Thursday, December 11, 2008

18, Mr. Ming Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mr. Ming tomb is located in an eighteen City West List Lai Shan, was buried for the South Ming Dynasty died Yongli small section of the 18 ancient tombs of the officials in North Korea. Wu Nan Minglong 2002 (1646) autumn, Zhu Yu Tang Jian declared the collapse of the regime, Ding Kui Chu, programs such as Si Li Yong-by-Gui WANG Zhu Ji Diwei palm Zhaoqing in Guangdong. January the following year Gaiyuan Calendar. Qing in the ongoing offensive, Xiaochao Ting moved to various Enron Guizhou. Onishi as a result of farmers have to do military pillar of the Ming forces in the development of the situation. However, internal military conflict between farmers and Yongli court for the party's increasingly intensified. Qin Sun is expected to be imperious and despotic, the growth of separatist ambitions, and Zhu Yongli by the palm was six years (1652 ) Scheduled for November include Chao Li Hui Shi Ting-kuo, to defend the Anlong, inadvertently seek to vent. Yongli 2008 (1654) March, Sun allocation is expected to close University Dr. Leonard J. Yu, and other 18 people who falsely accused of "misuse of Qi Jun, Daobaojiaozhao" crimes, all put to death. Cong human remains buried in North customs Race Course. Known as "Eighteen of the prison." By Zhu Moved to Kunming, the victims of Enron were to be presented Zhu Ren-shirt, and the temple was built to Le Monument, the table "Mr 18 Chengren Department." 60 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1795) was built specifically Mr. Temple 18, and more empty boat festival booths, and then repeatedly maintenance.
This turns along the more than 300 years ago, ancient historians are mixed, Huai different. But the monument has been for comment later. Cemetery is now a provincial heritage conservation unit. Stone for the tomb of St. Paul, Square, there are lions, unicorn, figures, flowers and birds, and Diao Gong fine. 18 Square after Mr. tomb, inscribed with 18 dead matter Ta Zero Day poem.

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