Thursday, December 11, 2008

Duyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Duyun, is located on the south side of the Miao Ling Mountains, in south-central Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province is the whole area to the south-west coast of South China, connecting Haikou, the most advantage out of the city, the scenery is unlimited, the capital of Guizhou Autonomous Prefecture, is a Rong mountain, water, bridges, gardens as one of the garden city, the forest coverage rate reached 46.2 percent. Duyun is a provincial-level scenic spots, the National Excellent Tourism City, the National Health metropolitan cities nationwide-the-art sports city, the state-registered "in the western Chinese city of bullfighting."
Duyun city brand - Maojian Duyun, enjoy, "the North has liquor Renhuai, South Duyun have Maojian tea" national reputation of the 10 Tea.
Duyun magic beautiful natural scenery, thousands of landscape landscapes, the colorful cave landscape, the endless wonderful wildlife. There are ancient folk customs, different style of the bridge, the country has recently seen the city from the Ma On Shan Forest Park, the province's largest green area over 40,000 square meters of open -Style leisure park - Park Wen-feng, green and clear through the city over the large natural Yong Chang Jian river, more than 200 hundred-year-old son of the famous bridge and the "Xiao-day in Dongshan, the media goes, Xifeng, South Yeyue, Northridge Seven Star, Yuhuatai Yeongam, Longtan spring up, the dream case of Mission Hills, Dan Chaozong fish, "the eight landscape, the Guxiangguse Street board, has a long history of Wenfeng Ta; He also Shengjian from 1961 meters above sea level, covering an area of 80 square kilometers, more than 12 acres of forest coverage of 88% of the original flavor is full, unlimited secret of the new tourist attractions -- - Nature Reserve mantle, the region the size of hundreds of streams, wildlife species complex , The top 20 in the ancient land of the "Tianchi," do not dry up water throughout the year.
Duyun rich animal and plant resources, biological, and a large variety of rare animals in the territory up to 18. Of which: the protection of animals belonging to the country's giant salamander (Wawa Yu), pangolin, and other 9 species belong to the state protection of rare plant fruit trees Shannon, Tooth flowers, bamboo, and other Central Cimao 8 species of plants included in the state-level protection of the Ginkgo biloba, and so on a number of Metasequoia.

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