Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fish Liang Ye Yue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jin Jiang was at the lower reaches of a block Nanshan, just can not find the place to go away, where there was a beach called Yu Liang Beach. The fish were built on the beach in the fishing Yu Liang, scattered on the evening of Yuhuo add radiance to each other and the white moonlight, when its most elegant silence. Gan Liang beach is at the top of the writing, such as the rise amid Taiyi. The Red Cliff praise "On a high mountain on the small, Jiang Liu sound" as if the case here.

In 1973 completed six holes of the upper reaches of the dam water level, Jiang Yu Liang today face a wide, water flow relief, towering old trees around the Crystal Pavilion quietly to the East, the beauty of the scenery along a handful of copper.

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