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Million peak forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xingyi City, about two-thirds of the peak forest area is 10,000, to its east slope Kong, Guangxi and the southern end of the junction, west to Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou provinces (autonomous regions) at the junction of three of the estuary, the north peak Wu Mengshan , With a total area of 2000 sq km. Ming He undercurrent gully inside China, the peak forest cave after another, and then there are a number of heads of the rich grass Animals, the peaks have a really uncanny workmanship charm of a fairyland on earth.

This ancient scenic spots, of course, will not be ignored, the two Xu Xingyi, wrote in his diary: "The peak of Li Cong," "Bang Bo thousands of miles," "victory for the south-west shape."
According to the archaeological heritage and geography Study finds home in the back about 3.64 B years ago, is still a sea of Xingyi, is the Yunnan-Guizhou ancient sea. About 2.8 billion years ago, the beginning of the Carboniferous formation of the land and lived through Yanshan, Indo-China, the Himalayas, and so many times orogeny, rising crust, the peaks appear, and bake in the sun Water; in the brush, in the role of carbon dioxide and organic acids, so that the cracks in limestone, pore deepened gradually low-lying land, rivers, karst caves, peaks, underground river, La Shuidong, funnel, doline, Canyon, the Rift Valley, and Sewing, stalactites, rock pile, Shi Feng, stalagmites, Longtan, hot springs, lakes, and other wonders. Sun Xiaoxiang landscape of international experts in Xingyi inspection tour: "The development of the most sophisticated of the most perfect peak cluster of peaks and peak forest million Xingyi is the Stone Forest, Xingyi Taipa mud and stone forest in Yunnan Stone Forest Road South." Such evaluations have been very Easy, was not known to outsiders, 10,000 had suffered peaks also wronged. In 1991 Ra River Gorge has been reported for the first state-level scenic spots, the leadership of the central departments and experts to view pictures, videos when they all said, "like the landscape in Guilin." Unexpectedly, shortly after the meeting, someone would write to the relevant departments of the State Council report: "The video of Xingyi is a picture of the landscape in Guilin, attention Leave. "State department managers re-read the tape, sent to the Xingyi on-site inspection, it found no fairy landscape in Guilin feng, general such a unique mountain peak." Peak of the two "has become an important indicator of peak forest million.

10,000 unique Shi Feng Qi Xiu, Taipa mud, stone forest melting peaks Xiaozhaizigou together, Bend, Yakou Village, cloth-hung, satisfied under the gray peaks have more narrow group of karst caves, Yang Ping, the river water peaks and falls into doline human landscape into one. Under the five peaks on both sides of the Tuen Mun-Bazi, Fengfeng different, "General Feng", "Eagle Rock" and "gatekeeper", "North Gate-day", "fairy-Feng", and mud Taipa 20 The peaks and shield km 10,000 ares rural villages and add radiance to each other to form a strange, beautiful, open nature of the picture.
According to the peaks of the form array is divided into peaks, the peaks sword, Qun peaks, the peaks Rohan, overlapping peaks, and so on the five types of caps. Jiang Shuai array peaks like soldiers on battle array; Po Peak forest, tall and straight in a critical situation; Qun endless peaks, like the dance Qun; Ocean's peak forest, arranged in uniform, mostly grass vegetation; cap overlapping peaks, multi-level Department of rock, the lower part of a more moderate, steep in the central , At the top level, in the vicinity of the van than the more typical.

North Korea and evening, clear and rain, fog and the next, The peak forest landscape is different. Sunny day, the towering rough; rainy days, there is quiet in action; fog, vague ethereal; night, Haoyue grievances. If the rising sun or the sun sets, in the view of the peak point, a look into the distance from the sun or slowly rising Bee Lin Ranran Xi Chen, 10,000 golden light sprinkling covered peaks.
10,000 Lin was also very practical, all are high, "Hill weather." You know the mountains weather, add clothes easily. As long as climate change, on top of "Dai-Yun cap" or "plug-day peak," "cap cloud" the size of the days when the signals change and the size of the rainfall. At the moment, when the "Weather Hill," "cap cloud" shaking, Indicates that rain turned fine.
Million to the peaks can not see doline, just like big flying saucer that landed on Earth, like hit a hole. Peaks in the number of doline in the end, so far there are no precise data, which Guru Yu, Yang Ping, hanging dam well, such as Li issued the most typical doline. Xingyi City from 40 km northeast of rain Lu doline was known as the Chinese geological experts have found the first doline. At the bottom of the flat-shaped morning glory, the poor level of 600 meters, around Qi Lin. Living in the bottom around 126 other people's houses and a number of production tools are made of stone, Matrix, stone wall, Dan Deng, Stone Road, a stone. The eastern side of the doline One spring, with the exception of pit Walled meet both human beings and animals, but also nearly 20 hectares of irrigated paddy fields; the west side of a La Shuidong, will rule out the possibility of living water.

Po Kong in the vicinity of the two peaks have a very strange spring. In a beautiful peak and peak between the samurai of old trees and thick red beans (Xiang Sidou) the woods, local call "Shen Shui," "strange water", "Water Fairy", it was called "Stephen M" and "F Stephen." Stephen from each of the two natural stone in the outflow from a "husband and wife tape," the two water communication. F Stephen Lam Chung once every 4-6 minutes, 3-5 cm higher water surface, and then meets Stephen M running back for a few minutes When the female drop-chuen, men and women to Stephen Stephen back a few minutes. If both husband and wife may Quan, a tacit understanding of natural, Cun-dependent phase, close, very interesting. Clear spring water as a mirror, not the seasons change.
"Geyser" mountain wipe away the Village next to the ear, there is a "Sun Quan." Spring water from the hillside and a half of the level of rock East-west flow, sweet and delicious. Spring and autumn every year, especially in the drought in the spring, when the exposure to the sun to rise to near the wells, then a larger outflow of spring water for both human beings and animals more than 20 households. Until the evening, the sun drying wells less than when the springs drying up, the next day to dawn, the water of the sludge is dried out Pattern. Sun Dongsheng after the beginning of the second cycle. According to the local masses, "Sun Quan" bean curd made of water, cooking wine than the general output of more well water, during which the mysteries of research and experts to be explained.
Growth in the peak forest million inside the plant is also very special. Nanpanjiang, the S & P ra River tunnel, Ping Yang, Qing , Threatened to Lee, more warehouses, homes and Ukraine, distortion, such as dyeing 800-1200 meters above sea level around the area can see the green and luxuriant cycads Xingyi. It is found that in 1981 a new species of cycads, feather leaf in order to cool the legendary "Pteris", to open at the top of the female flower stem overlapping synthetic oblate shape of lotus, peony flowers as too The first was the local people as a "Pineapple Hill", "Pteris grass" or "Yin Lin," and so on. C. Earth is the oldest seed plants, plant seeds for the study of the origin and evolution of seed-hwan's kind of an outline, the evolution of ancient climate and so is of great significance.
Xingyi City due to humid climate, four seasons Chun, along the way, you will see many of the orchids. Lan made in the case of 31, there are 20 kinds of Guizhou, Xingyi on production as much as 19, Portland State is the richest. Because of natural variation, there have been a number of unique horticultural varieties, such as the Su-Xingyi, Wu-autumn-known, and so on.
In addition, Xingyi Hwangcho rich. Xingyi original name is called Huang Cao Ba. Hwangcho a Dendrobium orchid plants, the plant has more than 1400 kinds in the world, mainly in tropical Asia and Oceania region. Guizhou Dendrobium about 20, Xingyi on production as much as 14, the United States and Dendrobium flowers, orchids purpurea, Dendrobium beam, and section , Dendrobium, and other types of tassels. Picking process because too many wild hwangcho now has a sharp decline in resources, has been included in the international list of endangered plants.
Love of martial arts novels from the "Dragon" Dali know there's famous camellia. In Xingyi, you will enjoy a very special camellia - three Nectar tumor. It is only in 1987 in Xingyi three Jiangkou found, nectar tumor is considered to be the most primitive type. Flooded during the rainy season, dry season water, only an hour from the surface of Huangnihe bear fruit, the larger Corolla, white, flowering in October, the fruit on a tumor profile.
In the near Tuen Cheng-feng , Also the temple, the ancient Ying Pun. Effect near the top of the world has rarely seen "Long Guizhou fossils" and 1.2 million years ago, "Xingyi" cultural sites. There are peaks in?????state-level scenic spots and scenic areas at the provincial level and the mud You Wanfeng Stone Forest Lake Scenic Area. Qu mud stone forest in the forest Wan Feng as a bowl of flowers Wan Feng Lake open lake beautiful, deep Harbor, along the peaks, stone forest, cave, doline, heavily forested, constitute the many attractions of the landscape. In particular, is a unique water even in the three provinces, a strong national conditions and customs.

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