Thursday, December 11, 2008

Former residence of Zhou Yiqun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Yiqun martyrs in the former residence of the common urban Tongren Road 12, the former residence of major street names.

Zhou Yiqun House seat south, was Tetraena compound, with a total area of 1162 square meters. Daoguangnianjian Qing, Zhou Yiqun grandfather built after the two floor. Left the floor under the three martyrs in the House of birth and marriage Right and left floor structure is basically the same floor. In 1918, pro-martyrs are building a house 3, covers an area of 109 square meters, is now a showroom life of the martyrs. There are stone front of the house pave the ground Yuan Ba, Bi You either side of the garden. Flavor of the whole House, Cuolayouzhi. In the period of KMT's former home has been the subject of "the middle class against the" charge , After efforts by his family, has been retained to complete.

Zhou Yiqun former residence of the martyrs in 1984 to repair display at the National Day opening to the outside world, Xu Xiangqian, Liao Hansheng, respectively, wrote the former residence of the door to the showroom and horizontal inscribed board, the General Xiao Ke wrote: "Zhou Yiqun carry forward the spirit of the martyrs, the Vatican open net The new face of the old "aisle display at the former residence of the door. 11,997 in October, the former residence of the martyrs was named provincial-level patriotism education bases.

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