyi City, about two-thirds of the peak forest area is 10,000, to its east slope Kong, Guangxi and the southern end of the junction, west to Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou provinces (autonomous regions) at the junction of three of the estuary, the north peak Wu Mengshan , With a total area of 2000 sq km. Ming He undercurrent gully inside China, the peak forest cave after another, and then there are a number of heads of the rich grass Animals, the peaks have a really uncanny workmanship charm of a fairyland on earth.

This ancient scenic spots, of course, will not be ignored, the two Xu Xingyi, wrote in his diary: "The peak of Li Cong," "Bang Bo thousands of miles," "victory for the south-west shape."
According to the archaeological heritage and geography Study finds home in the back about 3.64 B years ago, is still a sea of Xingyi, is the Yunnan-Guizhou ancient sea. About 2.8 billion years ago, the beginning of the Carboniferous formation of the land and lived through Yanshan, Indo-China, the Himalayas, and so many times orogeny, rising crust, the peaks appear, and bake in the sun Water; in the brush, in the role of carbon dioxide and organic acids, so that the cracks in limestone, pore deepened gradually low-lying land, rivers, karst caves, peaks, underground river, La Shuidong, funnel, doline, Canyon, the Rift Valley, and Sewing, stalactites, rock pile, Shi Feng, stalagmites, Longtan, hot springs, lakes, and other wonders. Sun Xiaoxiang landscape of international experts in Xingyi inspection tour: "The development of the most sophisticated of the most perfect peak cluster of peaks and peak forest million Xingyi is the Stone Forest, Xingyi Taipa mud and stone forest in Yunnan Stone Forest Road South." Such evaluations have been very Easy, was not known to outsiders, 10,000 had suffered peaks also wronged. In 1991 Ra River Gorge has been reported for the first state-level scenic spots, the leadership of the central departments and experts to view pictures, videos when they all said, "like the landscape in Guilin." Unexpectedly, shortly after the meeting, someone would write to the relevant departments of the State Council report: "The video of Xingyi is a picture of the landscape in Guilin, attention Leave. "State department managers re-read the tape, sent to the Xingyi on-site inspection, it found no fairy landscape in Guilin feng, general such a unique mountain peak." Peak of the two "has become an important indicator of peak forest million.

10,000 unique Shi Feng Qi Xiu, Taipa mud, stone forest melting peaks Xiaozhaizigou together, Bend, Yakou Village, cloth-hung, satisfied under the gray peaks have more narrow group of karst caves, Yang Ping, the river water peaks and falls into doline human landscape into one. Under the five peaks on both sides of the Tuen Mun-Bazi, Fengfeng different, "General Feng", "Eagle Rock" and "gatekeeper", "North Gate-day", "fairy-Feng", and mud Taipa 20 The peaks and shield km 10,000 ares rural villages and add radiance to each other to form a strange, beautiful, open nature of the picture.
According to the peaks of the form array is divided into peaks, the peaks sword, Qun peaks, the peaks Rohan, overlapping peaks, and so on the five types of caps. Jiang Shuai array peaks like soldiers on battle array; Po Peak forest, tall and straight in a critical situation; Qun endless peaks, like the dance Qun; Ocean's peak forest, arranged in uniform, mostly grass vegetation; cap overlapping peaks, multi-level Department of rock, the lower part of a more moderate, steep in the central , At the top level, in the vicinity of the van than the more typical.

North Korea and evening, clear and rain, fog and the next, The peak forest landscape is different. Sunny day, the towering rough; rainy days, there is quiet in action; fog, vague ethereal; night, Haoyue grievances. If the rising sun or the sun sets, in the view of the peak point, a look into the distance from the sun or slowly rising Bee Lin Ranran Xi Chen, 10,000 golden light sprinkling covered peaks.
10,000 Lin was also very practical, all are high, "Hill weather." You know the mountains weather, add clothes easily. As long as climate change, on top of "Dai-Yun cap" or "plug-day peak," "cap cloud" the size of the days when the signals change and the size of the rainfall. At the moment, when the "Weather Hill," "cap cloud" shaking, Indicates that rain turned fine.
Million to the peaks can not see doline, just like big flying saucer that landed on Earth, like hit a hole. Peaks in the number of doline in the end, so far there are no precise data, which Guru Yu, Yang Ping, hanging dam well, such as Li issued the most typical doline. Xingyi City from 40 km northeast of rain Lu doline was known as the Chinese geological experts have found the first doline. At the bottom of the flat-shaped morning glory, the poor level of 600 meters, around Qi Lin. Living in the bottom around 126 other people's houses and a number of production tools are made of stone, Matrix, stone wall, Dan Deng, Stone Road, a stone. The eastern side of the doline One spring, with the exception of pit Walled meet both human beings and animals, but also nearly 20 hectares of irrigated paddy fields; the west side of a La Shuidong, will rule out the possibility of living water.

Po Kong in the vicinity of the two peaks have a very strange spring. In a beautiful peak and peak between the samurai of old trees and thick red beans (Xiang Sidou) the woods, local call "Shen Shui," "strange water", "Water Fairy", it was called "Stephen M" and "F Stephen." Stephen from each of the two natural stone in the outflow from a "husband and wife tape," the two water communication. F Stephen Lam Chung once every 4-6 minutes, 3-5 cm higher water surface, and then meets Stephen M running back for a few minutes When the female drop-chuen, men and women to Stephen Stephen back a few minutes. If both husband and wife may Quan, a tacit understanding of natural, Cun-dependent phase, close, very interesting. Clear spring water as a mirror, not the seasons change.
"Geyser" mountain wipe away the Village next to the ear, there is a "Sun Quan." Spring water from the hillside and a half of the level of rock East-west flow, sweet and delicious. Spring and autumn every year, especially in the drought in the spring, when the exposure to the sun to rise to near the wells, then a larger outflow of spring water for both human beings and animals more than 20 households. Until the evening, the sun drying wells less than when the springs drying up, the next day to dawn, the water of the sludge is dried out Pattern. Sun Dongsheng after the beginning of the second cycle. According to the local masses, "Sun Quan" bean curd made of water, cooking wine than the general output of more well water, during which the mysteries of research and experts to be explained.
Growth in the peak forest million inside the plant is also very special. Nanpanjiang, the S & P ra River tunnel, Ping Yang, Qing , Threatened to Lee, more warehouses, homes and Ukraine, distortion, such as dyeing 800-1200 meters above sea level around the area can see the green and luxuriant cycads Xingyi. It is found that in 1981 a new species of cycads, feather leaf in order to cool the legendary "Pteris", to open at the top of the female flower stem overlapping synthetic oblate shape of lotus, peony flowers as too The first was the local people as a "Pineapple Hill", "Pteris grass" or "Yin Lin," and so on. C. Earth is the oldest seed plants, plant seeds for the study of the origin and evolution of seed-hwan's kind of an outline, the evolution of ancient climate and so is of great significance.
Xingyi City due to humid climate, four seasons Chun, along the way, you will see many of the orchids. Lan made in the case of 31, there are 20 kinds of Guizhou, Xingyi on production as much as 19, Portland State is the richest. Because of natural variation, there have been a number of unique horticultural varieties, such as the Su-Xingyi, Wu-autumn-known, and so on.
In addition, Xingyi Hwangcho rich. Xingyi original name is called Huang Cao Ba. Hwangcho a Dendrobium orchid plants, the plant has more than 1400 kinds in the world, mainly in tropical Asia and Oceania region. Guizhou Dendrobium about 20, Xingyi on production as much as 14, the United States and Dendrobium flowers, orchids purpurea, Dendrobium beam, and section , Dendrobium, and other types of tassels. Picking process because too many wild hwangcho now has a sharp decline in resources, has been included in the international list of endangered plants.
Love of martial arts novels from the "Dragon" Dali know there's famous camellia. In Xingyi, you will enjoy a very special camellia - three Nectar tumor. It is only in 1987 in Xingyi three Jiangkou found, nectar tumor is considered to be the most primitive type. Flooded during the rainy season, dry season water, only an hour from the surface of Huangnihe bear fruit, the larger Corolla, white, flowering in October, the fruit on a tumor profile.
In the near Tuen Cheng-feng , Also the temple, the ancient Ying Pun. Effect near the top of the world has rarely seen "Long Guizhou fossils" and 1.2 million years ago, "Xingyi" cultural sites. There are peaks in?????state-level scenic spots and scenic areas at the provincial level and the mud You Wanfeng Stone Forest Lake Scenic Area. Qu mud stone forest in the forest Wan Feng as a bowl of flowers Wan Feng Lake open lake beautiful, deep Harbor, along the peaks, stone forest, cave, doline, heavily forested, constitute the many attractions of the landscape. In particular, is a unique water even in the three provinces, a strong national conditions and customs.

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18, Mr. Ming Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mr. Ming tomb is located in an eighteen City West List Lai Shan, was buried for the South Ming Dynasty died Yongli small section of the 18 ancient tombs of the officials in North Korea. Wu Nan Minglong 2002 (1646) autumn, Zhu Yu Tang Jian declared the collapse of the regime, Ding Kui Chu, programs such as Si Li Yong-by-Gui WANG Zhu Ji Diwei palm Zhaoqing in Guangdong. January the following year Gaiyuan Calendar. Qing in the ongoing offensive, Xiaochao Ting moved to various Enron Guizhou. Onishi as a result of farmers have to do military pillar of the Ming forces in the development of the situation. However, internal military conflict between farmers and Yongli court for the party's increasingly intensified. Qin Sun is expected to be imperious and despotic, the growth of separatist ambitions, and Zhu Yongli by the palm was six years (1652 ) Scheduled for November include Chao Li Hui Shi Ting-kuo, to defend the Anlong, inadvertently seek to vent. Yongli 2008 (1654) March, Sun allocation is expected to close University Dr. Leonard J. Yu, and other 18 people who falsely accused of "misuse of Qi Jun, Daobaojiaozhao" crimes, all put to death. Cong human remains buried in North customs Race Course. Known as "Eighteen of the prison." By Zhu Moved to Kunming, the victims of Enron were to be presented Zhu Ren-shirt, and the temple was built to Le Monument, the table "Mr 18 Chengren Department." 60 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1795) was built specifically Mr. Temple 18, and more empty boat festival booths, and then repeatedly maintenance.
This turns along the more than 300 years ago, ancient historians are mixed, Huai different. But the monument has been for comment later. Cemetery is now a provincial heritage conservation unit. Stone for the tomb of St. Paul, Square, there are lions, unicorn, figures, flowers and birds, and Diao Gong fine. 18 Square after Mr. tomb, inscribed with 18 dead matter Ta Zero Day poem.

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Ping Crane Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ping Crane Nature Reserve, to avoid Zhetian forests, trees Xiuzhu hazy valley, south-west Guizhou is well-known of the Kingdom of wild plants.
In the spring, a Manshanbianye a new green, the old dry grass is not a new emphasis on grass-yin, colored azaleas Qi-fang, a strong spring, the Ta-Qing Yi; in summer, cool down the mountain on Hard, Huihanruyu , The mountain is breezy, off Lin Tao, Bianti cool, summer is a good place; autumn, the mountain is covered with Shuangye, dazzling, wild fruit Zhuiman branches, circulated a fruity attractive, particularly attractive ; Winter snow-covered peak, a white, safflower oil decorative tea In the meantime, the red-white-matched, the unique landscape. Sally Ping scenic area, tours available at many of its main attractions are: Street days, the snake mountain, Taiwan flower concept, Kiwi slope, the side of bamboo, crane pool, Shek Mun, such as the Stone Forest.

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Leading mountain nature reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Anlong county in the north and Xingren, Zhenfeng County, and other community access, a recline of more than 100 years of ups and downs winding mountain range, which is in southwest Guizhou ----- leader of the famous mountains.
Looked up the leading mountain peak, we can see a long stretch palate mouth, eyes convex drum like a leader, the dragon body to extend the south-east, gradually lower the implicit Zhenfeng Inside. Self-evident, money, leading to the mountains of Guizhou has been listed as one of the famous. An old Chinese saying, "Long Shandong over to the group Luan, policy imported into the battle song set; Furuki Xiaosen Painting Rao, chair rock arch ring spectacle," a poem depicting the King. Leading mountain climate temperature and humidity, rainfall, for the biological survival provides a good condition. As the sum Guangmao dense, in-depth once the forest, they may be lost, "Xingyi Chi House" had been recorded: "Legend has it that in the mountains of melons and fruits are born, people can not be carried out, that is, not to carry return." Leading to the Tai Shan added a lot of mystery.
Leading the mountains there are 1.65 million mu of forest land, grassland shrub 1 Million, mainly plants and 96 species, 211 genera and more than 366 kinds, fast-growing timber and tree species, rare and precious garden ornamental plants, ancient relic plants, medicinal plants and the plant extract, and so on. Singular, at an altitude of 1600-1930 meters-long public Chengkungling, went so far as the growth of the merging of 1500 Coppice acres of the original cuckoo, the crown canopy density more than 80%, about 6-8 meters in height, diameter trees in general 10-15 cm, the largest of about 30 centimeters in more than 100 years old or more, Qu Qiu vigorous branches, Evergreen leaves throughout the year. In addition to the more common azalea flowers, there are rare Lantana azalea, Rhododendron long Rui, a hundred Azalea, Rhododendron Qinglian, dew azalea, rhododendron, and other 12 kinds of butterflies.

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Sancha Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chahe Zhenfeng three scenic spots (provincial)-North County, according to the hub in southwest Guizhou, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is located in the Guangxi Basin to the transitional stage, about 1,200 meters altitude. Karst area, which rise amid problems, beading Valley basin, the Meteorology Series. Is a set of deep, quiet, beautiful, wild, ancient, magical characteristics of the plateau Ling-beautiful landscape of the scenic spots.

Scenic spots nearby are dinosaurs, saber-toothed elephant, cattle and Paleozoic fossils and Cyatheaceae forests, ancient caves, and so on. Chahe three are located in scenic areas (with) Long (field) and road Liquidambar Sibei sector, with an area of 22 square kilometers. Scenic spots in hills, peak cluster, the stone forest, lakes, Link, Canyon, underground river, Stephen Tam, caves, fossils, such as rich and varied; ancient cultural sites, tombs, ancient architecture, cultural revolution, Cliff stone is very charming.

Sancha Lake is a scenic coral pearl, coral-like lake was from east to west width of 1.1 meters, 1.2 meters long from north to south, 6 perimeter. Km, the lake more than 50 hectares, the capacity of water legislation 3,700,000 meters, 1134 meters altitude. Year-round green lake water, such as the level of a mirror, surrounded by mountains on three sides, east pastoral scenery. Two-standing heart Lake Island, North Island Diedan two-out, King said: Lin care of the clean water. Hubei around, the scattered stone forest scene modeling, unique. At the landscape Another stone cliff in the southern area (Stone Forest Scenic Spot), covering an area of 16 square kilometers. Spread all over the strange stones peaks in the gold fields, Wei Yi ups and downs more than 8,000 meters. Qianyantingbo, Shi Zhengrong million, scattered mixed, mostly form divine figure, rare birds and animals, life-like images, lifelike. Stone forty to fifty general-meter-high cliff Stone columns, stone land as 30 meters most, those people under 10 meters. Heavenly Creations by stones Nag - 3,000 meters seedlings get lots renowned focus. Stones peaks in the breeding plateau basin, the broad field of vision can enjoy the outward-looking and watching the last tour, scenic winding streets, Cheung King to return, way better than the Stone Forest in Southern life and landscape is Guizhou Pa a must.

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Xiu Xian Qiao area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sin bridges and scenic, well-known tourist home Xu Ming Dynasty find mountains, travel far and wide this point, the Lao Jiang stopped at the end of the bridge, can not help but amazed at the wonders of the cliff here. Therefore, more Kit Kat Bridge, the bridge named Sally.

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Lubuge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lubuge located in the western city of Xingyi, with a total area of about 200 square kilometers. 90 years for the approval of provincial-level scenic spots, from the scenic town of Granville homes from the town of Lubuge three Jiangkou only in this 76.8 km-long river, cliffs, karst, vegetation, landscape, and other strange artifacts, full-hung, Qi, insurance, quiet, show Scenery. From the top down Granville into homes, bridges and Sally, Long River, and three scenic spots, such as Eguchi, Huguang beautiful landscape. Granville homes scenic town 30 km away from the Xingyi, in 1935, the Red Army passed by Granville homes, leaving many of the relics site of the Red Army: It is the Arab-Israeli hospital of the Red Army clothes, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai's widow had closed the bridge, he Zhen Wei wounded on the battlefield and the home of the Red Army Granville homes Tomb of the Red Army. Hence, the Nanning-Kunming Railway, is at the junction of Yunnan-Guizhou provinces of the center of economic exchange.

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River water area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River water, the ancient West said Waterinfo, Hirakawa high water, water-Ru Wei, Dong Lu Mountain originated in the territory of the urban and rural open Heicigou brain, flows through north Guyuan, Haiyuan, one mind, in the county, such as Ning, Zhongwei of the spring into the west side of the Yellow River, flowing into the territory of the Yellow River in Ningxia is the largest, longest tributary, in the process of the territory of the region Guyuan 18 Kilometers (straight line), the basin area of 8499.6 square kilometers, the average annual runoff of 165,000,000 cubic meters. By the impact of climate as a whole, the volume of river water is getting smaller and smaller, arid and semi-arid to show the characteristics of the river.
Historically, the river water is the platform of indigenous life and reproduction rates of local Gengmu Also learn from each other minorities in the north of the place; water to the valley is the ancient Silk Road Guyuan part of the territory, Hsiao is also a part of the old customs; even more ancient minority in the north of the Central Plains into the main channel. Now, the river water the size of a large number of ancient sites, is the history of war remain in the water The two sides in miniature. Li Yuan Road, in his "Shui Jing Zhu" will be water to the river, into a small tributary, flows through the place, and so on are clearly stated.

River water is a national key scenic spot scenic spot -?????core areas, state-level experts at the national level scenic spots. Is ra Canyon rafting at the source line, the area 31 km away from the city, the area falls within a group, the two sides of the original ecological well-preserved, very spectacular karst wall. There are spectacular scenic peaks, tall and straight in the first railway in the world Takahashi, hung, extraordinary and dangerous show, for the quiet one of the Gutter to crack. Pearl's full of pathos Xia Falls, 11:00 pm - 5:00 p.m. There are several interwoven article from the Rainbow Canyon beauty. The largest concentration of terraced cliffs, magnificent caverns of the strange and deep-rooted plants and the old millennium. Long Night of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial rock paintings, beautiful rain Bruton doline people, and the Red Army Long Bridge, the ancient Ying Pun, and other charming beautiful landscape, culture Yun deep, experts methotrexate poem: "Ren stand like a wall a thousand and one in the water stream, waterfall flying group, were drawn into the Tour" is the best choice for tourists to visit. There are scenic wonders of the world, "Takahashi railway in the world, the world's most beautiful people doline, the world's most magical seam in the Gutter, the world's smallest terraced cliffs, the world's most clear Qingquan Flow colorful group Waterfall. "

River water rafting ecological profile

The total length of 26 km river, about 3 hours of time drifting from the world's first railway bridge to the river water Takahashi ra Bridge. Drift Riparian the ecological well-preserved, clean water, is the only????? Had not been contaminated section of the river. There are scenic spots, "water corridor" and "Green Palace", 30 Beach, Bay 16, 18 Tam, 3 Promenade natural lake swimming, drifting narrowly, the waves push a boat, heroic people Dayton Health. River water in the area with drift, so you with a natural river and the gap in the seam Wall feelings of the Seven Wonders of nature, natural feelings of baptism, back-to-nature experience, challenges of natural fun, too dangerous shoals wear Bilang, a soul-stirring, Xiangpi Zhou also quietly take you experience this unique "narrowly" Our tour guide from beginning to end with Miss You "playing heartbeat, feel the magic." 998 years of Chinese canoeing competition here was a success.

River water area with the Nanning-Kunming Railway, 324 National Highway, such as the establishment of the Max-Planck-road-distribution situation, the Nanning-Kunming Railway Station in Hexi water, the East Station is also inside the area, the traffic is convenient.

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Southwest Guizhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in southwest Guizhou peculiar types of landforms, karst area widely distributed, naturally beautiful scenery and colorful and rich tourist resources. More than 20 provincial-level scenic areas of the province, accounting for 5 here. Pinnacle peaks, Wei fell across the peaks million; uncanny workmanship, representing the Taipa mud stone forest; Furong more research, four Xiangpiao The trick lotus embankment; supergraphic when empty, the Galaxy off the nine-ra group of Valley Falls; quiet show net, the heart of the clean water drunk Sancha lake scenery, and East Lake Wai Lake, West Lake Lubuge, Wan Feng Nanhu Lake, North Lake palm trees River, West Lake in Lake Xing, and so picturesque, it is away. In addition, national characteristics of a small number of Guizhou Family Customs Museum, Buyi and Miao, and other human landscape even more fascinating.

Qi Shan to different water known for Xingyi City, is one of the great potential for development of land. The city's 650,000 population, with an area of 2915 square kilometers, moderate position, by Huangguoshu East, South West, South Lian Shi Lin, State Huangguoshu Falls, Guangxi Guilin Tourism hotline gold on the cities. Here a long history of climate and abundant resources, has always been to Yashi Jia Guan Ren place. Now is the Qianxinan state, is the Nanning-Kunming railway marshalling yard. Xinhua News Agency has reported that China's "second in the Golden Triangle." Hailed as "the ancient dragon, Qi Shan, Shui Ling, Gu United States, no crack, Shi, mountain, such as oceans, such as the Phoenix Valley, such as stone treasures, such as the way art galleries, such as the home situation, such as climate paradise, food culture of Hong Chong "Xingyi City, the unique karst terrain, Guizhou is the hometown of the dragon," Guizhou dragons "of the scientific community was known as the" world-Han The scientific discovery, "" the crown of rare. "

  12,000 years ago Cat-dong ancient human fossils, a display of ancient civilizations Xingyi. Rich in mineral, water, energy, biotechnology, tourism, labor information. In the urban areas like spring all year round, fresh fruits four seasons fragrance, flavor snack famous Quartet, Urban public transport, justice, electricity and abundance of high quality, excellent communications, abundant material life, and the investment environment is improving constantly.

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Ancient Zhunbao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhunbao located in the ancient city of Anshun in the east, 7 Town Hill Washio Cloud Canyon in Tuen Yunshan, as a result of the more well-preserved ancient Tun Bao, a street in the Ming Dynasty, as well as Tun Bao culture of the Ming and Qing architectural art and religion Zhunbao Culture, existing as a "Tun Bao culture museum on the ground."
According to historical records, are Zhunbao Cultivation in 2000 before the guard Anshun descendants of the army south of the Yangtze River, the hillside villages, criss-crossing streets and alleys, Zhaizhong each group of buildings, towers constituted a small courtyard, and in the towers or on top of the wall, with shooting Hole, into defense, to live together. Since the independence of the building to take care of each other, ancient architecture Zhunbao This shows that the overall defense.
Zhunbao ancient village buildings appeared to be rough, internal decoration is very attractive, such as Chuihua door, lattice windows and doors fan, Zhu Chu, and other parts of the southern wood and stone carving art on its head, quite attractive.

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Zhu Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Shan Nature Reserve, a beautiful, fresh air. She's like a green dragon, sleep soundly in Weng'an, Fuquan, Huang Ping at the junction between the three counties. Zhu Shan look far and near, Cuoluoyouzhi, lofty lush, relaxed and happy people. March Yangchun fill the fields of plants, azalea flowers, colorful, and went, Be able to smell - share a unique fragrance.
Forest, cranbrooki, monkeys, indica, a small indica, Lin ban dog, the cat, Lin musk deer, pangolin, wild boar, bison, goats ... ... live happily. Every day from their highest peak, running to the peaks of the tower stands at the foot of the rocks and finally back to the warm and comfortable Inside the nest. Forest has simply become their "stadium." It was also the golden eagle in the air, spoon chicken, Golden Pheasant, White-bellied golden pheasant, Cao Ji, Lin ash chicken, carved chicken, chicken flammeus, Long-eared chicken dance all over the place, singing loudly, is the most favorite Lin Chinese singer - thrush. Chin-ching from the day to evening, with her clear and Kang sound of Italy, awakened the dormant Bugu, rhododendron, and the GAO Guan-Peng Huang crane. Forest has become a bird paradise.
There are a variety of forest fruits, is especially good in August of melon, yellow October, litchi, kiwi, so profound aftertaste. Zhu mountain water, clean the bottom all year round. Originated in the water The upper reaches of the clear spring, brought together all sides of the mountains and streams, forests within the earth to absorb the evaporation of water vapor, come together to form - be the long winding tape - the river; Wanzhuan circling in the river fell down at the foot of the mountains, river-ching Qing, from the stream, "Cyclones to the trough," the "arch-long" flow around, so it is "twisted nose water" Chuan-kai. Deep-green river beaches, sparkling. Share deep behind the "Cyclones" and "arch-long" and the blue sky and white clouds reflected in the water. Constitute a beautiful picture.
  The river there is a wide range of fish, the most eye-catching is the introduction of steindachneri soft-shelled turtle, you see, it's very intimate tour for you to come to welcome the head , And then very politely that she was painting them like tail, you have to be a good-bye, and their return to the park, Qianrushuidi from time to time, sometimes the water leap, very comfortable. Zhu Shan Nature Reserve, there are a lot of valuable plants, keep my independence metasequoia the silver fir, incense and fruit of Ginkgo biloba are settled in Zhu Shan. Ginkgo which was Flora as a "giant" and "living fossil." There is an old saying: "would rather not eat meat, not home-free bamboo", Zhu Shan's autumn and winter bamboo is not withered, Jun Qiao beautiful. The "bamboo", the most significant Jingya; Bamboo Shoot and Bamboo as low Cong, dotted the landscape, Wild added.

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Mantle Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Nature Reserve, from the virgin forest cloak Duyun city about 30 kilometers north-west, covering an area of 80 square kilometers, its main peak 1961 meters above sea level, the shape of a huge cloak named after. There are more than 100 large and small mountain rivers, the Yangtze River is an important source of one of Yuanjiang. The top 20 covers an area of more than one acre, "Tianchi" Do not dry up water throughout the year. Yamauchi more than 12 acres of forest coverage of 88% or so, there is value for the species. Animal resource-rich mountain areas of the country and the second animal protection Wawa Yu (Giant Salamander), monkeys, green monkeys, black bear, as well as birds, reptiles, amphibians hundreds of animals.

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Rhododendron Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rhododendron is located in Lake County, Guizhou Province governor-shun, an ancient Yelang the country's political center, and Guiyang, Anshun in the Golden Triangle into a trend, which are easily accessible, Guiyang east 102km, Anshun west 85km, and Huangguoshu, the Dragon King's palace, Hongfeng, and other well-known Constitute the common area of Guizhou Tourism Link Line West.
Scenic area of more than 00 sq km, set mountain, water, culture as one, with large-scale scenic mountain azalea, Chinese history and famous Baiyun Mountain, the mystery of the ancient city of Yelang, Yelang Guangshun town, Wu Qun Ma River Falls, Getu River Grand Canyon, and other well-known scenic spots. This is an ancient and mysterious land, thousands of years of history text heavy The land to cast a further layer of a mystery ... ...
Yelangzitai Emperor is unfair to the ancestors of the history of treatment for Changshun, Guizhou to the left of the great historical joke. Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang to the monks for the first history of his disgrace Sun Ming Emperor Jianwen Emperor again for the monk, Cheung Shun White Shan Buddhist monks anonymity for decades, become the eternal mystery. 1638 Grand traveler Xu Jian Wen exile to follow in the footsteps came to Guizhou Baiyunshan Mountain Buddhist study, the end can not solve this historical issues.
Rhododendron Lake and Huangguoshu, the Dragon King's palace, Hongfeng, Huaxi, and other well-known attractions associated traffic Integration, which is set in the world of wonders, miracle of history, the plateau of quiet for a comprehensive tourist routes can be carried out day and multi-day tour, Lawton, azalea tranquility of the lake waiting for you.

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Duyun Western Hills Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Western Hills Park covers an area of 26.63 hectares, 4 by natural rocks, Yan Feng maximum of 30 meters, craggy rocks, and more exotic financing, the rock on the peak growth of various types of trees and vine, with verdant trees, dense Tengluo linked to the roots Qu bare disk, or surrounded by rocks, or weaved in stone, such as Qiu long sigh as a Guaimang is outlook . Feng Jing Luan show in the park, Cuolayouzhi, lush trees, its winding streets, our country is a rare karst landscape of the city, because of their slim, sleek, pocket-sized, known as karst park. Park Song shiting, Wangjiang Ting, Ting dawn, and after Banshan Ting Shan Temple in Kowloon, and other attractions, the park has a variety of different kinds of zoo animals 37 kinds, children's park functions. Shiting pine trees located in a verdant central park of the Rock, Rock Hill to the east of the magnificent monument to revolutionary martyr of the liberation of South Guizhou. Gujue out of high pavilion can watch the urban landscape and Jiang Jian. Park along the mountain by a shade of Fu Bi Wei Yi Road and on both up, "Ban Shanting." Tingzhong can view the whole city at a glance, can gaze afar at night tours Wanjiadenghuo, Chu Kwan spectacular night view. After Shan Temple in Kowloon are the top of the hill, over Zhousong Lin Monastery, the terrain higher regression, visitors to this, listen to the faint Lin Tao, Fanchang sound, long-term perspective, the Mid-Autumn scenery, but also eliminate worries trouble.

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Duyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Duyun, is located on the south side of the Miao Ling Mountains, in south-central Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province is the whole area to the south-west coast of South China, connecting Haikou, the most advantage out of the city, the scenery is unlimited, the capital of Guizhou Autonomous Prefecture, is a Rong mountain, water, bridges, gardens as one of the garden city, the forest coverage rate reached 46.2 percent. Duyun is a provincial-level scenic spots, the National Excellent Tourism City, the National Health metropolitan cities nationwide-the-art sports city, the state-registered "in the western Chinese city of bullfighting."
Duyun city brand - Maojian Duyun, enjoy, "the North has liquor Renhuai, South Duyun have Maojian tea" national reputation of the 10 Tea.
Duyun magic beautiful natural scenery, thousands of landscape landscapes, the colorful cave landscape, the endless wonderful wildlife. There are ancient folk customs, different style of the bridge, the country has recently seen the city from the Ma On Shan Forest Park, the province's largest green area over 40,000 square meters of open -Style leisure park - Park Wen-feng, green and clear through the city over the large natural Yong Chang Jian river, more than 200 hundred-year-old son of the famous bridge and the "Xiao-day in Dongshan, the media goes, Xifeng, South Yeyue, Northridge Seven Star, Yuhuatai Yeongam, Longtan spring up, the dream case of Mission Hills, Dan Chaozong fish, "the eight landscape, the Guxiangguse Street board, has a long history of Wenfeng Ta; He also Shengjian from 1961 meters above sea level, covering an area of 80 square kilometers, more than 12 acres of forest coverage of 88% of the original flavor is full, unlimited secret of the new tourist attractions -- - Nature Reserve mantle, the region the size of hundreds of streams, wildlife species complex , The top 20 in the ancient land of the "Tianchi," do not dry up water throughout the year.
Duyun rich animal and plant resources, biological, and a large variety of rare animals in the territory up to 18. Of which: the protection of animals belonging to the country's giant salamander (Wawa Yu), pangolin, and other 9 species belong to the state protection of rare plant fruit trees Shannon, Tooth flowers, bamboo, and other Central Cimao 8 species of plants included in the state-level protection of the Ginkgo biloba, and so on a number of Metasequoia.

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Rural River Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fei Liu, loud noise came tumbling, falling into the hands of a semi-circular Bitan, the formation of the magnificent rural River Falls.

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Zhang Jiang scenery with - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Jiang scenic spots located in the southern part of Guizhou Libo County, with a total area of 273.1 square kilometers, with Zhang on karst water features of the river system and the vast vast forests as the main body, Xiaoqi Kong from Yuanyang Lake area, a large hole seven in Mindanao Palace area, spring water and scenic river canyon scenery along the Yangtze River with camphor, etc., show Karst forest ecological environment of perfect unity and the characteristics of magic. There are 58 major scenic spots. To wild scenery, extraordinary show featuring, concentrated in the scenic Xiaoqi Kong, is to carry out eco-tourism return to nature tourism resort.
Zhang Jiang scenic spots in the region is also quite scenic characteristics, the CPC " Great, "the only minority on behalf of the former residence of Deng Enming martyrs, and Yao's foot has been rough, as well as ancient burial holes, a distinct personality customs, very attractive. '

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Yuanyang Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaoqi Kong in the scenic area, through the many forests, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the two major blue-chip of the lake, lying quietly in the forest surrounded by trees. Lake Dengzhou people, and Yao Jiang trip to the beautiful lake known as the Yuanyang Lake, who carefully to find the lake different shades of color, there were red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple Color. We take a look at the lake, the verdant trees are put on the lake to tilt brush, trees and colorful words in color in the water after the water absorption, reflection and refraction of the water and become colorful. Yuanyang Lake Department of Natural two small lakes connected by, the size of the lake about 700 meters between the "Water Park", the two sides into a studio Xiumu dendrite. Turn four-shade areas, water birds with calls, absolutely quiet realm, outside the meantime, like a fairyland.

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Seven big hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven large hole is virgin forest, canyon, Fu Liu, underground lake as the main scenic spots, Xiaoqi Kong from Yuanyang Lake area, about 5 km. Jun dangerous magical landscape, Xiongjunbangbo momentum of the mountain and a deep valley, the fast-flowing, a waterfall hole, the waterfall under the lake, there is a window on the lake, such as the sun and the sun-star cast, there is a higher than 80 meters Wei-ran Tianshengqiao stand by experts as "the power of nature to shape the Eastern Arc de Triomphe", is the concept of respect, admiration for the power of nature.

Seven large hole into the area to a major bridge named after seven holes. Full of mysterious, strange color. Seven from the big hole on the bridge and Su Liu Oncoming god is a long valley, a valley Cascade Cliffs, cliffs, the wind around gas-lan. Before the line after about 1 km and look to the left there is a high cliff, about the width of the cliff more than 100 meters straight to the clouds, attached to the precipice after another stalactite, Lam levels, as a colorful oil painting. There are three walls The size of the cave bottom, the proliferation of tree-hole, fun scene. The most bizarre is that the voice call can not be here, or on the size of the stone cliffs will be flying from the local people that God's anger, there is therefore a terrorist known as the Gap.

On its way, we can see a ghost of nature God made cutting workers from the Tianshengqiao. Bridge, 60 meters high, wide bridge opening to 20. The fast flow under the bridge to form a waterfall; under the bridge opening around the different patterns of stalactites; side of the bridge is covered with shrubs, flowers, and dizzying beauty.

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Jiang Jian Duyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Jian Duyun scenic spots in the beautiful scenery Jian Jiang as the main line, the dense forest cloak Hill as a leader, by the cloak Hill area, Bridge City area, south area, a sword River downstream area of the four parts.

Cloak cloak Hill area, including Hill, two scenic spots in the screw shell and 10 kilometers of the main Jiang Jian ---- Above the river valley. Attraction to the mysterious deep forests, rare animals and plants, River Canyon, Chi-chuen, mainly falls; Bridge City area in the urban areas in order to bridge the ancient and modern, landscape and cultural relics mainly; south to secluded spots of the sinking of the unpredictable risk group , Ancient tombs and ancient bridge between the main station; Jian River area to more than quaint The ethnic villages and thick with the customs of ethnic minorities based. Scenic mountains and rivers beautiful, elegant building, in excellent shape and the world, fell into the water for nine days, rhinoceros play waterfall, maze 9, Beach ancient forests, hunting million five hundred years Guanyin Dong, and other natural landscape nearly 40; there are ancient Wen-feng, slate stone Old Streets, Ming Emperor Yongli Ling, Zhang Yu in Cliff, and other cultural history of more than 30 months.

Duyun City, built in the green mountains and blue waters, has a territory of the country away from the nearest urban area of primeval forests, rare in the country's urban centers cascade of natural landscape features, karst cave, running through the urban areas of Guizhou Province Jiang Liu and the longest mileage of a large number of Qi Shan different Valley Rapids pools, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, the group of caverns. Shi Feng garden by seven, craggy rocks scene in the stone on the growth of various types of tree-and vine plant 2 million trees. Jiang Jian flow in the urban area 91.2 km, the catchment area of 1152.6 square kilometers.

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Guizhou Xiaoqi Kong beauty - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaoqi Kong is located in scenic areas Libo county seat 30 kilometers south of the peaks, scenic 7 km in length, delicate beautiful landscapes, ancient landscape quiet, scenic place, visitors can immediately feel the picturesque and feelings such as Cantabile dream of rhythm.

  Water began to ring from the bridge, a ring of water on the bridge Old Bridge, which is well-known bridge Xiaoqi Kong,. This area was therefore named the bridge. This bridge was built 15 years on behalf of light, (Year 1835) seven-hole under the bridge spanning the River ring, in the view of Old Bridge on the River King is a lot of things, river Fanzhuo faint green light, sparkling Microwave very quiet, clear water, If people put all this clean feeling. If river rafting tour, and Face the two sides will be able to tour the nation's old-world architecture, the two sides Xiuzhuo overflow to the fragrant flowers added to the hearts of many poetic.

  Xiaoqi Kong Scenic Area in order to elaborate, beautiful, ancient, said the quiet, scenic shift For King, the compact layout. There are well-known seven-hole Old Bridge, 68 ring River Falls, Rajat Falls, Hill Cove primeval forest, forest funnel Yezhu Lin, Chung Dong-day, Wolonghe ecological corridor, and other scenic spots, more shade in the forest of Yuanyang Lake. Yuanyang Lake seconds size of natural lakes connected by two, the size of this lake has About 700 meters of the "Water Park", the two sides into a studio Xiumu dendrite. Turn Four Lakes shade, water birds with Hu, You must realm. In the meantime stay,
Like a fairyland.

Xiaoqi Kong has a wonderful scene - Yuanyang Lake, Yuanyang Lake water, such as oil, dark green and dignified. As a result of the lake there are two side-by-side of the towering The tree is named after the two trees in half in the water, branches and leaves at the top of the handshake, delicate tree beautiful female and male trees are surrounded by two or three people can come, the majestic tall and straight. Quiet lake, water connections and, careful not to be lost, however, often leading the way in the Lake of the vessels, and lost only once that is quietly waiting for rescue . Around the lake from a variety of colors of plants, high thick packet of several levels in the lake Dangzhou there is a feeling of isolation. Green also were mixed with red, pink flowers, in the beautiful sunshine and warmth.

Yaozhai live in a 2 and Baiku Yao Yao, the distinction between their standard In the dress, Yao 2 women to wear the T-shirt from before and after the 2, only linked to the shoulder and waist, and then the following Baiku Yao wearing white pants and got its name. In Yaozhai you can see women weaving in the collective work. Catch up with the market, we can see Zainiu bloody scene of the killing of five internal organs of cattle were Stalls in the sale, cattle blood has been made pots of blood tofu, the local people to use boiled water has become a delicacy of the drinks. A piece of beef being cut into pieces, also sold out the day down.

Yaozhai houses are "castles in the air" from the ground in one of the high-empty structures, Under the house has become the children enjoy playing. According to people here, the last two years in the government here would like to build a primary school in the village, only a small shop selling also has a color television, every television set to open, small shops selling the door will be Packed with children. Although foreign tourism More and more, television has also brought the news from afar, but Yaozhai human life is not much change from the city to let the people have the feeling of Huangruogeshi a.

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Dragon-old buildings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Chen-yuan Tung Chen-yuan ancient buildings located in the county in the eastern suburbs, from Blue Dragon Cave, Ziyang's College, Middle Temple, Wanshou Palace, I wish Bridge St., Lotus Pavilion six parts. "The first entry Qian Dong Tian", which is engraved on the inside of a Qing Chen-yuan wrote. Chen-yuan said that if the culture is a vortex, Tsing Lung hole is the vortex , The multi-cultural setting in the hole on the Blue Dragon has become the epitome of culture Chen-yuan.

  Chu Ting "Dragon hole", that will be in the Guizhou typical karst area, the addition of a cave. In fact, the early Ming Dynasty, from the beginning, some people see in the rivers and mountains of this treasure Feng Shui, Pavilions built on. Qi also built a building, even the cliff by dozens of holes in the old buildings are concentrated in the mountain river 40 meters wide, about 60 meters high and low, about 300 meters long and narrow cliff area, Temple, a Taoist temple, school, constitutes a Hall "Dragon-old buildings." From afar, like a fly in Wuyang Banks of the landscape scroll.

Qing Ming hole in the middle generation, so far nearly 500-year history, has destroyed several soldiers, fire, repair of several ancient buildings built before experienced on behalf of the scale into a modern, located in the rivers and mountains in the east, an area of 21,000 square M, Dragon Cave, Zen Purple Book , In a Buddhist Temple, Wanshou Palace, I wish Bridge St. incense burner and part of a total of 6-36 single building, set of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hall, bridges and Yi Road construction in a culture. Linjiang backing the construction of the entire group, depending on the cliffs near the air-adherent, infighting, Cuoluoyouzhi. Qiaojiao that fly rock, air adherent, red walls of the Qing Wa Diange Taiwan, the great momentum. The unique design of buildings and cliffs, trees, Tengluo, Rock River, the synthesis of natural caverns, together representing it. Linjiang both Diaojiao Lou's view, there are quiet Yousui the Taiwan Buddhist temple, Lang Lang has written the sound of students house, the more Luoguxuantian stage, the Expo pavilion philatelic world landscape For the party. The entire complex many-tiered uneven, there are caused by vertical and horizontal, a stroll along the garden path, and Providence House Jimu, a mirage Rulin, Penglai fairy islands. Han Nam in building and construction mountainous southwest minority culture combined with the excellent model. "Southwest Monastery," said the Guizhou Province is the largest Buildings. 1988 approval of the State Council listed as national key cultural unit.

Zhao Ziyang also known as the hole's College, located in the old quarry area on the east side of Wanshou Palace. North-Middle Temple, south of Tsing Lung holes down to Wanshou Palace before Jiajingnianjian Ming, Dragon is a hole in old buildings to Xian Yao, deep environment, building a relatively compact. Ming Jiajingnianjian before. It is in memory of Daru and Zhu Xi made to the spread of Confucianism for the purpose of the Guizhou region is set up to teach early education and culture places on Earth. Hospital surrounded by a number of Mo Yan is studying raising of land. Tung Chung-yuan, also known as the Middle Temple, the next Jiajingnianjian construction, Gu Cheng, "North-dong", "in the hole and." There are large permitted, Star House, Wang, Ting-chu, Taiwan independence, Liu Jiaoting such as buildings, bridges ordained to the west. Mountain Gate-2 Zhongyuan is the natural stone from Leaning, is Shengongguifu. Door "into the first Qian Dong Tian", ancient-book Vigorous. Rising, there is Cliff wall "Xianyuan stones."
Seonwon Naengjeong Wanshou Palace temple that is (that is, Jiangxi Hall) is the Tsing Lung Kwu Tung buildings in the largest group, only 12 years Yongzheng Dynasty (1734 AD), on the brink of Wuyang He built 45 meters long on the eastern side of the Matrix On Hom. By Shan Fang, Xi Lou, the car floor, Yang Si Temple (for the Si-Si Yang, General), Ke Tang, Xu Zhenjun Hall of Ancestral Hall with the text, such as single component. Middle-north, Nantong Dragon Cave, Ziyang Home on the hole, a group from north to the south extension of the courtyard wall of the high winds.

I wish the bridge was originally called St. "Xiqiao Dance", commonly known as the "boss . "Fu west, the east rivers and mountains in the northern section of Tung Chung-yuan, dancing across the water to a large stone bridge. Qingshi generous block building with a total length of 135 meters, 80.15 meters wide and 17 meters high, a total of 7 holes. Bridge-built in Ming-hong years, the bridge was built in 37 years Wanli (1605 AD) has preserved End . A four-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1878 AD) in the town WANG Bing Yuan Zhi Fu Ao in the east from the hole between third and fourth bridge, built three octagonal Cuanjian Ding Zhong Yan "Kuixing Court," a, and wrote the couplets 3. The bottom of the east, Mei was the "pillar of the mountains and rivers", on both sides of the couplets: "River Dance Saojin smoke, so that the Chinese float Croucher Doo-out, re-Yi Lu split Myanmar people like to ride across the bridge to the "West-oriented side of Fu-mei was:" Hon-day chapter "couplets as:" the flute for the Dragons, to the East Dongting full moon; with the book-feng So, West Yunnan to the sea more than Hing. "I wish St. Bridge on the map and language together, so that the ancient Chen-yuan Tung has become even mainland China's central plains, the West-South-East Asia Home an important channel of the witness.
  Censer rock Wuyang He is the interpolation of a foot incense burner in the shape of the strange rock, and a group of Dragon-old buildings is only one 8 meters wide, separated by roads. Tsing Lung Kwu Tung is the combination of organic architecture, and a separate King. Dan Yan Yan Ding has a hexagonal tip save kiosk, as a result of In the studio with "Yuanyang Lotus show," caisson, commonly known as "Lotus Pavilion." Linhe side of the cliff, Juan "Yi Guang Yuan" words, according to legend for the perfect vision of the book; "fishing rod into the course of events," Li Liejun play by the book; literary history was a visit Tiyong by King to the lyric.

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