Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zhang Jiang scenery with - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Jiang scenic spots located in the southern part of Guizhou Libo County, with a total area of 273.1 square kilometers, with Zhang on karst water features of the river system and the vast vast forests as the main body, Xiaoqi Kong from Yuanyang Lake area, a large hole seven in Mindanao Palace area, spring water and scenic river canyon scenery along the Yangtze River with camphor, etc., show Karst forest ecological environment of perfect unity and the characteristics of magic. There are 58 major scenic spots. To wild scenery, extraordinary show featuring, concentrated in the scenic Xiaoqi Kong, is to carry out eco-tourism return to nature tourism resort.
Zhang Jiang scenic spots in the region is also quite scenic characteristics, the CPC " Great, "the only minority on behalf of the former residence of Deng Enming martyrs, and Yao's foot has been rough, as well as ancient burial holes, a distinct personality customs, very attractive. '

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