Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zhu Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Shan Nature Reserve, a beautiful, fresh air. She's like a green dragon, sleep soundly in Weng'an, Fuquan, Huang Ping at the junction between the three counties. Zhu Shan look far and near, Cuoluoyouzhi, lofty lush, relaxed and happy people. March Yangchun fill the fields of plants, azalea flowers, colorful, and went, Be able to smell - share a unique fragrance.
Forest, cranbrooki, monkeys, indica, a small indica, Lin ban dog, the cat, Lin musk deer, pangolin, wild boar, bison, goats ... ... live happily. Every day from their highest peak, running to the peaks of the tower stands at the foot of the rocks and finally back to the warm and comfortable Inside the nest. Forest has simply become their "stadium." It was also the golden eagle in the air, spoon chicken, Golden Pheasant, White-bellied golden pheasant, Cao Ji, Lin ash chicken, carved chicken, chicken flammeus, Long-eared chicken dance all over the place, singing loudly, is the most favorite Lin Chinese singer - thrush. Chin-ching from the day to evening, with her clear and Kang sound of Italy, awakened the dormant Bugu, rhododendron, and the GAO Guan-Peng Huang crane. Forest has become a bird paradise.
There are a variety of forest fruits, is especially good in August of melon, yellow October, litchi, kiwi, so profound aftertaste. Zhu mountain water, clean the bottom all year round. Originated in the water The upper reaches of the clear spring, brought together all sides of the mountains and streams, forests within the earth to absorb the evaporation of water vapor, come together to form - be the long winding tape - the river; Wanzhuan circling in the river fell down at the foot of the mountains, river-ching Qing, from the stream, "Cyclones to the trough," the "arch-long" flow around, so it is "twisted nose water" Chuan-kai. Deep-green river beaches, sparkling. Share deep behind the "Cyclones" and "arch-long" and the blue sky and white clouds reflected in the water. Constitute a beautiful picture.
  The river there is a wide range of fish, the most eye-catching is the introduction of steindachneri soft-shelled turtle, you see, it's very intimate tour for you to come to welcome the head , And then very politely that she was painting them like tail, you have to be a good-bye, and their return to the park, Qianrushuidi from time to time, sometimes the water leap, very comfortable. Zhu Shan Nature Reserve, there are a lot of valuable plants, keep my independence metasequoia the silver fir, incense and fruit of Ginkgo biloba are settled in Zhu Shan. Ginkgo which was Flora as a "giant" and "living fossil." There is an old saying: "would rather not eat meat, not home-free bamboo", Zhu Shan's autumn and winter bamboo is not withered, Jun Qiao beautiful. The "bamboo", the most significant Jingya; Bamboo Shoot and Bamboo as low Cong, dotted the landscape, Wild added.

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