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Jiulong Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiulong Dong Guizhou Province is the first identified one of the top 10 scenic spots. Tongren is located 17 km east of Kwun Yam Shan called halfway up the right side of the Longxi, its rugged cliffs Hill, magnificent in a critical situation, Tsui Chuk Man Shan, awe-inspiring green, the higher its proximity to the "six Yongsan," facing the beautiful Jinjiang River . Jiulong Dong for the laying of a magnificent location Legend has it that there are six Yongsan six Huanglong, Xiang Yao Jin Jiang Qing in three holes to get together, Kowloon hole came to see this as the Penglai fairyland Dong Fu, Daihatsu desires immediately, according to Dong Fu will want to have, the struggle between Over. Until dawn, when crow, no one can return home, only entrenched deep inside the cave Giant column color, can no longer get away. There is a foot of the mountain stream, as a result of Kowloon-dong struggle with downtown, it will not be at peace, more than scolding Long, was there, "Kowloon plate column," "Longxi called" name. "Jiulong Dong," which got its name.

  "Jiulong Dong," the majority of extensive, more than 70 meters wide, the maximum width of 100 meters High 30 - 70 meters. Is now proven, long holes 2258 meters with a total area of about 70,000 square meters. 7 inside the hall, visitors have been open a total of 3 Hall 12 scenic spots. Columns alone, there are hundreds of root stalagmite as many as 30 meters above the columns are 8, 20 meters above 6, 1 Meters above 18. In addition, there is a shaft-like days and the Office of a underground river. Office of the holes have holes, inside the Office of the Office of connected, stalagmites, columns, stone flowers, such as Dan Man Man-the Office of the cloth, has its own characteristics are thousands and thousands of images. Office for the first hole slightly oblique flat-topped, many columns to the right, the left side of the stone flower in full bloom There are "Shuilian Dong-day", "Longkou with beads," "Banhu down", "Longdong setting sun", "white southern" Zhu Jing, particularly Weiranchuli "pagoda" and directed the firmament of "sword" , Juanxiu tall and straight, Heavenly Creations Kit Kat, the beautiful paintings of exotic scenery, very spectacular.

  Office for the second - Tung, Dongdingdanman million linked to a thousand cranes, the delicate in Linglong, into a dense mesh screens stone, such as fog Mountain Ridge, Ni Xia Feng barrier. On the left side of the "celestial bed", Qingshapiaomiao, on the right side of the "Bamboo" leaves, swaying Lvjing; miscellaneous white jade, such as the stalactite, like Green Heimo the pillars, "the independent cold autumn", "Second Yan Joe, "" Pinnacle to spend "and" fairy dance "," Tang learn "," Golden cock-wall "and" Yu-zhu Yin-hua "and other names, is really vivid. Visitors this point, the imagination, pleasant linger.

  Hall dome for the third hole of Dongting, can accommodate 10,000 people, is the essence of the hole where the most spectacular in the light Mapping, there are mist Taoyuan, on a sense of the countryside. On both sides of the hall, each with three magnificent tower big stout columns connected with the Dong Ding, 30 meters high, one of the prominent persons as high as 39.88 meters, 16.4 meters around, China is opening up holes in the pillars of the highest around the world The second highest. Columns are covered with stone Such as the golden eagle-hard steel, three keep the Office of the palace as solemn as China and the United States. "Peacock Kai-Ping", "Lung-chu, Pan," "peach Xian Shou", "The Mushroom-wall", "Chu Dong Ha," "lion roar" from King colorful, dizzying.??. Columns feet, and many small King: Some like beast flopping about in the Fanfei; some For fledglings fly; like children to pursue Wei Zhuo; if there are staged Chun-Sun. Silver, beautiful. There is a hole underground river, water features, clear bright and clean, Dongnuanxialiang, across the bottom, flows through the hole before the cliff, and plunge into Fei Bao, such as Bailianqianchi, sight. Can walk 50 meters underground river, when Wading, and then stepping stone block, do not have a taste. Another small hole on the right side of underground river, inside the "terrace" level by level, Lan light shade, far and near villages, faintly visible, the scene may be small, infinitely interesting.

  What is even more amazing is that "Jiulong Dong" about 1.5 kilometers outside of the local natural formation of two holes, one of their Cold wind, a hot air out of a hot summer in the cool breeze gently, in a March 9 spring winter heating it up, it referred to as "cold and wind tunnel II." Right close by home, but two holes with hot and cold keep yin and yang staggered, it is rare for the world.

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