Thursday, December 11, 2008

Four-channel spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Four-channel group falls, Chishui is a state-level key scenic spots an important part. Chishui City, Guizhou Province is located in the town of Datong in the territory. Chishui City, 17 kilometers away from, 5 km from the town of Datong, in the scenic 4 km of the river, the distribution of both the spirit has 4 different waterfalls on both sides of the valley nearly 20 streams Artesian Bore Baths, Chu Chin Fei , Penny million over the river valley, peak-Jun stones, plants, a waterfall deportment thousands of communities.

  Four-channel formerly known as Min River, as a result of four falls in the river, the waterfall after which point there, said Tong, after four holes, commonly known as trench. In the area four holes for a ditch about four kilometers of the river, according to a distance roughly equal rank with four Water falls down as the main body, different posture; on both sides of the valley nearly 20 streams Artesian Bore Baths, Zhu Fei Yu-Chin; bamboo million over the river valley, rock-Jun-feng; a million deportment of the community falls.

Four holes have a ditch at the national level to protect rare plants Cyatheaceae, Camellia small, aquatic natural bonsai plants, Bibo million The Bamboo, stone-top magic mountain, cross Xianqiao Danxia wonders, and so on and so on, fascinating, away, as the "million Bamboo Garden", "Xiaojiabiyu", "no area of failure."

  Four holes on both sides of the ditch steep mountains, verdant and luxuriant trees, gurgling streams Goudi, rocks or rocks can be seen. On both sides of the stream Hill traveled path, the twists and turns in between Lam Xiuzhu. Trench near and far have ranged from 4 falls. The largest gap of 60 meters at its widest for 42 meters, respectively known as the Shuilian Dong Falls, Moon Lake Falls, flying white frog rock falls and falls Longtan. Although both falls, because of topography, vegetation around, under the waterfall and different-shaped dam A feature. More amazing is that everyone falls after a cave, formed around "Shuilian Dong", "four-ditch" has also got its name. There are well-preserved area, exquisite carving of Zheng Shihfang and "tea-lun paper Square" human landscape, as well as the magical stone of the mountain, such as cross Xianqiao Danxia wonders.

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