Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ping Crane Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ping Crane Nature Reserve, to avoid Zhetian forests, trees Xiuzhu hazy valley, south-west Guizhou is well-known of the Kingdom of wild plants.
In the spring, a Manshanbianye a new green, the old dry grass is not a new emphasis on grass-yin, colored azaleas Qi-fang, a strong spring, the Ta-Qing Yi; in summer, cool down the mountain on Hard, Huihanruyu , The mountain is breezy, off Lin Tao, Bianti cool, summer is a good place; autumn, the mountain is covered with Shuangye, dazzling, wild fruit Zhuiman branches, circulated a fruity attractive, particularly attractive ; Winter snow-covered peak, a white, safflower oil decorative tea In the meantime, the red-white-matched, the unique landscape. Sally Ping scenic area, tours available at many of its main attractions are: Street days, the snake mountain, Taiwan flower concept, Kiwi slope, the side of bamboo, crane pool, Shek Mun, such as the Stone Forest.

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