Thursday, December 11, 2008

Leading mountain nature reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Anlong county in the north and Xingren, Zhenfeng County, and other community access, a recline of more than 100 years of ups and downs winding mountain range, which is in southwest Guizhou ----- leader of the famous mountains.
Looked up the leading mountain peak, we can see a long stretch palate mouth, eyes convex drum like a leader, the dragon body to extend the south-east, gradually lower the implicit Zhenfeng Inside. Self-evident, money, leading to the mountains of Guizhou has been listed as one of the famous. An old Chinese saying, "Long Shandong over to the group Luan, policy imported into the battle song set; Furuki Xiaosen Painting Rao, chair rock arch ring spectacle," a poem depicting the King. Leading mountain climate temperature and humidity, rainfall, for the biological survival provides a good condition. As the sum Guangmao dense, in-depth once the forest, they may be lost, "Xingyi Chi House" had been recorded: "Legend has it that in the mountains of melons and fruits are born, people can not be carried out, that is, not to carry return." Leading to the Tai Shan added a lot of mystery.
Leading the mountains there are 1.65 million mu of forest land, grassland shrub 1 Million, mainly plants and 96 species, 211 genera and more than 366 kinds, fast-growing timber and tree species, rare and precious garden ornamental plants, ancient relic plants, medicinal plants and the plant extract, and so on. Singular, at an altitude of 1600-1930 meters-long public Chengkungling, went so far as the growth of the merging of 1500 Coppice acres of the original cuckoo, the crown canopy density more than 80%, about 6-8 meters in height, diameter trees in general 10-15 cm, the largest of about 30 centimeters in more than 100 years old or more, Qu Qiu vigorous branches, Evergreen leaves throughout the year. In addition to the more common azalea flowers, there are rare Lantana azalea, Rhododendron long Rui, a hundred Azalea, Rhododendron Qinglian, dew azalea, rhododendron, and other 12 kinds of butterflies.

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