Thursday, December 11, 2008

Duyun Western Hills Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Western Hills Park covers an area of 26.63 hectares, 4 by natural rocks, Yan Feng maximum of 30 meters, craggy rocks, and more exotic financing, the rock on the peak growth of various types of trees and vine, with verdant trees, dense Tengluo linked to the roots Qu bare disk, or surrounded by rocks, or weaved in stone, such as Qiu long sigh as a Guaimang is outlook . Feng Jing Luan show in the park, Cuolayouzhi, lush trees, its winding streets, our country is a rare karst landscape of the city, because of their slim, sleek, pocket-sized, known as karst park. Park Song shiting, Wangjiang Ting, Ting dawn, and after Banshan Ting Shan Temple in Kowloon, and other attractions, the park has a variety of different kinds of zoo animals 37 kinds, children's park functions. Shiting pine trees located in a verdant central park of the Rock, Rock Hill to the east of the magnificent monument to revolutionary martyr of the liberation of South Guizhou. Gujue out of high pavilion can watch the urban landscape and Jiang Jian. Park along the mountain by a shade of Fu Bi Wei Yi Road and on both up, "Ban Shanting." Tingzhong can view the whole city at a glance, can gaze afar at night tours Wanjiadenghuo, Chu Kwan spectacular night view. After Shan Temple in Kowloon are the top of the hill, over Zhousong Lin Monastery, the terrain higher regression, visitors to this, listen to the faint Lin Tao, Fanchang sound, long-term perspective, the Mid-Autumn scenery, but also eliminate worries trouble.

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