Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nature Reserve Tuen vast expanse of open ground - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wujiang is located in Tuen vast expanse of open ground in the West Bank, Sinan away from the city 40 kilometers, covering an area of 3,2 million. Area within a moderate climate. Rainfall, forest cover an area of 57.5 percent. (1) Phoebe Wang Qing Gang at the high slope Zhuang Village, Tujia settlements. Phoebe in about 1300 years old, 25 meters height, chest circumference 8. M crown cover 784 square meters and is deeply rooted, Guizhou known as Phoebe Wong. Phoebe here in the chest 4.4 meters above the trees, there is also growing tea, red, and other rare and ancient species, highly ornamental. (2) scenic spot in the ginkgo are widely distributed, ranging from the size of the tree. Jurassic left-plant Kung-sun said the two-tree, deciduous trees, dioecious, fan-shaped leaves. Oval-shaped seeds, nuts can be food, medicine also, as well as the grain, used for carving is our specialty. (3) Jane beech trees species, commonly known as "Xuan Long," La Mu tree, high up Qiba Zhang, edible bark, as well as the material is Carved furniture and produced by first-class materials. Hill Shirengou like a man with a thick top peak, head, neck, chest, abdomen structured life, both God-shaped, like a fairy, your visit, some ornamental. Shoots Qifengyishi peak days, like a bamboo shoot his, and down into a one-independence peaks, exotic shapes, peak deep bush, do not Taste.

Members outside the home, Qifengyidan landscape, such as an E-shaped cap of ancient foreign rapporteurs view in the distance, high mountains and broad hat Yipao very realistic shape. Ronaldo egret Ying-paradise, beautiful mountains and rivers, forest wood piles, and tens of thousands of nesting habitat here, the local people for the Protection of Birds, who live as neighbors Bird, the Great. Spring season, whether or Yuemingxingxi night, to be able to watch the flocks of egrets and lovely. Five Die Bao, located in the gorge of the word, hanging under the shore, water color Qinglie mountain streams, waterfalls connected to form a five-stack, beautiful scenery.

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