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Dragon-old buildings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Chen-yuan Tung Chen-yuan ancient buildings located in the county in the eastern suburbs, from Blue Dragon Cave, Ziyang's College, Middle Temple, Wanshou Palace, I wish Bridge St., Lotus Pavilion six parts. "The first entry Qian Dong Tian", which is engraved on the inside of a Qing Chen-yuan wrote. Chen-yuan said that if the culture is a vortex, Tsing Lung hole is the vortex , The multi-cultural setting in the hole on the Blue Dragon has become the epitome of culture Chen-yuan.

  Chu Ting "Dragon hole", that will be in the Guizhou typical karst area, the addition of a cave. In fact, the early Ming Dynasty, from the beginning, some people see in the rivers and mountains of this treasure Feng Shui, Pavilions built on. Qi also built a building, even the cliff by dozens of holes in the old buildings are concentrated in the mountain river 40 meters wide, about 60 meters high and low, about 300 meters long and narrow cliff area, Temple, a Taoist temple, school, constitutes a Hall "Dragon-old buildings." From afar, like a fly in Wuyang Banks of the landscape scroll.

Qing Ming hole in the middle generation, so far nearly 500-year history, has destroyed several soldiers, fire, repair of several ancient buildings built before experienced on behalf of the scale into a modern, located in the rivers and mountains in the east, an area of 21,000 square M, Dragon Cave, Zen Purple Book , In a Buddhist Temple, Wanshou Palace, I wish Bridge St. incense burner and part of a total of 6-36 single building, set of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hall, bridges and Yi Road construction in a culture. Linjiang backing the construction of the entire group, depending on the cliffs near the air-adherent, infighting, Cuoluoyouzhi. Qiaojiao that fly rock, air adherent, red walls of the Qing Wa Diange Taiwan, the great momentum. The unique design of buildings and cliffs, trees, Tengluo, Rock River, the synthesis of natural caverns, together representing it. Linjiang both Diaojiao Lou's view, there are quiet Yousui the Taiwan Buddhist temple, Lang Lang has written the sound of students house, the more Luoguxuantian stage, the Expo pavilion philatelic world landscape For the party. The entire complex many-tiered uneven, there are caused by vertical and horizontal, a stroll along the garden path, and Providence House Jimu, a mirage Rulin, Penglai fairy islands. Han Nam in building and construction mountainous southwest minority culture combined with the excellent model. "Southwest Monastery," said the Guizhou Province is the largest Buildings. 1988 approval of the State Council listed as national key cultural unit.

Zhao Ziyang also known as the hole's College, located in the old quarry area on the east side of Wanshou Palace. North-Middle Temple, south of Tsing Lung holes down to Wanshou Palace before Jiajingnianjian Ming, Dragon is a hole in old buildings to Xian Yao, deep environment, building a relatively compact. Ming Jiajingnianjian before. It is in memory of Daru and Zhu Xi made to the spread of Confucianism for the purpose of the Guizhou region is set up to teach early education and culture places on Earth. Hospital surrounded by a number of Mo Yan is studying raising of land. Tung Chung-yuan, also known as the Middle Temple, the next Jiajingnianjian construction, Gu Cheng, "North-dong", "in the hole and." There are large permitted, Star House, Wang, Ting-chu, Taiwan independence, Liu Jiaoting such as buildings, bridges ordained to the west. Mountain Gate-2 Zhongyuan is the natural stone from Leaning, is Shengongguifu. Door "into the first Qian Dong Tian", ancient-book Vigorous. Rising, there is Cliff wall "Xianyuan stones."
Seonwon Naengjeong Wanshou Palace temple that is (that is, Jiangxi Hall) is the Tsing Lung Kwu Tung buildings in the largest group, only 12 years Yongzheng Dynasty (1734 AD), on the brink of Wuyang He built 45 meters long on the eastern side of the Matrix On Hom. By Shan Fang, Xi Lou, the car floor, Yang Si Temple (for the Si-Si Yang, General), Ke Tang, Xu Zhenjun Hall of Ancestral Hall with the text, such as single component. Middle-north, Nantong Dragon Cave, Ziyang Home on the hole, a group from north to the south extension of the courtyard wall of the high winds.

I wish the bridge was originally called St. "Xiqiao Dance", commonly known as the "boss . "Fu west, the east rivers and mountains in the northern section of Tung Chung-yuan, dancing across the water to a large stone bridge. Qingshi generous block building with a total length of 135 meters, 80.15 meters wide and 17 meters high, a total of 7 holes. Bridge-built in Ming-hong years, the bridge was built in 37 years Wanli (1605 AD) has preserved End . A four-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1878 AD) in the town WANG Bing Yuan Zhi Fu Ao in the east from the hole between third and fourth bridge, built three octagonal Cuanjian Ding Zhong Yan "Kuixing Court," a, and wrote the couplets 3. The bottom of the east, Mei was the "pillar of the mountains and rivers", on both sides of the couplets: "River Dance Saojin smoke, so that the Chinese float Croucher Doo-out, re-Yi Lu split Myanmar people like to ride across the bridge to the "West-oriented side of Fu-mei was:" Hon-day chapter "couplets as:" the flute for the Dragons, to the East Dongting full moon; with the book-feng So, West Yunnan to the sea more than Hing. "I wish St. Bridge on the map and language together, so that the ancient Chen-yuan Tung has become even mainland China's central plains, the West-South-East Asia Home an important channel of the witness.
  Censer rock Wuyang He is the interpolation of a foot incense burner in the shape of the strange rock, and a group of Dragon-old buildings is only one 8 meters wide, separated by roads. Tsing Lung Kwu Tung is the combination of organic architecture, and a separate King. Dan Yan Yan Ding has a hexagonal tip save kiosk, as a result of In the studio with "Yuanyang Lotus show," caisson, commonly known as "Lotus Pavilion." Linhe side of the cliff, Juan "Yi Guang Yuan" words, according to legend for the perfect vision of the book; "fishing rod into the course of events," Li Liejun play by the book; literary history was a visit Tiyong by King to the lyric.

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